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Easy Sudoku for 1/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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01/Jan/17 12:03 AM
Glad to see someone is still up to celebrate. We old folks go to sleep early.
01/Jan/17 12:09 AM
Happy new year everyone... :) May 2017 be filled with peace and joy to the world.
01/Jan/17 12:14 AM
Happy New Year 2017
01/Jan/17 12:18 AM
To all my very special Sudoku friends.
We watched the Sydney fireworks on TV. We could hear the bangs and see the glow in the sky from here.
01/Jan/17 12:19 AM
We have just had 9:00pm fireworks for the children. I could hear them and just see them from my place.
01/Jan/17 12:20 AM
To all of our members celebrating the beginning of our new year!!!
(Can't wait until it's our turn!!!)
01/Jan/17 1:06 AM
(Snagging Shosho's New Year's Eve for her!)
01/Jan/17 1:07 AM
Am a bit worried.... The first thing I see when I look outside my window on this last morning of 2016 is a 'Pepto Bismol Pink' car drive by. It could have been 'Bubble Gum Pink' - I'm not sure - but I think I'll choose the Bubble Gum over the Pepto Bismol if it proves to be an omen for the New Year!!!
01/Jan/17 1:14 AM
Good Maen, good people. Wishing safe and joyous celebrations, and blessings for the new year.
01/Jan/17 1:39 AM
This morning I get to go visit my husband's aunt who just celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary. Tomorrow I visit with a young couple who are off today celebrating their first wedding anniversary.
01/Jan/17 1:42 AM
The photo is of a web browser who looks like she needs to clear her cache.
01/Jan/17 1:53 AM
Perfect story line, Plum!
01/Jan/17 2:02 AM
Working today, but looking forward to day off tomorrow.
Nursing a terrible cold, so will take it easy 1/1
01/Jan/17 2:48 AM
From one of our great and prolific philosophers and story writers, Samuel Clemons, aka Mark Twain.
'New Year's Day--Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. Yesterday, everybody smoked his last cigar, took his More...
01/Jan/17 3:40 AM
& so I shall. everybody.
01/Jan/17 3:53 AM
01/Jan/17 4:14 AM
To all Happy New Year!!
01/Jan/17 4:21 AM
Shiela - What with flu season and partying, more people will probably be looking at peptobismal tomorrow morning than bubblegum.
01/Jan/17 4:31 AM
everyone down under!!!
And everyone on the northern hemisphere!
01/Jan/17 4:33 AM
And thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
And to Keith I'll bow out now for you!
01/Jan/17 4:34 AM
JEB - Nice quote. Few people have been as accomplished at honing irony as Samuel Clemens was.
01/Jan/17 4:34 AM
Ha. How ironic. I hit 22 unawares.
01/Jan/17 4:35 AM
If I hadn't taken the time to check JEB's spelling of Mark Twain's real name, I would have snuck my comment in sooner. Then it would have really been ironic if shosho had posted her 'bow out now for you' on 22!
01/Jan/17 4:38 AM
At any rate, Keith's chances of one last 22 for 2016 (USA time) are now nil.

Oh, well. , Keith, in the .
01/Jan/17 4:40 AM
Burl is taking his second nap of the day. And it's not even 1 p.m. here. I'm waiting for him to wake up so he can go outside to his shop so I can run the vacuum indoors so I can set up the components of an art desk I'm building for Skye so I can measure and make a list of additional materials I More...
01/Jan/17 4:45 AM
Since I'll be up late tonight, I rolled back over for an extra sleep cycle this morning. I woke up again when Burl came back to bed. He's a weekend potter, woodworker and multimedia artist. He said, 'I got up and checked the weather. It said there was a small craft advisory, so I decided to come back to bed and take a nap.' What can I say? The man makes me laugh.
01/Jan/17 4:49 AM
1:34 after a slow start. Good morning and Happy New Year everyone.
01/Jan/17 6:10 AM
Plum's comment was so intriguing I needed to go do the puzzle to understand - now I agree wholeheartedly with Shiela!
01/Jan/17 6:14 AM

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017 !
01/Jan/17 6:16 AM
Good thinking ,Plum . I like your comment on the picture for today.
01/Jan/17 6:19 AM
Good morning and once agin.
01/Jan/17 7:00 AM
Enjoying a cuppa tea after waking up fairly ear after our late bedtime
01/Jan/17 7:04 AM
Don't know where that 'me' came from.

01/Jan/17 7:11 AM
May all good things come your way in 2017! Health and happiness to all!!
01/Jan/17 8:11 AM

Good Luck, Good health and Good Friends in 2017 to all here in Sudoku Land.
01/Jan/17 8:24 AM
If I'd have hopped on right after Denny, I'd have had plenty of time. Oh well, a missed opportunity seems a fitting way to end 2016.
01/Jan/17 9:00 AM
to all my Sudoku friends. May 2017 bring you all your wish for yourselves
01/Jan/17 9:26 AM

No New Year resolutions were made this year. Now I wont be disappointed that I didnt keep them
01/Jan/17 9:27 AM

Now to see if I can be the first in 2017 to turn the first page
01/Jan/17 9:28 AM
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