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Easy Sudoku for 10/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
Old habits and all that.
10/Jan/18 12:02 AM
Also New Year's Resolutions, Plum.
10/Jan/18 12:08 AM
2:09 Made a silly mistake. Good night one and all!
10/Jan/18 12:29 AM
10/Jan/18 1:46 AM
Not sunny today.
Have to spread some of my own sunshine!
10/Jan/18 2:04 AM
Just got to thinking... that's a very Pollyanna-ish statement, isn't it?
Question: Is that bad?
10/Jan/18 2:07 AM
Well, With temperatures of -40C/-40F in Canada and the USA, and +40C in Australia, we in the UK are 'enjoying' average temperatures of about 0C.

A bit of a moan - my desktop computer keyboard recently packed up. I bought an new one, online, to replace it from my laptop.

I cannot More...
10/Jan/18 2:09 AM
10/Jan/18 3:04 AM
That old keyboard certainly didn't owe you anything, Neil. That was a pretty remarkable lifespan.

Not so much Pollyana-ish as optimistic, Shiela. Not bad at all!
10/Jan/18 3:17 AM
We have temps above freezing today and a warming trend predicted! Happy dance!
10/Jan/18 3:19 AM
The plumber was here yesterday. I think I told you he tends to be VERY chatty. I warned hubby before he came not to engage him in conversation and to just let him get on with his work. We both made ourselves scarce while he did his thing. Toilet replacement went well, but, he did have problems More...
10/Jan/18 3:35 AM
He sounds like an entertaining plumber, Batty! Not just a Plumber's C**** ... ... but also scintillating conversation!
10/Jan/18 3:49 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne!
10/Jan/18 4:33 AM
Changed my avatar. Sort of an anime character, have no idea who but it's art in the same manner!
10/Jan/18 4:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'm hoping everything is good in your life today!
10/Jan/18 4:45 AM
Morning all. Chipper bunch today ... well, pretty much always.
10/Jan/18 5:31 AM
1:46. Good morning everyone.
10/Jan/18 6:17 AM
Morning all,great photo ,Kate.
Two nights running we have had storms, last night got some hail as well at least it cooled down enough to sleep.
10/Jan/18 6:24 AM
Cute avatar ,Shosho .
10/Jan/18 6:26 AM
I'll leave so Keith has time to get his number !
10/Jan/18 6:29 AM
Interesting photo, Kate. At first I thought it was an animal!
10/Jan/18 6:46 AM
21 comments? Really? I'll take number 22.
10/Jan/18 7:26 AM
Ha. Wolf. I think NY resolutions are more fragile than old habits.
10/Jan/18 7:30 AM
Shiela, absolutely nothing wrong with it. Be a light and spread the sunshine. You glow, girl!
10/Jan/18 7:33 AM
Wow, Neal. Do you have a secret for keyboard longevity? Buy a good one to start? Don't eat or drink at your desk? Do you have a maintenance plan that involves keyboard covers or compressed air?

I suspect you don't have a cat who habitually strolls across your desk.
10/Jan/18 7:37 AM
Ack! That was autocorrect on your name, Neil. Not my fault.
10/Jan/18 7:38 AM
Shosho had a makeover, Keith went MIA, and I am exceeding the 'cpeed' limit. Ciao for now.
10/Jan/18 7:44 AM
This weeks ECCO.....

Sudoku players.....

Some past, mostly present.

Remember the last letter in an answer is the start letter of the next answer.

S---- (5) – DC, The last Colony.
---- (4) – Sth Carolina
--- ------- (3 7) – Not the Opera
---- (4) – New More...
10/Jan/18 8:04 AM
Having a hard day? Click on Keith's page and click on Julian Bream and John Williams playing Clair de Lune. You'll be glad you did.
10/Jan/18 8:18 AM
Peter!! What a great ECCO topic. My favorite subject!
10/Jan/18 10:48 AM
Thx for noticing, DotCom. My all time favorite piece of music, played by two of the greatest classical guitarists.
10/Jan/18 11:26 AM
Nearing my bedtime. Anyone else still around?
10/Jan/18 2:16 PM
Guess I have beer time all to myself.
Bottoms up.
10/Jan/18 2:18 PM
Night all.
10/Jan/18 2:19 PM
Happy Tuesday!
Chiming in since we are still on page 1 at 9:21pm PST and 55degF after a rainy day in SoCal

Gonna try the ECCO puzzle this time 'round
10/Jan/18 4:23 PM
Thanks for showing me that Keith. I made an icon for them to listen any time to that piece and others they have done together. Julian Bream is one of my favorites also.
10/Jan/18 5:45 PM
Wonderful avatar, Peter!
10/Jan/18 5:58 PM
It's 5:22 AM and I'm still up from reading the whole Christopher Steel Hearing report.
10/Jan/18 9:24 PM
A duck waddles in to a bar and sits on the stool.
'What can I do for you?' asks the barman
'Do you have any grapes?' asks the duck
'Of course not' says the barman.
The duck hops off the stool and waddles out on to the street.
Next day the duck again waddles in to the bar.
'What More...
10/Jan/18 10:51 PM
That's funny but it makes me think. I notice there's an empty barstool every day for the duck to take, so ... If the duck can pay for grapes at a bar, entrepreneurially speaking, what's wrong with the barman sourcing some grapes, adding a bit of profit for himself to the price then selling the grapes to the duck?
10/Jan/18 11:59 PM
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