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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning people of the world.
09/Jan/15 12:00 AM
Survived two dentist appointments yesterday, sort of.
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have drag a girl from underneath a table to get her in a dentist chair. I took advantage of saying no Dream pad, but it was ruined when a man interfered and back under the table she More...
09/Jan/15 12:04 AM
I asked Man if he would bring wood in for the night, my gosh, I think the threat of a cold front had him worried and he did not want his girls to get cold. The fireplace is not our only source of heat, but you would think it was by the stack of wood he brought in. We should have enough wood in the house to last through the weekend. That is if the tempts stay where they are.
09/Jan/15 12:07 AM
Fingers crossed, that today is the day, all holiday decorations are packed up. The totes that are packed, are piling up in the hall, waiting for Man, though the living room and dining table are still packed with cherished items.
09/Jan/15 12:10 AM
Guess I will go pack a box and wait for the rest of the world to either come in from their evening of partying or wake up.
09/Jan/15 12:11 AM

Karen, hope that wood lasts a bit longer than the weekend, we have some spare heat over if you would like it!
09/Jan/15 1:03 AM
, y'all! Woke up to a frigid-for-South-Carolina 13º F this morning (-10º C). If it gets above freezing, it won't be by much.
09/Jan/15 1:37 AM
2:11. No comment NEEDED for today's photo!
09/Jan/15 1:39 AM
Thank you Lizzy.
This Summer, Man went wood crazy. There is a never ending fire ban out here, so everyone takes their brush to the local dump, where, Man waited for them and brought home, what he said would last years. I think we have enough to last us through February. Which is good, because the tempts will start changing then.
09/Jan/15 1:42 AM
I really do not pay attention to the weather, I like to be surprised, though I do check, so I know how to dress the girls. At 6:30, it was supposed to be 22 degrees. Now it is 8:45 and it is 20 degrees. Man just informed me it is cold outside. I am all nice and cozy.
09/Jan/15 1:46 AM
Kitties are trying their best to loose one of their lives, today. I have a plant, that for two years, I have fought to keep it alive and today, they have decided it is their new best friend and are trying to uproot it, to come out and play.

This is not a good thing.
09/Jan/15 1:48 AM

All this talk of snow, ice and cold and wood collecting really has me shuddering!! In all my #%#% years I have only spent one full day in the snow and that convinced me I dont like it.

Our temps for today Friday are 20C/68F overnight to 33C/91F during the day which wil make it very difficult to sleep. Yes we do have air con but I'm too stingy to turn it on!!

09/Jan/15 2:14 AM
Lizzy, I will take your nighttime, 20/68, and be happy, as long as it is not humid, of course.
09/Jan/15 2:19 AM
OK, I may say it is a little chilly outside. In my normal, not for public wear, attire of t-shirt, warm-ups, and flip-flops, I went out in the great outdoors, where there is beautiful sunshine, to feed my roses their daily dose of tea and coffee grounds. I have lost my cozy warm feeling.
09/Jan/15 2:22 AM
Speaking of roses. I did not think they bloomed in the winter. I think a few of my bushes are confused, because there are a couple of beautiful buds out there. I would have taken a picture to share, but I got cold.
09/Jan/15 2:24 AM
Give it a minute Lizzy and soon you will be cold and we will be seeking cooler spots.
09/Jan/15 2:25 AM

Your so right there Karen, the weather world wide has definitely changed and not always for the better.......oh well, guess we just have to put up with what Mother Nature provides.
09/Jan/15 2:31 AM
Not sunny.
Not warm.
Just spent 2 hours in the dentist's chair having a crown made to replace my broken tooth. Not fun, to say the least. Tomorrow will be another day, thankfully!
09/Jan/15 2:44 AM
Tune in, and look where we are.
09/Jan/15 2:46 AM
Still here, Shiela?
09/Jan/15 2:47 AM
On three ...
09/Jan/15 2:47 AM
... one ...
09/Jan/15 2:47 AM
Hardly a gallump needed!
09/Jan/15 3:04 AM
Now young man, you have to go in a dressing room to try those on.
09/Jan/15 3:20 AM
I don't think it's the right size.
09/Jan/15 3:20 AM
I waited for you to take it, Keith!
(Not up for a challange today... numbing agent wearing off.)
09/Jan/15 3:21 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Sixteenth letter of the English alphabet
2) Pennsylvania
3) Can be used for cooking
4) More...
09/Jan/15 3:21 AM
Karen, can you try the kitty deterring trick you used on your Christmas tree for your plant?
09/Jan/15 3:22 AM
I'm in the way too cold group. It's -1F right now with a windchill of -15F. The worse part is that it has actually gone up about 10 degrees from when I woke up. It's a good thing I have nowhere to go today.
09/Jan/15 3:25 AM
I will not complain about being cold, since I know in, probably, less than two months the humidity will arrive then it will be hot and I have to wear clothes.
09/Jan/15 3:34 AM
Serena, the plant is not in its normal spot, so at the moment, kitties are getting the squirt bottle treatment and threats with a broom, and the rest of their lives. The plant, which is a pain in my tush, since moving here, seems happiest in the corner by the aquarium or in a steam shower, both are More...
09/Jan/15 3:38 AM
Kitties are in fine form this morning. They are into everything and it is not the day to be putting away miles and miles of garland. They think I want to play. I walked away from the tote I was working on for a moment, came back and all the garland that was nicely packed away, was scattered. It More...
09/Jan/15 3:42 AM
Yes, I know, the kitties are just playing, but they are little terrorist today. They have their toys and entertainments, but they want to play in my stuff.
BTW, in the five minutes I have been sitting here, one is sunning in a window, the other is curled up on the couch. But you know just as soon as I get up, they will be going again.
09/Jan/15 3:44 AM
09/Jan/15 4:16 AM
My three kitties are sunning themselves outside on the balcony. Each has his/her own designated spots. Blackie likes the floor (only place big enough for him, he's rather plump), Pikachu likes the table or the rain gutter, and Nemmy is on the balcony wall. All asleep in the sunlight!
09/Jan/15 4:19 AM
We're at a cool 68º F so I've opened up all the windows.
09/Jan/15 4:20 AM
I'm in winter gear, long skinny jeans (in the evenings, skinny jeans are easier to slip leg warmers over) and long sleeve knit tunic. And of course, fuzzy slippers!!!
09/Jan/15 4:22 AM
Hmmm, so close!
09/Jan/15 4:22 AM
Ready to pounce . . .
09/Jan/15 4:23 AM
09/Jan/15 4:23 AM
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