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Easy Sudoku for 5/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Busy marking finals!
05/May/17 12:00 AM
Wolf! And, all to follow!
05/May/17 12:09 AM
Hello Wolf & Kathy and all who follow later!
05/May/17 12:10 AM
An extra day to work on the poozle.....

Two numbers are given in each sentence that need to be replaced by words. Each word is an anagram of the other, except that one word contains an additional letter that the other word lacks. The numbers given in each sentence indicate the number of More...
05/May/17 12:10 AM
Just remembered you posted a poozle, Kathy - might not have time...... shoot!
05/May/17 12:11 AM
oh, that's right, forgot that 'extra day' part; just maybe......
05/May/17 12:13 AM
Hi, Joyce!

The poozle seems to be giving some poozlers a pain in the neck. Hey, no biggie if you don't get them all. I usually try and work the poozlers before I post them. This one was, shall we say, in the hair tearing category.
05/May/17 12:14 AM
Work the poozlers???
Poozles! I meant poozles!
05/May/17 12:17 AM
Good morning. Hey JEB I did look lt up, very interesting about the Okie
05/May/17 12:56 AM
Yes, sooooooo I see, Kathy - hmmm; will try some more later; they surely are obscure & from 'left field'!
05/May/17 1:00 AM
05/May/17 1:01 AM
05/May/17 1:08 AM
Good mAen, good people. I'm getting really tired of my recliner and this is just day 3.
05/May/17 2:24 AM
However, since I hate using the crutches, here I am. Doctor appointment this afternoon.
05/May/17 2:25 AM
Since Kathy's given us such a challenging poozle, I'll wait on posting the poozle I created until another day when we are all itching for a poozle pick-me-up.
05/May/17 2:27 AM
Happy Thursday!
05/May/17 3:26 AM
Morning all, I have photos like that one. The first is a niece and two grandchildren born in 1990/1991 the other is a nephew and two grandchildren all born in 1993 ,March, May and July.
05/May/17 6:52 AM
Amiee, Avril, young and ootsoo .
05/May/17 6:55 AM
Just passing some time until I go to see Jesus Christ Superstar- getting very good reviews
05/May/17 8:17 AM
Cute picture - they redo it again in 20 years - I love those pictures
05/May/17 8:19 AM
Finally, we're getting close. So...
05/May/17 8:19 AM
I lead you to the number
05/May/17 8:19 AM
Tiptoe to 22.
05/May/17 8:20 AM
HalT - you tricked me !
05/May/17 8:20 AM
05/May/17 8:21 AM
Now, now ... don't fight over it.
05/May/17 9:11 AM
Good morning
05/May/17 9:16 AM
Bet the right hand baby - with little hair - will get some teasing over this photo at her 21st.
05/May/17 9:18 AM
Rage, I saw you comment on Hard. Mom was actually born in Missouri which would make her a 'Missouri Mule' but grew up in southern Oklahoma. My dad liked to say that after they were married in her mother's home (the morning of Dec. 7th, 1941) it took him near 5 years before he could get her to wear shoes. In reality she had a very good upbringing and always conducted herself as a lady.
05/May/17 10:26 AM
1:48 Good morning all!
05/May/17 11:00 AM
G'day Anne. How's everything in Albany? Are temps getting a bit cooler down your way?
05/May/17 11:57 AM
We have had almost 2 inches (5cm) of rain this evening.
05/May/17 12:01 PM
Keith + Keith/2 = 33. Or Ba Muoi Ba.
05/May/17 12:06 PM
Hello Hal - yes, a bit cooler but we've had some unusually warm days for this time of year. We're still waiting for winter weather to start.
05/May/17 12:28 PM
All I can say, Hal, is, your math is way over my head.
05/May/17 3:55 PM
1:24. Good evening everyone.
05/May/17 8:32 PM
Hello again
05/May/17 9:32 PM
I like your logic HalT
05/May/17 9:34 PM
Ill drink to that, 33 export, maybe not
05/May/17 9:36 PM
bon muoi
05/May/17 9:37 PM
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