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Easy Sudoku for 11/February/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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The morning paper hasn't arrived yet; maybe because of the light rain.
11/Feb/19 12:07 AM

Good morning everyone!
11/Feb/19 12:54 AM
2:12 Had a fit of sneezing just as I was about to finish.
11/Feb/19 1:04 AM
2:18. Good Morning, Anne, Rage and Wolf and everyone!
11/Feb/19 1:39 AM
8 deg F this morning. Cold enough that I'm not going to shovel snow especially with two more front coming.

Stay warm everyone !
11/Feb/19 2:22 AM
Everybody!! Gee, and I thought it was cold here at 39 deg F.
11/Feb/19 3:05 AM
Anne's mention of sneezing reminded me of my son's peculiar trait. From the time he was a kid, he would always sneeze three times. Never more, never less. He still does. It's weird.
11/Feb/19 3:27 AM
11/Feb/19 3:47 AM
Best wishes and prayers for Keith as he begins his radiation treatments tomorrow.
11/Feb/19 4:31 AM
11/Feb/19 4:37 AM
I'm listening to The Christmas Hirelings, an audiobook. So Dickensian!
11/Feb/19 4:39 AM
Oooh, I hate multiple sneezes! It feels as if my brains were exploding out of my head!
11/Feb/19 4:42 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
11/Feb/19 4:42 AM
I wish Keith success with his radiation therapy. Went through it with my hubby, four years ago. However, we're into 4 years of remission.
11/Feb/19 4:46 AM
Interesting cave photo. Wendy.
11/Feb/19 5:16 AM
Thx for the well wishes. Based on people I know that have been through it, I shouldn't feel any different, especially at first. & being the positive sort, I expect it to be successful.
11/Feb/19 5:30 AM
11/Feb/19 5:35 AM
11/Feb/19 5:36 AM
Morning all, great photo, Wendy.
Waiting for them to clear the hail off the greens at Pebble Beach, amazing sight.
11/Feb/19 6:09 AM
Best wishes for your treatment,Keith. 👍
11/Feb/19 6:15 AM
Thx & Gallump.
11/Feb/19 6:54 AM
11/Feb/19 6:54 AM
Several of the guys in my family have had radiation treatment, Keith. They are all doing fine years later. I'm sure you will, too. Go get 'em!
11/Feb/19 8:10 AM
Good mAen
Snow and best wishes
11/Feb/19 8:41 AM
Good luck Keith, I hope all goes well for you
11/Feb/19 9:21 AM
Good luck Keith, I'll have a VB in the fridge waiting for you.
11/Feb/19 9:38 AM
With such a positive attitude Keith, what can go wrong? Thinking of you.
11/Feb/19 10:10 AM
Keith! Hope all goes well for you.
11/Feb/19 11:08 AM
hope for the best for you Keith! minus 18C and strong winds... resting and reading day for me. Good night all.
11/Feb/19 11:25 AM
11/Feb/19 12:05 PM
Beautiful 27C today. sitting back reading some SF
11/Feb/19 2:18 PM
Whats this? I've got an Allian feeling...
11/Feb/19 2:20 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it reading a book
Matter of fact I got it now

Spaceman set 'em up Cheers
11/Feb/19 2:23 PM
1:30. Good evening everyone.
11/Feb/19 9:06 PM
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