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Easy Sudoku for 7/May/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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07/May/17 12:00 AM
G'day Hal, and all who follow
07/May/17 12:07 AM
Greetings good poozlers of Sudokuland.

Quiet start to my workday, so thought I'd stop by early in the day for a peak.
07/May/17 12:11 AM
Almost done with the final exam papers.
07/May/17 12:12 AM
Plum, my team won by a couple of points after being behind by thirty three at one time. I'm glad they are winning, but I wish they weren't getting so far behind. It isn't good for my heart.
07/May/17 12:15 AM
Hi Cake Lady, you did get LPOTD, and on a day when there was lots of competition.
07/May/17 12:18 AM
Good morning.
07/May/17 12:19 AM
You're up late, Wombat.
07/May/17 12:20 AM
Wow! 3 pages yesterday.
It seems everyone has an aversion to naked gardening......especially in the cold weather.
07/May/17 12:21 AM
Or are you like me, up very early?
07/May/17 12:21 AM
Hi Kathy and everyone else
07/May/17 12:23 AM
I saw that! Lots of cat discussion! Does that mean we will have lots of dog discussion today?

07/May/17 12:25 AM
Wemt to a craft show yesterday.
Was very good, did not buy anything to add to my stash. I know, I'm a disgrace to quilters everywhere.
07/May/17 12:25 AM
Today's picture has the same caption as yesterday's. I'm guessing it was submitted by someone named CC....unless the pet owner named BOTH the cat and dog CC...can you imagine the confusion that would ensue when calling out for CC and both pets showed up looking for attention?
07/May/17 12:25 AM
CP, you're not a disgrace! I mean, how many quilts does one person really need?
07/May/17 12:27 AM
We were informed yesterday that our dentist no longer takes our dental insurance. A little background: The dentist we have been going to for many years, died (heart attack). An interim dentist took over the practice. He was only there 2-3 times a week. Interim dentist has now bought the More...
07/May/17 12:36 AM
Not actual quilts, Cake Lady. My stash is fabric - about enough to make 50+ QUILTS THAT'LL NEVER GET MADE, BUT I hAVE THE FABRIC FOR THEM. My kids dread my demise, when they'll have to deal with 'the Stash'. Even my friends who are prolific quiltmakers have a stash
Sorry for the shouting, did More...
07/May/17 12:44 AM
Quite alright, CP. I never feel 'shouted at' with caps lock on...I guess I am used to my Sicilian hubby 'emphasizing loudly'.
07/May/17 12:51 AM
I've also seen several of my doctors retire. The good news in those cases....younger doctors taking over.

Back to the ''cat thing''. I have always been an indoor cat owner. I hate seeing cats roaming the neighborhood. I especially hate digging in the garden when it has been More...
07/May/17 12:51 AM
I have a friend who has a ''quilt room''. Yep. A whole room with nothing but a big table, fabric and a sewing machine. Her hubby says he will have her ''mummified'' with all her fabric when she passes on.
07/May/17 12:55 AM
Close enough, Keith?
07/May/17 12:56 AM
In response to Kathy's: 'The good news in those cases....younger doctors taking over.'
I have a difficult time dealing with a Dr. who is younger than my youngest son telling me to turn my head and cough...or other such indignities.
07/May/17 1:12 AM
Good afternoon folks - busy so far today with many interesting topics; wish I could stay to participate, but have a long To-D0 list - later!
07/May/17 2:37 AM
Jeb, one of my former students is my GP. It seemed a little strange at first.
07/May/17 2:37 AM
Don't forget Wombat's poozle! It's rather addicting once you begin it....
07/May/17 2:38 AM
Wombat - I've sent answers; hope you've received them.

Kathy, I sent answers to your 'Better late than never' poozle; didn't need the recognition of an incomplete answer, but maybe you never received it & that's frustrating!
07/May/17 2:42 AM
I just looked, Joyce. Sorry, I never received ''Better Late Than Never'' answers from you. I always save them until I post another poozle just for that reason. I frequently get double answers because the sender didn't get a ''message sent'' notice and send again. I've also had other poozlers send and I don't receive. Yeah, it's frustrating.
07/May/17 3:58 AM
By the way, there were no complete answers to that one.
07/May/17 3:59 AM
What sad eyes you have CC.
07/May/17 4:32 AM
Jeb, can't say I've had that problem, but I do take issue with doctor's who do unnecessary things to pad their insurance payout.

I have a $35 copay when I see a specialist (an ENT) because my GP thought I was getting too many sinus infections. So first visit he sticks this tiny camera up More...
07/May/17 5:07 AM
And thanks for letting me vent! I feel so much better now!
07/May/17 5:08 AM
1:56. Good morning everyone.
07/May/17 5:38 AM
Hi folks! I just wanted to check in and let you know I'm still alive and kicking. My days are spent mostly waiting for therapists for exercises, nurses for iv injections and more nurses for wound dressing. I'm walking a lot more in my home, but not outside yet. Still relying on the wheel chair for More...
07/May/17 6:41 AM
Nice to hear you're on the mend, Greg.
07/May/17 7:07 AM
CP I also have a stash
07/May/17 7:12 AM
Morning all, and hello Greg . Pleased you are making progress.
07/May/17 7:13 AM
Always in my thoughts Greg - thankful you are on the path to recovery - this to shall pass- take care !
07/May/17 7:13 AM
Lady of the Cakes, I had a similar situation when one of my vocal chords was wounded by a trach tube. I got the camera down the throat, an opinion and an invitation for a followup. Danced the same dance and an appointment for a third. I never went back. Still have a little tickle and coughing More...
07/May/17 8:52 AM
Yes Joyce, I have received your answers, and they are as beautifully set out as always. It makes it easy for me because I just have to copy your answers and post them as the 'correct' solution.
07/May/17 9:27 AM
We might not get to three pages, but we will certainly finish one. Bottom of the Page Time.
07/May/17 9:28 AM
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