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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. Still waiting for the sun to peek over the horizon.
02/Jan/17 12:00 AM
It's bright enough to read now, but there's still no sun visible. Sunrises and sunsets are long, glorious ceremonies at the middle latitudes. Assuming there isn't heavy cloud cover. This morning displays a rainbow of sunrise colors in a cloudless skies. There is still a heavy mist over the lake. I love my sunrise view!
02/Jan/17 12:11 AM
And here comes the Sun! Glowing reddish orange. NOW I can make my pot of yerba mate.

BTW, can't actually see the lake but I know it's there, about a quarter-half mile away beyond the screen of trees.
02/Jan/17 12:15 AM
Aw, hey ... I may as well try for a leisurely cp to start the day. It's not often possible to do so. Is a cp 4 or 5? I forget.
02/Jan/17 12:16 AM
Hmm. In case it's 5 I'll venture the comment that the flower in the pic today is apparently currently sharing an island with the President of the USA. I wonder if there has been any secret service scrutiny? Off to heat the kettle. Sun is completely showing now, glowing orange. That's an idea... I wonder if we have any orange juice?
02/Jan/17 12:21 AM
A straight 1->9 for a lovely orchid reward!
Good Morning, Plum and all the others who'll follow.
02/Jan/17 12:30 AM
As I watched New Year's Eve celebrations around the world last night, Sydney was, as almost every year, one of the very best.
02/Jan/17 1:01 AM
🌲🎉💃 my smilies see more action then I do ! But reflects my inner mode - new day new year new start !
02/Jan/17 1:13 AM
My sister is having an open house today - and I think I will think about declutterring ! A bag a day for 40 days is the challenge I believe- should be easy today I have some shredded papers that need to go out for recycle - and I can finally toss my hospital work papers that I haven't used but may if needed !
02/Jan/17 1:17 AM
Happy New Year

May 2017 be a wonderful year
02/Jan/17 2:19 AM
No Rose Parade for those in the US today. If New Years Day is on a Sunday then the parade will be on a Monday the second. Has to do with back in the 1890's the church bells would upset the horses pulling the floats. Another version is organizers did not wish to disturb horses hitched outside Sunday church services.
Anyway no parade today.
02/Jan/17 2:30 AM
02/Jan/17 3:33 AM
Welcome back HalT!! Were you away on holiday?
02/Jan/17 3:52 AM
Good morning to all, and welcome to a new year!
02/Jan/17 3:55 AM
We had a nice fireworks display here in Ottawa Wolf. Just wait though. The biggest and best one in Canada will happen next July 1st when we celebrate out 150th birthday as a nation!
02/Jan/17 4:00 AM
02/Jan/17 4:53 AM
02/Jan/17 5:04 AM
Morning all, beautiful orchid.
The new year has brought us some welcome rain and just in case we didn't hear the downpour it is sending some thunder as well.
02/Jan/17 5:57 AM
Need a push, Keith ?
02/Jan/17 6:04 AM
Need a coffee !
02/Jan/17 6:06 AM
If you don't I do..
02/Jan/17 6:07 AM
Ok times up !
02/Jan/17 6:08 AM
1:33. Good morning everyone.
02/Jan/17 6:29 AM

02/Jan/17 7:01 AM
and to those still celebrating.
02/Jan/17 7:37 AM

I am handing Plums decluttering challenge over to hubby....not too sure he will get passed today without help
02/Jan/17 7:38 AM
1.46 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
02/Jan/17 7:57 AM
I hope everyone is enjoying their new year.
Here's a new poozle for those who enjoy a challenge.

Today's puzzle is an S to N up and down poozle. You start with the letter S and make an eight letter word, and then go back to N. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at More...
02/Jan/17 8:52 AM
to the topsiders.
Yep, straight 1 to 9 for me too.
02/Jan/17 8:55 AM
1:35 Good morning one and all!
02/Jan/17 11:14 AM
Today was both and for us. Older son & family were with in-laws for the 25th, so we had Christmas with them today. This year we got all of our grand-children luggage (some toys, too) for Christmas. Thought they'd be very 'ho-hum' about getting a suitcase, but we were pleasantly surprised by their reaction. Maybe it made them feel grown up? Who knows?
02/Jan/17 1:09 PM
Just been shopping to supplement the food supply. I am not used to feeding 5 extra people. Fortunately they like lots of vegetables with their meals. They will be here till Saturday.
02/Jan/17 1:29 PM
It is a cooler day today and I have the house to myself at the moment. Enjoying the solitude!
02/Jan/17 1:30 PM
02/Jan/17 4:12 PM
Ha. I'm reading today's comments. I can't take credit (or blame) for the decluttering challenge. mymare posted about 40 days of decluttering.
02/Jan/17 11:36 PM
It's rather daunting to see the words 'Plum's decluttering challenge.' I need so badly to declutter. Now you all have gone and done it. you've dragged me into it. I'm going to have to join the challenge. But my twist on it is to fill one small trash can or equivalent bag liner per week (whether More...
02/Jan/17 11:44 PM
I don't think my 7% tablet battery will last 15 minutes to make it to the new Sudokuland day. But, it just may be enough to be able to carry me through a BOPP and a TOPP. Anyone want to run with me to 41?
02/Jan/17 11:47 PM
I shall get up and let the dog out while you lurkers are thinking about it ...
02/Jan/17 11:48 PM
Bands of slate gray clouds obscuring any sunrise colors this morning. No reason to delay starting the kettle.
02/Jan/17 11:52 PM
02/Jan/17 11:59 PM
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