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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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25/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Sunny and mild (66F) right now, although it may heat up a bit (80F) later.
Going to hubby's retirement luncheon today. He's got 4 'working days' left!
Wishing all of you a pleasant day!
25/Jun/15 12:01 AM
The picture is of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton NP, Alberta, Canada. There's another view of it in my gallery. (Near the bottom.)
25/Jun/15 12:08 AM
That's a terrific picture Hal!
25/Jun/15 12:20 AM

Yes, Hal does photos well.
25/Jun/15 12:57 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
Ven ezuela

As winners, Silvergal, Joyce, Sarah, Judy, Mads, Sue, Wombat (Welcome!), and Peter have traveled afar in the quest for answers, perhaps More...
25/Jun/15 1:09 AM
25/Jun/15 1:14 AM
And for today....

Start with a nine-letter Egyptian ruler. The next word will have one letter less and may need unscrambling. Begin to add letters at question #10 and work your way back up to a seven-letter Egyptian ruler.

1. Female Egyptian ruler. (9 letters)
2. Chest muscle. More...
25/Jun/15 1:29 AM
another beautiful day in OK
25/Jun/15 1:32 AM
Beautiful photo of a beautiful place. Hal.
25/Jun/15 3:37 AM
Absolutely beautiful photo! Great view and location. Thanks for sharing Hal.
25/Jun/15 3:51 AM
hope all is well in your world, and if its not hope its on the improve soon.

Well, Kathy's puzzle is as done and dusted as its going to be.

Don't see any of our south side insomniacs tonight so that is a good thing!!
25/Jun/15 4:02 AM
, all! As I read Kathy's puzzle my first reaction was... wow! a 9-letter & a 7-letter name for an Egyptian measuring stick - how exceptionally weird!
25/Jun/15 4:27 AM

Beautiful day today in NE Ohio. Sunny with low humidity and in the low 70s. But rain returns tomorrow. So I'll enjoy today including grilling pork chops and fresh pineapple wedges at dinner time.
25/Jun/15 4:41 AM
, y'all! VBS continues, as does the 100ยบ+ temps. Looking for some relief next week.
25/Jun/15 5:19 AM
Pretty fast puzzle today - nice pic, Hal!
25/Jun/15 5:20 AM
hope Keith isnt waiting for his #22. Still got a bit of gallumping to do.
25/Jun/15 5:22 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
25/Jun/15 6:11 AM
Morning all,reminds me of a place in Scotland.
Off to golf this morning ,hoping the weatherman is wrong about the showers.
25/Jun/15 6:21 AM
Happy Wednesday!
25/Jun/15 6:24 AM
I'm afraid I might have unintentionally miss-led some of you. I did NOT take today's picture. There was no comment with the pic but I knew what it was, and thought others would like to know also.
25/Jun/15 6:39 AM
That should be 'misled', not 'miss-led'.
25/Jun/15 6:59 AM
Sorry, Keith. (I waited 20 minutes. )
25/Jun/15 7:01 AM
Slow morning.
25/Jun/15 10:40 AM
This little insomniac was up at 0230 but decided to try and read, not play on the pooter.
25/Jun/15 10:41 AM
Have foregone a nap this morning.
25/Jun/15 10:42 AM
And I have to go out this afternoon, so no nap there either.
25/Jun/15 10:43 AM
It would be nice if no naps helped me sleep better tonight.
25/Jun/15 10:43 AM
CP, get the pooter/laptop/iPhone/reader out of the bedroom. According to an item on NBC news tonight, they're a major cause of lack of sleep.
Just passing on info.
25/Jun/15 10:56 AM
Hmm. Not gonna get to page 2 again, are we?
25/Jun/15 12:49 PM
It was a nice sunny morning but starting to cloud over. I do hope that it does not rain till after we have lunch as I want Hubby to do a bit of digging for me. I can only do a small bit at a time and I have some pansies that I want to plant. Bought them a week ago.
25/Jun/15 12:59 PM
Having visitors for dinner but I will try to come back here a few times to make sure we do get to page 2.
25/Jun/15 1:00 PM
That is one big beautiful piece of real estate! I gotta go look it up to see if it was built as a hotel or was turned into one later.
25/Jun/15 1:16 PM
About The Prince of Wales Hotel

The Prince of Wales Hotel was built as an extension to the chain of hotels and chalets built and operated by the Great Northern Railway in Glacier National Park, Montana. Louis Hill, President of the Great Northern Railroad, picked the site for the hotel in More...
25/Jun/15 1:19 PM
I don't much like vacations in the middle of nowhere, and mountains mostly make me feel claustrophobic, not awed, but that is sure one gorgeous place.
25/Jun/15 1:21 PM
It's early afternoon down under - where are all the locals?
25/Jun/15 1:24 PM
As for the comments yesterday about whether lots of comments helps Gath, I doubt it. Advertisers consider eyeballs, not fingertips. I must assume many people come to do puzzles, not to engage in idle chatter.
25/Jun/15 1:26 PM
The hotel is seven stories, with no elevator access to the high floors. That is not the most bizarre fact.
25/Jun/15 1:29 PM
Apparently, looking at this hotel from afar is the right thing to do.
25/Jun/15 1:36 PM
Now that I've read reviews, my brief desire to take a trip to Alberta is hereby reverted to my prior level of interest.
25/Jun/15 1:38 PM
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