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Easy Sudoku for 11/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Aug/19 12:00 AM
HalT & all to follow!!
11/Aug/19 12:06 AM
2:36 Very slow tonight.
Good night all.
11/Aug/19 12:12 AM
Hope your day is sunny, too!
11/Aug/19 12:20 AM
We had friends stop by yesterday driving their 1930 Model A Ford. They had been at a Model A car rally in Detroit. There were about 200 Model A's altogether, I guess. The police closed intersections for them all to pass through without stopping. Must have been a fun sight and probably tied up traffic a bit!
11/Aug/19 12:47 AM
We showed them a way to avoid expressways in our area for the first 50 miles of their 100 mile drive home. They knew of an off-expressway route from that point. I'd think 55 mph would be a bit safer and more pleasant than 70 mph in a car that old!
11/Aug/19 12:56 AM
Plus, it was a beautiful day for a drive!
11/Aug/19 12:58 AM
And one more for Shosho!
11/Aug/19 12:58 AM
11/Aug/19 1:13 AM
It seems we are to experience cooler weather in the next few days. It's odd to claim 85 degrees as ''cool'', but, I'll take it!
11/Aug/19 1:16 AM
Now to see what I can make of the Team Wombat poozle....
11/Aug/19 1:17 AM
Now that I have time on my hands (because of not being on my feet) maybe I should look into Wombat's poozle!!!
11/Aug/19 1:35 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
11/Aug/19 1:56 AM
Thank you, Shielala!! Here's flying your way!!
11/Aug/19 1:57 AM
11/Aug/19 2:04 AM
Now I see why Kathy said 'Team' Wombat.
, Keith! That's a fair amount of re-typing!
11/Aug/19 2:12 AM
Morning all. Shiela, please help me understand what I'm being thanked for ... & you're welcome in advance.
11/Aug/19 2:27 AM
I believe she has mistakenly used your name for Wombat's in relation to having to 'retype this weekend's puzzle' because he was having email problems (see yesterday's later posts)
11/Aug/19 3:09 AM
Hello everyone, have a delightful day!

I have questions regarding the poozle - maybe I should direct this to Sarah, but if someone else wishes to answer - feel free!

11/Aug/19 3:13 AM
Should the 5th entry with the word 'trader' as the clue have both those letters (IL) as part of the clue??
11/Aug/19 3:16 AM
11/Aug/19 3:18 AM
11/Aug/19 3:18 AM
1:43. Good Morning, all. Nice car - '49 to '53 era? Ford? Mercury?
11/Aug/19 3:23 AM
I think it should be just an L, Joyce.
11/Aug/19 3:47 AM
The fifth word, with Trader as the clue, is the E-L word. There are some typos that I did not share with everyone, but they are not big problems.
11/Aug/19 5:17 AM
Cute little car!
11/Aug/19 5:21 AM
There are also some misspelled words, though those, too, may be typos. Re-typing lends itself to typos. I issued only the corrections that are pertinent to finding solutions.
11/Aug/19 5:25 AM
It's a Ford, Tom. Not sure about the year, but I think you have the era right.
11/Aug/19 6:16 AM
Morning all, cute car ,looks like a toy.
Thanks Sarah for the Siri Lankin clue,made sense then.
11/Aug/19 6:40 AM
Nice old golden year small model, well kept
11/Aug/19 6:48 AM
Thanks for all the help Sarah & Kathy!
11/Aug/19 6:50 AM
Is the car that small? or did it get a little shrunken in the resizing to make the image square?
11/Aug/19 6:57 AM
I think it's a '51...
11/Aug/19 7:19 AM
Thanks to Sarah most of the errors have been eliminated, but a couple you might have trouble with are ALY should be ALLY and probably more importantly AMABILL should be AMABILI. Curse my fading eyesight.
11/Aug/19 10:06 AM
I just trampled over beer o'clock, but don't let that put you off having your favourite.
11/Aug/19 10:07 AM
Sheila, I'd love to have you submit a response to Saturdays puzzle although I am sorry that having a broken foot was the reason you have time. Don't be afraid to use Google nor worry about not getting them all.
11/Aug/19 10:11 AM
That Ford was known as the Single Spinner in Oz, and was followed by the twin spinner.
11/Aug/19 10:25 AM
Peter and I had a remarkably good set of result with our football teams on Saturday. The wallabies, Australian Rugby Union team defeated the All Blacks (the Kiwi's team) in the Bledisloe Cup for the first time in recent history.
In the AFL, Peter's favoured team, Geelong, or the Cats, Had an More...
11/Aug/19 10:59 AM
11/Aug/19 1:51 PM
Wombat's second correction seems to be for a puzzle that has not yet appeared, not for the 10 August one. ALLY is indeed for this one.
11/Aug/19 2:20 PM
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