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Easy Sudoku for 10/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen all!
10/Feb/19 12:11 AM
It's not often that I get first!
10/Feb/19 12:12 AM
Only 11 now
10/Feb/19 12:13 AM
Just sitting here reading the paper. No good news as usual. I keep hoping.
10/Feb/19 12:20 AM
1:56 Good night one and all!
10/Feb/19 12:53 AM
Good Maen, good people. Glad to hear you had a good birthday, Pam.
10/Feb/19 1:05 AM
Ugh, it was tough driving home from Louisville. I'm glad I didn't attempt it in the dark with an even stronger crosswind! There were patches of ice and the wind I did end up driving through made the trip a constant struggle. It lowered my gas mileage by about 1/3! The tankful that should have More...
10/Feb/19 1:20 AM
8 for shosho. So, I could see no snow coming home (except old piles from previously plowed snow) until I crossed the Michigan state line. About ten miles from home it looked like driving through smoke or mist. The snow particles were microscopic and the wind was keeping them airborne. Four miles More...
10/Feb/19 1:29 AM
Sounds like a fun trip, Plum.
10/Feb/19 1:35 AM
The good news from my trip is that we had a great time, good things should come from the business research I did, AND I got to spend time with Kathy from Valrico and even got to meet MizTricia as I headed back through Alabama!
10/Feb/19 1:36 AM
I had only clipped a mere corner of Alabama before this trip so it was satisfying to drive back through the heart of that beautiful state. I drove out I-10 through Tallahassee to make my way north to Montgomery then Birmingham. I was amazed by the devastation that Hurricane Michael wrought on the More...
10/Feb/19 2:00 AM
That should have read 'whole stands of trees were snapped ...'
10/Feb/19 2:02 AM
Temps were unseasonably cold in Florida (as they were in the rest of the eastern half of the US). We only had one day hit 70 degrees until that last day we were driving through the panhandle and that day it rose to 77! Ah. The only thing wrong was that we were headed out of Florida instead of More...
10/Feb/19 2:15 AM
10/Feb/19 2:17 AM
I solved quickly odds down and evens up. Taking a similar photo is on my bucket list.
10/Feb/19 2:22 AM
That was quite the driving experience, Plum! I love your description of the trees affected by the hurricane. I'm glad you are home safe and sound.

The kiddos just left. Everyone slept through the night except me. I kept waking up and checking on them every couple of hours. I need a nap.
10/Feb/19 2:57 AM
Hmm Tom must be out shoveling snow this morning.
10/Feb/19 3:07 AM
Everybody!! What a trip Plum!!
10/Feb/19 3:50 AM
10/Feb/19 4:30 AM
Thank you, Plum!! Here's flying your way!
10/Feb/19 4:30 AM
Oh, Keith, where art thou?
10/Feb/19 4:40 AM
10/Feb/19 4:41 AM
...was still in bed.
10/Feb/19 5:28 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
10/Feb/19 5:44 AM
Beautiful ocean scene!
10/Feb/19 6:20 AM
Morning all,beautiful photo of the apostles.
Welcome home ,Plum. What a hair raising end to your trip.
10/Feb/19 6:33 AM
Heidi,enjoy your two day birthday.
10/Feb/19 6:37 AM
10/Feb/19 6:49 AM
Sun is out, so went for a walk - Morton arboretum was having a chocolate festival
10/Feb/19 8:29 AM
The hound isn't liking the sub-freezing temps at all. He prefers drinking from puddles or other trapped rain water. As they are all frozen, he has to drink well water from a pan. He's not happy about that...
10/Feb/19 9:23 AM
It's time, Rage. Come on back...
10/Feb/19 9:24 AM
10/Feb/19 10:27 AM
For my drink of choice today ... I will share the well water in the pan with the hound!
10/Feb/19 10:54 AM
10/Feb/19 11:09 AM
Spoil sport!
10/Feb/19 2:27 PM
Except for the ''shared pan'' part, it's not bad. I'd put it right up there with most of the yuppy bottled water in the market. It's definitely better than some I've tasted. And it is soft.
10/Feb/19 3:03 PM
Judy, are you sure you wouldn't like a nice warming Irish Coffee? In the meantime it's still rather warm 38C here, so I'll settle for an ice cold XXXX Gold!
10/Feb/19 3:16 PM
I just had an Irish coffee, old family recipe, it's much cooler here today. I've also had a few vb's so life's good.
10/Feb/19 9:52 PM
Might as well try for it...
10/Feb/19 9:54 PM
Bye bye today
10/Feb/19 9:54 PM
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