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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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today! (Sorry, Karen!)
11/Jan/13 12:02 AM
Wow no Kayo,
11/Jan/13 12:03 AM
Where's Kayo??? Isn't she supposed to start our day?
11/Jan/13 12:04 AM
Um I thought so.

Oh well you know what thought thought.
11/Jan/13 12:06 AM
Good Maen all!
11/Jan/13 12:06 AM
Hmmm - it just doesn't feel right without Kayo at the top (no offense, Shiela - lovely to see you and Mr. Cee!)
11/Jan/13 12:07 AM
And you vv
11/Jan/13 12:08 AM
wonderful photo - looks like she has a little warning sign under her beak. So cute!
11/Jan/13 12:10 AM
thanks Mr. Cee!
11/Jan/13 12:10 AM

Getting late here so I will bid you adieu.
11/Jan/13 12:15 AM
2.14 Sweet bird, great photo

Late to bed here tonight, was just going to shut down the computer when I read a local saying the fire siren was going off, can't hear it up here. We looked on the emergency site and the fire was less than a kilometre from home! 3 units attended and it was listed as safe an hour later...scary stuff I can tell you :(
11/Jan/13 1:00 AM
Whoa! Stay safe, Gail!
11/Jan/13 1:07 AM
I know how you feel about sirens. We don't hear the tornado sirens at our house unless our windows are open and because it's usually raining before a tornado comes, our windows aren't open!
11/Jan/13 1:10 AM
Early morning, at least for me. Harry has a checkup for his second cataract surgery.
11/Jan/13 1:14 AM

Glad to hear all is well Gail, know that feeling too, we could see the flames from our house but luckily there was a football oval between us and the fire!!! Continue to stay safe..
11/Jan/13 1:19 AM

Vici, I suspect that 'warning sign' your referring to is a little beak waiting to be fed...but you knew that!!!
11/Jan/13 1:26 AM
Stay safe down under. We are sure hearing about hard times down there with the horrible fires and the amazingly high heat. Stay safe.
11/Jan/13 1:26 AM
We are getting some rain, nothing like Karen is but we will take it, rain is so badly needed here.
11/Jan/13 1:28 AM
Stay safe Gail and anyone else threatened by the fires. A house is just a house, it's the people that make it a home.
11/Jan/13 1:31 AM
What a wonderful nest.
11/Jan/13 1:33 AM
Going for it.
11/Jan/13 1:33 AM
Supposed to be in the high 60's today and tomorrow then COLD over the weekend with possible snow. Just love how the weather changes so quickly.
11/Jan/13 1:33 AM
11/Jan/13 1:33 AM
& Sue got it.
11/Jan/13 1:34 AM
Sorry Keith, I wasn't counting
11/Jan/13 1:34 AM
Had to roust Harry off his computer, he seems to loose track of time worse than I do. Even though the appoinyment is here in town we really have to go.
11/Jan/13 1:38 AM
No need to apologize, Sue. That's the fun of it. May the appointment go well.
11/Jan/13 1:41 AM
Good luck, Sue and Harry! I hope Kayo is okay!?
11/Jan/13 2:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Jan/13 2:19 AM
Save the Eagles Day
11/Jan/13 2:20 AM
What a difference a day makes. Today is beautiful outside. Everything is cleaned off and sparkly, especially the sun. The sun was very much cleaned off. Nice days for the next few days, then the rains will return.
11/Jan/13 2:23 AM
Sue, have you got all settled in now?

11/Jan/13 2:24 AM
Wonder if Eve, is all settled, too. She was speeding along there for a while.
11/Jan/13 2:25 AM
I think the bird is saying 'go away'.
11/Jan/13 2:41 AM
I went to the dentist this morning and had a tooth pulled. It took longer than I thought it would because it came out in pieces. Now the whole area is sore and irritated and of course the kids don't care.
11/Jan/13 2:43 AM

An inch (2.54 cm) of rainwater covering 1 acre (4,047 square meters) of land is equal to 27,154 gallons (102,789 L) of water.

11/Jan/13 2:53 AM
11/Jan/13 2:56 AM
Where's Kayo?
11/Jan/13 2:57 AM
HalT, Karen care for a race to the top?
11/Jan/13 3:05 AM
11/Jan/13 3:06 AM
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