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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Morning all!
Good morning everyone.
2:34 ..good Maen all! nice horsey
2:47 Maen Beautiful horse, and ribbons to show for it!
Good Maen,
Always nice to be in the ribbons - remains a cold one in the Midwest - brrrr
2:17 Maen
2:37 One of Fi's? Good morning everyone. Off to bed now. Good night.
Good Maen, 0 out and staying cold for a few more days
Good Mean all first page have a wonderful day
Brr it's freezing here keep warm all
Good morning all, this horse is a certain winner.
Went for a look at the stars waiting for the change over and got goosebumps even though the temp say 22C still, nice and cool for a change.
Anne hope I'm forgiven (cricket} & anyone else who was watching in WA Sorry.
Good Morning! It is February 10, 2007. February 10 is the 41st day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. There are 324 days remaining, 325 in leap years. On this day in 1955 Australian golfer Greg Norman was born. To learn a lot about this golfer and international businesman, go to: http://www.shark.com/

…..and have a very nice day.
ahh Maen I mean hehe
cordon bleu.

beautiful sunny day here, 10C,light breeze.
Great photo! Horses are beautiful creatures! A great day to all! Blessings!
Good evening everyone. I fell asleep in the chair watching cricket so I think I'll give the puzzles a miss tonight.
Good night.
Amelia, you're forgiven. I just read your comment after I'd posted the above comment.
Good Maen! 2.04 at 7:48am Oklahoma time. Nice photo. I'm guessing those award ribbons are for jumping, not racing? Have a great weekend everyone
Hi everyone and nice mAen to all.
Gongratulation Mr/Mrs Horse.
Thank you Anne I'm off to bed as well been yawning while trying to post. Goodnight everybody.
2:10, Maen, missed getting back to Sudokuland last night, working out, working on friend's car, other friend's computer, killing teenage son, etc. I like this site that people share so many things. My prayers go out to all that have lost loved ones, but you have your memories of them. My name More...
3:30 are horses aware of their beauty ?
Angela, don't panic about and put off the mammogram. I had my first about a year ago, thinking it would be really painful, from what others had said. Uncomfortable, yes, painful, no.
I have offered to perform mammograms but no one has accepted my offer.
2:35 Hi to all and have a good weekend. Snow still falling.. wonderful!

Thought for the Day:

Why do they call them fingers? I've never seen them fing!
2:27 and Texas Bill, I had no idea you were so magnanimous!
Andrè, Have you ever noticed that your hand looks like a freeway and your thumb is the exit ramp?
Bill were you out shopping when you asked??
Or entrance, depending on which hand and what side of the road you drive on.
Mine is kind of like... a hand with fingers.. I just can't see the tarmac and there are no road exit signs anywhere
2:53. Maen to all.
, TGIF! Beautiful horse
Bill from Tezas: Be sure to look up and wave tomorrow - We have a stop in Dallas from 9:40 to 11:40 AM, then fly to McAllen. A question: Do you know whether I need bug repellent? I still have room to pack it now.
v slow this time. too tired. must go to bed. g'maeN friends
''A horse! A horse! My Kingdom for a horse!''
Good Friday Maen, all!

About the same color horse as Mr Ed 'Wilbuuuur...'
Good Maen all. Nice European Hamburger!
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