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Easy Sudoku for 6/March/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
06/Mar/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen
The start of my day - Fat Tuesday finally here, I have been practicing for at least 3 weeks !
06/Mar/19 12:08 AM
2:04 Good night all.
06/Mar/19 12:10 AM
Not sunny.
Hope your day is bright!
06/Mar/19 2:07 AM
Fat Tuesday reminds me of a license plate I saw while on vacation. It said 'FAT FREE' on the plate. I wondered why anyone would want that on a license plate.
06/Mar/19 2:10 AM
Was it their dietary choice?
Had they lost a lot of weight?
Was their ex named 'Fat'?
06/Mar/19 2:14 AM
Then I started to wonder what I'd want to say about me on my license plate. I certainly wouldn't pick that phrase!
06/Mar/19 2:16 AM
for Shosho!
06/Mar/19 2:16 AM
So.... What would you want to say about yourself on your plate?
(Given the restrictions of what fits on a plate, of course.)
06/Mar/19 2:21 AM
2:21. 'Slow Sudokuist' (but I somehow doubt they'd allow that many characters on a plate..). Good Morning Shiela and everyone.
06/Mar/19 2:32 AM
06/Mar/19 2:42 AM
Good morning all; lots of sunshine but all the warmth must have been re-routed - we're in the teens!
06/Mar/19 2:59 AM
I just scrolled through many recent Easy's to see if you, mymare, ever mentioned posting your pulled pork recipe - haven't seen it yet - 'd try it if you ever shared it!
06/Mar/19 3:23 AM
While searching, I discovered Wombat's answer to Australia's hummingbirds - Eastern Spinebill. Wow what gorgeous markings & I found a video of one flitting & hovering on YouTube - thanks, Wombat, I missed that answer whatever day it was!
06/Mar/19 3:26 AM
..and now I'm wondering how Denny did with his Reno cribbage tourney … maybe he won & has stayed to 'live-it-up'
06/Mar/19 3:27 AM
I knew there was something missing in my life. I didn't do Wombat's latest poozle.
Sorry, my friend. I had a busy weekend then completely forgot to check on Monday. I haven't looked at the answers, so I think I'll just go back and print it out now. Better late than never!
06/Mar/19 3:41 AM
Still thinking about my license plate message, Shiela, but I remember one from a few years ago that shocked me. I noticed that my gynecologist's partner had ''BOX DOC'' on his license!
06/Mar/19 3:53 AM
For a long time, my husband had ''CHEBBY'' on his Chevy pickup. He intended for it to show affection, but that would be considered racially insensitive now ...
06/Mar/19 3:59 AM
Pumpkin and corn? No wonder he spit it out!
06/Mar/19 4:57 AM
Many of us eat pumpkin and corn on Thanksgiving, though perhaps not mixed together as this sweet face seems to indicate.
06/Mar/19 5:13 AM
My license plate said MY IDEA when I proposed the slogan for our license plates, Taxation Without Representation. There is a photo of me with MY IDEA in my Photo Gallery.
06/Mar/19 5:15 AM
Well, somebodies gotta...
06/Mar/19 5:46 AM
Shiela, I'd just go with a descriptive: LCNSPL8 (I've always wanted to do that, but, never have) I have a RAV4. I've thought of TOI*ODA, too.

I have a friend who has a very sporty Mustang. His plate is PONYENV.
06/Mar/19 5:56 AM
1.46. Missed!!!
06/Mar/19 6:19 AM
My life is complete. I have done Wombat's poozle and checked my answers. There were several that came down to the ''what letters are left over'' solving technique.
I'll give myself a pat on the back.
06/Mar/19 6:30 AM

My plate would be '' THE BIRD ''
06/Mar/19 7:26 AM
Good mAen, good people. I've actually done vanity plates before. I have an idea for others if and when I do entrepreneurial launches. If I had a maroon or purple coupe I'd definitely do PLUM. That would be if one of my business endeavors really took off.
06/Mar/19 8:07 AM
Maybe mine would be 'MORE SUN'!
Or maybe 'SUNNY' or 'H2OCOLOR'.
06/Mar/19 9:29 AM
Definitely not 'FAT FREE'!!!
06/Mar/19 9:31 AM
Close to the subject but I have always wondered what those people who put a sticker on their car stating - Baby on Board.

Do they -
Want you to drive slowly and carefully
Are they going to drive slowly and carefully or
Are they bragging because they've been at it.
06/Mar/19 9:53 AM
Now I would have LAW on my number plates because I always drive within the law..
06/Mar/19 9:54 AM
everyone! My hubby has his initials & the last 2 digits of the year he was born. Then he wondered if people would think he was 40 years old!
06/Mar/19 10:01 AM
How 'bout 'BEER TIME'?
06/Mar/19 10:19 AM
Having had antique cars I've tended to try to get appropriate plates. I inherited the best one MY-1929 on my 1929 Austing seven. I later had to change it V-229 when I had to change the rego from NSW to ACT. The 1936 Chrysler was 636 and my 1928 Whippet was 082 (that was a bit mixed up)
06/Mar/19 10:29 AM
Morning all, I think there is more food on the outside than in his tummy.
I'm not sure what I would want on my license plate !
06/Mar/19 11:14 AM
I'll be glad when I get home so I can do Wombat's poozles again.
06/Mar/19 11:17 AM
Hi Kathy, Why don't you send in your responses and then we can all give you a pat on the back, but unfortunately only in virtual reality rather than in actuality.
06/Mar/19 2:43 PM
What an appropriate vanity license plate choice, Shiela - H2OCOLOR!

AND... Especially clever, Kathy, your LCNSPL8 !

06/Mar/19 2:48 PM
I've never had the desire to have a distinctive license plate! Or maybe I'm too cheap to pay to have one- haha!
06/Mar/19 2:50 PM
You're not the only one, Joyce.
06/Mar/19 3:10 PM
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