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Easy Sudoku for 11/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
11/Jan/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
11/Jan/18 12:00 AM
Ha. Wolf, you beat me to FPOTD. I was busy figuring out how to make a profit off a duck who walks into a bar ....
11/Jan/18 12:01 AM
Well, it's warmer here so my fingers move more quickly.
11/Jan/18 12:16 AM
11/Jan/18 1:43 AM
11/Jan/18 3:06 AM
11/Jan/18 3:51 AM
11/Jan/18 3:51 AM
Unusual photo today! Kate.
11/Jan/18 4:44 AM
Hmmm, how long ago did I admire your avatar, Peter? It’s obvious I was using this iPad & keep neglecting to close it out ...AND subsequently continue to admire it. Guess it’s time to change my last post from here!
11/Jan/18 5:00 AM
Fun ECCO poozle Peter - but impossible for recent members!
11/Jan/18 5:01 AM
11/Jan/18 5:47 AM
Foggy today with snow melt.
Have a good one - whatever!
11/Jan/18 5:53 AM
11/Jan/18 6:54 AM
Why do I feel like a swan?
11/Jan/18 6:54 AM
I have been agonizing over Peter's ECCO puzzle. I THINK I got them all but one, which is driving me nuts. As I told him, I may not sleep tonight.
11/Jan/18 6:55 AM
Morning all,a statue hiding in the garden.
Pleased to see Denny's comment after seeing the mud slide in California.
11/Jan/18 7:10 AM
Will get to Peters Ecco later today when my brain wakes up .
11/Jan/18 7:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! I've finished Peter's ECCO puzzle.
11/Jan/18 8:33 AM
I did too, Greg - at least all that I could....! It was a fun one!
11/Jan/18 9:27 AM
Where's Keith?
11/Jan/18 9:59 AM
No one around - all heads down bum up doing the ECCO poozle.

Ah well, Kerplunk. It's mine, all mine.
11/Jan/18 10:02 AM
I don't know why I feel like calling him Kieth today. But he better not be if he wants his 22.
11/Jan/18 10:10 AM
What was that purple whirlwind that just knocked me off balance?
11/Jan/18 10:11 AM
Obviously I should refresh my page more often and not get distracted by little things like checking the meat with a thermometer for doneness.
11/Jan/18 10:12 AM
Good morning.
11/Jan/18 10:18 AM
Don't know why you feel like a swan today, Keith.
11/Jan/18 10:19 AM
But be careful, I hear they're not bad for eating.
11/Jan/18 10:19 AM
The (ancient) royals thought they were terrific.
11/Jan/18 10:20 AM
Me, I'll stick to chicken, and the occasional turkey.
11/Jan/18 10:21 AM
2:13 Good morning one and all!
11/Jan/18 10:32 AM
1:37. Good afternoon everyone.
11/Jan/18 12:25 PM
Plenty of ECCO entrants this week.

Anne, CG, Joyce, Judy, Kathy, Aileen, Arachnid, Sarah, Plum and DOA.....Thanks folks, kinda makes it all worth while.

Oh yes, Shiela. She has her own way of doing things.
11/Jan/18 12:32 PM
Wish me luck folks. I will have the dreaded procedure called a colonoscopy tomorrow morning.
11/Jan/18 3:09 PM
The prep for the torture is called 'Suprep bowel prep kit.'
It should be called 'SUPER bowel prep kit.'
11/Jan/18 3:14 PM
Gives you a good run for your money, does it, Hal?

Good luck with the procedure - no surprises.
11/Jan/18 3:21 PM
The procedure is not the torture, Hal! The prep is the torture! I had a colonoscopy just a few weeks ago. The only thing worse would be not to have one and regret it. Advice I did not get but will give you - go easy on what you eat afterwards! I'd say reverse the prep process, a day of liquid first, then actual food not until the next day.
11/Jan/18 3:23 PM
Yep. And to top it off, I've been on a liquid diet all day. I'm beginning to hate Jello.

But thanks for your support, Peter.
11/Jan/18 3:35 PM
You're killing me, Sarah.
11/Jan/18 3:37 PM
Well, while I'm waiting for my next trip to the loo, I might as well turn the page.
11/Jan/18 3:39 PM
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