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Easy Sudoku for 3/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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03/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Happy Labor Day!
03/Sep/13 12:01 AM
Good afternoon from Athens. I can sit on the balcony of our hotel room and look at the Pathenon. It all seems unbelievable.
03/Sep/13 12:16 AM
Another pretty view.
03/Sep/13 12:17 AM

Your assignment is to make a delivery from the depot to your base camp, 1600 miles away. The trip begins normally, but unfortunately, halfway to base camp, your supply truck breaks down. You have no way to call for help. Luckily, in More...
03/Sep/13 12:22 AM

June, I'll be there in less than 2 weeks!
03/Sep/13 12:55 AM
I see I wasn't the only one who had trouble with Mr. Cee's poozle. Hey, I only missed one! Considering some of the obscure answers, I'll take it as a moral victory! It seems I thought of ''hi everything'' EXCEPT hi fi. Sooooo simple when you know the answer.
We may grumble, Mr. More...
03/Sep/13 1:04 AM
Ah, Serena, I see numbers.
Well, I can but try........
03/Sep/13 1:08 AM
Kathy we will be back here Sunday night and fly to London on the Wednesday.What a pity we will just miss one another.
03/Sep/13 1:17 AM
So close, June!
03/Sep/13 1:29 AM
Sounds like a great trip, June. Are you taking lots of pictures.
03/Sep/13 1:30 AM
Good morning people of the world.
03/Sep/13 1:32 AM
Labor Day
03/Sep/13 1:33 AM
According to my baby nurses, it has been Labor Day for the last few weeks, and shall continue throughout the month, for all those New Year's fun activities.
03/Sep/13 1:35 AM
I just figured it out. We'll miss each other by 3 days!
03/Sep/13 1:37 AM
Happy Monday!
03/Sep/13 1:38 AM
Beautiful, relaxing scene today. It reminds me of Pine Lake, where I was born.
03/Sep/13 2:04 AM
03/Sep/13 2:25 AM
to the US
03/Sep/13 3:12 AM
Wonder what kind of fish are in there.

Happy Labor Day.
03/Sep/13 3:18 AM
03/Sep/13 3:18 AM
03/Sep/13 3:18 AM
Well, Serena, I tried. I have a full scratch pad of paper to prove it. As they say, ''Way above my pay grade''.
I may need the medical supplies since I'm out of gas and seem to be stuck in the middle of nowhere.
03/Sep/13 4:34 AM
03/Sep/13 4:51 AM
03/Sep/13 4:55 AM
HI all! Last day of the summer holidays here for the kids - it's back to school on Wednesday, biiiiig sigh!
03/Sep/13 5:32 AM
Would that be a sigh of relief, or sadness?
03/Sep/13 5:51 AM
We're already into our second month of school! We're into our regular schedule for the year. I've been promoted to the first grade, am teaching science to two first grade classes and to one kindergarten class. I get backed into a corner by teachers , bullied I say, bullied until I agree to teach! They love the idea of being able to do individual evaluations while I take over the class!
03/Sep/13 6:22 AM
I realized last week that the fifth grade classes are the last set of kids whom I have taught as a teacher! Now most of the little darlings who know me are the kindergarteners and the first graders. They love to shout out my name and wave!
03/Sep/13 6:24 AM
Still have to organize for my fifth grade competitive math team! And find a room that I can teach in!
03/Sep/13 6:26 AM

Spring is sprung
The sun is riz,
The bird is on the wing...
But that's absurd
The wing is on the bird!
03/Sep/13 6:26 AM
I have a kitten who I have found likes to type! But I will have to teach her spelling! Her typed examples are an atrocity!
03/Sep/13 6:28 AM
nnnnnnnn,09999m gvvbk
See what I mean?
03/Sep/13 6:28 AM
Not sure if I remembered that correctly! It is something I remember my Grandfather saying.
03/Sep/13 6:28 AM
Must go, grandie is yelping something about the promise to go swimming! I tried to prolong the period after eating but to no avail! So off I go! See you later!
03/Sep/13 6:30 AM
Ha ha Shosho! I have a dog who like to put his nose under my elbow & nudge upwards at irregular intervals, when he feels I have been sitting here too long.
03/Sep/13 6:32 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
03/Sep/13 6:42 AM
Oh well, seeing I'm here and it's almost the bottom of the page...
03/Sep/13 6:43 AM
...I may as well...
03/Sep/13 6:43 AM
...turn over from...
03/Sep/13 6:43 AM
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