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Easy Sudoku for 6/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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06/May/17 12:02 AM
That is one evil-looking cat.
06/May/17 12:09 AM
2:00 Hello Hal! Good night all others.
06/May/17 12:18 AM
to everyone!!
06/May/17 12:27 AM
Geez! Made so many mistakes today I feel like I should go back to bed!!
06/May/17 12:45 AM
Good Maen on this page, good people. I just did the opposite of a ghost post: I ended up posting on yesterday's page after the calendar had turned.
06/May/17 12:46 AM
Happy Friday day off!
06/May/17 12:47 AM
We had a torty cat rather like this one and she was the best cat we've ever had. She had a dinstinctive tip to her tail. Well, she was actually a torby - part tortoise shell, part tabby.

Her patterning was such a mess we named her as a play on words on the then-current VP's wife's name. I wonder how many other cats have been named after Tipper Gore?
06/May/17 1:01 AM
We never could convince her that her job was to light the Christmas tree, not fight it.
06/May/17 1:03 AM
Love those cat eyes. Pretty markings, too.
Christmas trees and cats.....we had to ''redo'' several after ''Super Sam'' (black cat with an S shape in white on his chest) decided the top branches were the best place to rest. After the second time we went with plastic ornaments.
06/May/17 1:22 AM
Well, it seems I stumped my poozlers. No one got them all. Lots of good effort, though!

The answers (I had) were: 1) Partner, Parent
2) Dragoon, Dragon 3) Tome, Comet 4) Bellow, Below 5) Deduce, Deuce
6) Terror, Error 7) Barrow, Arrow 8) Rift, Flirt 9) Gator, More...
06/May/17 1:31 AM
Kathy, I love clever pet names. Super Sam.
06/May/17 2:06 AM
Had to login and that took a lot of time. I don't know why my laptop forgot me and is running very slowly. Still marking finals.
06/May/17 2:26 AM
Good morning.
06/May/17 2:42 AM
Who was it who reckoned there was a cat hiding in every picture for a while there a few years back?
06/May/17 2:45 AM
And didn't like it?
06/May/17 2:46 AM
Had a busyish week. Back from the coast, unpack the caravan - haven't put all the stuff away yet. Then a couple of medical appointments.
06/May/17 2:50 AM
This week is looking much the same - except for the caravan unpacking. I'm tired just thinking about it.
06/May/17 2:52 AM
I think it was Jim from Jupiter who remarked on a long run of blurry cat photos then others suggested there were perhaps hard to distinguish cats hiding in multiple photos. My memory is of Jim saying he didn't dislike cats but was just tired of blurry cat photos. I'm probably wrong. My apologies in advance. We could ask Jim ... Oh, Jim ... Yoo-hoo?
06/May/17 3:12 AM
You up for a race, Keith? I have my crutches handy.
06/May/17 3:13 AM
If no one joins in I'll have both the 22 and a cp!
06/May/17 3:14 AM
06/May/17 3:14 AM
Cp! Whew. Gotta lie down.
06/May/17 3:14 AM
5 May 1&3

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the rest of the word in random order, and the second letter of the word, in alphabetical order. More...
06/May/17 3:52 AM
Good mAen - need to get moving - have some papers to type up - the sun is out and maybe a walk will help
06/May/17 4:40 AM
Oh, just heard and want to pass along - tomorrow- first Saturday in May is naked gardening day !
Have fun gardeners! 👩🏼‍🌾👀🤦‍♀️🌷
06/May/17 4:55 AM
I was planning to pull some weeds
06/May/17 4:56 AM
Naked gardening day? I believe I'll wait to mulch the rose bushes.

A Wombat poozle!
06/May/17 5:23 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
06/May/17 5:58 AM
Morning all, hello CC.
Just told Bill it was naked gardening day , he said it's too cold . 😃
06/May/17 6:58 AM
For some strange reason, men don't like being observed naked when they are very cold ...
06/May/17 7:05 AM
Sorry, ladies. I'm with Bill on this one. I won't be doing any naked gardening either, no matter what the temperature turns out to be.
06/May/17 7:29 AM
Naked gardening day???
An old friend, long gone now, liked to say at the turn of the month: 'Hooray, hooray, it's the first of May! Outdoor [sex] begins today!'
06/May/17 7:30 AM
Many years ago I did indeed complain about the long series of blurry cat photos, many of which were unattributed. I wondered why anyone would take the time to send in such poor photos. Some photos were so poor as to make it hard to even see the cat! So when a blurry pic came up with no cat, I made More...
06/May/17 8:48 AM
There's nothing to see, Judy.
06/May/17 9:53 AM
Ahh. Here's the story straight from Jim. Thanks for setting our memories straight.
06/May/17 10:36 AM
I mis-read Judy's comment. Thought she said 'when they are very old.' I thought she was talking about me.
06/May/17 10:44 AM
That's not to say that she's ever seen me naked. At least, not that I know of.
I'm reminded of the old saying: When you've dug yourself into a hole, quit digging.

So, night all.
06/May/17 10:52 AM
Hmm ... Of the various threads of conversation going on, methinks 'tis safest to stick with cats.
06/May/17 11:31 AM
For the bottom of the page I'll agree that it was a fun way to deal with a spate of blurry photos.
06/May/17 11:33 AM
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