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Easy Sudoku for 12/January/2013


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G'day mates. I'm humbly impressed about all the comments my absence generated yesterday. Thank you all for your concern and for filling in for me.

Now, here's today's rather upsetting factoid:
A close-in lightning strike can ruin thousands of dollars worth of electronice More...
12/Jan/13 12:00 AM
Welcome back, Kayo!
No today... !
We're getting much needed precipitation!
(It's not in the form of snow... it'll be 50F today & tomorrow!)
12/Jan/13 12:12 AM
Fancy me still being up at midnight.
12/Jan/13 12:14 AM
I did manage to get a replacement computer -priorities, you know - but most of the other stuff will require additional shopping.
12/Jan/13 12:14 AM
G'night all.
12/Jan/13 12:15 AM
We've had visitors and so I've not been on the site for several weeks. Thanks to everyone who asked about the fires. We weren't close but the fire is still alight and the effects will be felt in the community for years.
12/Jan/13 12:16 AM
12/Jan/13 12:21 AM
12/Jan/13 12:21 AM
If I'd had a few whiskies I would discern all kinds of faces in the trunk of that tree.
12/Jan/13 12:21 AM
Good Maen friends.
Saylz - so glad you weren't exposed to the devastation.
Shiela - your news makes me sad - rain instead of snow? What's going on - I live vicariously through you when we are lacking.
Kayo - so glad to have you back and so sorry you had the lightning strike. We have lots More...
12/Jan/13 12:23 AM
Seeing the doc this morning... it's been over a week of coughing up 'stuff'.
This is me coughing!
12/Jan/13 12:27 AM
I keep telling hubby we need whole-house surge protectors...
12/Jan/13 12:30 AM
I bet the grain in the wood from that pepper tree would be beautiful!
12/Jan/13 12:52 AM
Hope the doc takes care of your cough, Shiela...a lot of that going around here, too.
12/Jan/13 12:53 AM
Interesting trunk
12/Jan/13 1:04 AM
Welcome back Kayo.
12/Jan/13 1:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jan/13 1:07 AM
Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
12/Jan/13 1:08 AM
How is your mouth today, Serena?
12/Jan/13 1:09 AM
I am totally off today. Yes, just today.

Man did not go into work this morning and threw all our great morning routines off this morning. He took one child to school. I thought the other child would jump at the chance, of having her daddy home this morning, but she decided she would stay in bed and at home with me.
12/Jan/13 1:11 AM
Though, just as her daddy and sister were driving down the road, she had a change of mind and became very upset when she saw the car leave.
12/Jan/13 1:13 AM
I will take it.
Good morning Kieth.
12/Jan/13 1:13 AM
I love it when my husband is off, but at the end of the time period, I love it when he goes back to work. It is hard for routine oriented people to have an extra person throw of their routine.
12/Jan/13 1:17 AM
My mouth is doing better. It's the stuff around the tooth that was the worse. My throat is very irritated and the tooth behind it is sore.
12/Jan/13 1:19 AM
Kayo, I sympathize with you.
I lost a computer, well everything that was on the surge protector, from lightening once. The commputer, printer and that phone line. It was during the dial-up, time. Always, thought it was strange, that what was on that surge protector, was the only things effected, throughout the entire house.
12/Jan/13 1:20 AM
Before, I get lectures, I did leave my computer on and was gone when the storm came through. Man was in an acident, and I did not have my priorities straight at that time, and may have stayed at the hospital with him at the time.
I know better now.
12/Jan/13 1:23 AM
Serena, I like it when Man is home too. But I think, I might, possibly, like my schedules and routines more.
Hopefully, by 9, I will be back on track. Doubt it, he should be back from school by then.
12/Jan/13 1:26 AM
Good Maen, all.
12/Jan/13 1:34 AM
Karen - interesting to read about your episode with losing electronics...all of the ones attached to surge protectors. Hmmmmm.
...and yes, I agree with your priorities!
Hey jamie!
12/Jan/13 1:39 AM
Now that I have managed to finish the hard puzzle, I must begin getting ready for algebra. Priorities, you know!
12/Jan/13 1:59 AM
One of my very early childhood memories is that we had a pepper tree in our front yard. It was big and old with a gnarled trunk like that. I remember chewing on the corns. We moved away from that house when I was about 5.
12/Jan/13 2:04 AM
There is something not right here. OK, a few things, but at the moment, this is just not right.
When I ask M what she would like for breakfast, she answers, 'Sausage or bacon, eggs and toast,' daily.
Man asked our darling what she wanted for breakfast, this morning, and the response was, 'Cereal. No milk.'
Something very, very wrong with that.
12/Jan/13 2:09 AM
Guess, I should pretend, I do things while Man is at work.

Nah, I made the bed earlier, that should be good enough.
12/Jan/13 2:14 AM
She must be getting her menu ideas from Azariah. When he has cereal it's without milk, but he still needs a spoon.
12/Jan/13 2:14 AM
12/Jan/13 2:16 AM
Dry cereal is good, I like it.
M, must have her bowl and spoon, too, but still eats it with her fingers.
12/Jan/13 2:17 AM
Don't know if you noticed it, but I see nothing getting accomplished today.
12/Jan/13 2:18 AM
I do have my priorities, you know.
12/Jan/13 2:18 AM
So, I must do, what I must do.
12/Jan/13 2:19 AM
Bye-bye page one.
12/Jan/13 2:19 AM
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