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Easy Sudoku for 10/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I'm back. LPotD

10/Aug/19 12:00 AM
Good Maen, HalT and all!
10/Aug/19 12:00 AM
10/Aug/19 12:00 AM

10/Aug/19 12:02 AM
2:11. Good Morning, all.
10/Aug/19 12:13 AM
Hope your day is, too!
10/Aug/19 1:13 AM
Getting used to my new 'boot'. It's hard to walk normally - which can cause other problems. I have to keep reminding myself to 'walk straight'!!!
10/Aug/19 1:15 AM
for Shosho!
10/Aug/19 1:16 AM
The heritage listed house doesn't look to be in very good shape!
10/Aug/19 1:23 AM
10/Aug/19 1:36 AM
Thank you, Shilela!! Here's flying your way!!
10/Aug/19 1:37 AM
Yeah the boot is higher than regular shoe, so I wore my platform shoe to balance out. But I was always afraid to put too much weight so I had a gimpy walk!
10/Aug/19 1:48 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
10/Aug/19 1:48 AM
And a CP!!
10/Aug/19 1:48 AM
10/Aug/19 2:08 AM
With a few repairs this Heritage House is in pretty good condition.
10/Aug/19 4:03 AM
The house is so close to the water it's amazing it is in any shape at all.
10/Aug/19 4:16 AM
10/Aug/19 4:49 AM
Interesting picture house has special features
10/Aug/19 5:29 AM
Afternoon all.
10/Aug/19 6:03 AM
10/Aug/19 6:03 AM
10/Aug/19 6:03 AM
The house looks great. Not so sure about the landscaping.
10/Aug/19 6:06 AM
Morning all,that house needs someTLC.
10/Aug/19 7:05 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
10/Aug/19 7:07 AM
10/Aug/19 7:09 AM
I may have spoken too soon about today's puzzle because when I tried to copy it some garbage came up and the puzzle disappeared.
It really looks as if I've been hacked. I still have a hard copy so I will type it pout again and send it while I can.
10/Aug/19 8:18 AM
1:57 Wow! Another West. Aust. photo. That's about 4 or 5 today. A beautiful old building which I hope it's still standing.
Good morning all.
10/Aug/19 10:52 AM
Thank you Shosho.
10/Aug/19 10:54 AM
AUG !) (A&H)

This week's Saturday poozle is 2&4 poozle, 
 We will work through the alphabet giving you the second and fourth letters (B&D) of a word and a clue
 as to what the word is. I will also give you the end of the word in alphabetical order,
 and the first and third More...
10/Aug/19 11:36 AM
10/Aug/19 11:38 AM
Oh,my goodness. What with killing my computer and bringing another one into my life, I forgot all about Wombat's puzzle and my duty to edit! I am solving it now - no issues so far, but I will let you know if I've let Wombat down.
10/Aug/19 1:03 PM
Uhoh, spoke too soon. More later, after I finish it. Lots of normal words, happy to note.
10/Aug/19 1:28 PM
There are some minor quibble sort of corrections, but one big one is that D-K is a place in Sri Lanka. There is also a Sri Lankan drum with D-K, but the letters we've been given are for a resort in Sri Lanka.
10/Aug/19 3:54 PM
For Northern Hemisphere residents, and probably elsewhere in the Southern Hemisphere, another help is that the 'small amount' is, as Google finds, 'Chiefly Australia and New Zealand' so when nothing else remains, yup, that's a word down under.
10/Aug/19 3:59 PM
For a CP: one of the call signs is for an *Italian* vessel Futura
10/Aug/19 4:12 PM
10/Aug/19 11:59 PM
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