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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
10/Jan/15 12:00 AM
Serena, thanks for kick starting my brain cell yesterday.
I put the citrus smelling air freshener, that was under the tree, in my plant. Kitties have not touched her since.
10/Jan/15 12:05 AM
That picky plant actually looks happy today. Really thought I had lost her last year when we gave her a new home. Once we put her by the fishes and in the corner, she seemed content, but had to move her for decorations and for the past month she has moped around. Cannot believe she perked up after kitty attack.
10/Jan/15 12:08 AM
I am becoming a firm believer that citrus keeps the kitties away. A girl dropped her orange this morning, on the floor, kitties have avoided that area, which is on their way to favorite napping place, since then. They do not get on the counters, as much either. Do not think this is a 100% proof More...
10/Jan/15 12:13 AM
It is wet and cold outside, perfect time to go and have 5 more minutes of pillow time.
10/Jan/15 12:14 AM
Good morning, again, Karen! I have to go run math papers for today's class.
10/Jan/15 12:31 AM
this photo belongs on the parents page. lovely baby. pardon no capitals but I broke my left wrist yesterday. typing one handed.
easy puzzle.
10/Jan/15 12:55 AM

Best wishes on the broken wrist June, hope it heals well.
10/Jan/15 12:57 AM
with the weight of this temporary plaster I think I am about to dislocate my elbow.
10/Jan/15 12:57 AM
I did it up your way lizzie. tripped over a tree root as we left the reptile park.
10/Jan/15 12:58 AM
Had a lovely evening with Rolanda and Mr R.
10/Jan/15 1:05 AM
It was a very lovely evening with Anne
10/Jan/15 1:12 AM

So sorry, June! Casts can be a royal pain.

coming your way!
10/Jan/15 1:15 AM
Agreed about the picture, June, and so sorry to hear about your wrist. No more reptile wrestling for you ... at least for a while.
10/Jan/15 1:32 AM
Well I have my e-tickets and now my visa has arrived. We have 8 weeks to get the Australia leg of my trip sorted. Yipee, getting excited at seeing you all again.
8 years since we were in WA and Brisbane, 2.5 years since Melbourne
10/Jan/15 1:51 AM
then Started the day sunny, now it's overcast...
& snowing.
10/Jan/15 2:18 AM
So sorry to hear about your fall, June. Wishing you quick healing!
10/Jan/15 2:20 AM
A sleeping cutie.
10/Jan/15 2:28 AM
Shiela and Serena have gotten me close enough ...
10/Jan/15 2:32 AM

1) P
2) PA
3) Pan
4) Pane
5) Panel
6) Planet
7) Planate
8) Pleasant

In the today we have Silvergal, jamie, Chalkboard, Judy, Jeanine, Kathy, Joyce, June, HalT, More...
10/Jan/15 2:33 AM
To make a run for it.
10/Jan/15 2:33 AM
10/Jan/15 2:33 AM
You really should put those together into a book.
10/Jan/15 2:35 AM
Each statement describes two words that when fused together create a new unrelated word (not a compound word). The clues do not necessarily indicate in which order the two words are attached. Example: This is the average oldness of a tablet (pill + age = pillage).

1) This means to stop More...
10/Jan/15 2:35 AM
a beautiful day in OK
10/Jan/15 3:00 AM
June sorry about your wrist, hot time to be wearing a cast.
10/Jan/15 3:01 AM
, y'all! It'll be a good bit warmer today by about 15ºF over yesterday's high, which never got above freezing.

June, so sorry to hear about your wrist! If it makes you feel less silly, I broke a bone in my foot once just walking. Stepped into a pothole on the side of the road. Shoe stayed, foot tried to follow me. Not a great sound!
10/Jan/15 3:04 AM
1:51. Precious sleepy baby. While it should be on the Parent's Page, no telling how long ago this was submitted.
10/Jan/15 3:07 AM
It is amazing how much 5 more minutes, 2 hours later, pillow time can change a persons outlook on the day.
10/Jan/15 3:36 AM
June, now is that the true story? Really, a root? Could it be you did the HalT thing?

Hope you heal quickly and successfully.
10/Jan/15 3:41 AM
We are still waiting for the home insurance person. She has 15 minutes to comply to her ''between 10 and 12'' promise. What do you want to bet she shows up as soon as I fix lunch?
10/Jan/15 3:45 AM
10/Jan/15 3:52 AM
Did my run this morning. Nose is almost back to normal, still it does more running than I do!
10/Jan/15 3:53 AM
Have to start my plan of losing the holiday/sick days weight! Ack!
10/Jan/15 3:54 AM
Terrorist situation in Paris has come to a violent end. The two brothers who initiated the massacre are dead; one of the two terrorists holding hostages at the Jewish supermarket is also dead. There may be hostage casualties at the market, sadly.

The brothers wanted to 'die as martyrs'. More...
10/Jan/15 4:29 AM
10/Jan/15 4:53 AM
Sorry to hear about the wrist, June. As Karen so tactfully put it , I broke my left wrist about 18 months ago. A real pain but it will heal.
10/Jan/15 4:56 AM
Silvergal, I wholeheartedly agree with your observation as to clothe & house, let alone medical, dental and feeding.
10/Jan/15 5:17 AM
I'm not sure about the clothing and feeding issue, but I am aghast that our government is trying to have traitor Bradley 'Chelsea' Manning transferred to a civilian hospital so he can go through medical and possibly surgical sex-change treatment! We should have to pay for THAT?
10/Jan/15 5:42 AM
Where's Hal?
Where's shosho?
The suspense is driving me nuts.
10/Jan/15 5:42 AM
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