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Easy Sudoku for 9/January/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
09/Jan/18 12:00 AM
Fast 4->1,9->5. With hardly any thought to it 4s looked like a good place to start so I did and they were.
09/Jan/18 12:07 AM
2:25 Very slow tonight. Must be that glass of wine I had earlier. I've just got home from a lovely evening spent with Rolanda & Peter at the caravan park they are staying at.
09/Jan/18 1:03 AM
As always, we had a lovely evening with Anne at our caravan. ❤️
09/Jan/18 1:21 AM
117F in Sydney!!! I feel sorry for all my friends there.
09/Jan/18 1:56 AM

As much as I've bemoaned the cold here, it pales in comparison to the heat our Aussie friends are experiencing. Please stay safe, guys.
09/Jan/18 2:11 AM
We are currently waiting for the plumber to arrive. Today is ''new toilet day''. And the sink in that bathroom also needs a new trap, I'm told. Personally, I would gut the whole thing and start anew, but, it is hubby's bathroom and he is, shall we say, a tad more frugal than I am.
09/Jan/18 2:16 AM
09/Jan/18 2:24 AM
Warming up here. Above freezing before noon!
09/Jan/18 2:25 AM
09/Jan/18 2:29 AM
Didn't go for a run because it's raining! Blessed rain! But when I usually go for a run??? Dang!
09/Jan/18 2:30 AM
Everybody!! Rain here today. Forecasting inch or more. We really need it!
09/Jan/18 2:53 AM
Yellowstone Park is always a great place to take photos. This one is no exception.
09/Jan/18 3:13 AM
Happy Monday! Yellowstone was a favorite excursion when I was in school in Idaho (graduated in 1981)
09/Jan/18 4:06 AM
Thanks for the kind words, Plum, and my apologies for not getting back the other night - my phone abruptly lost its charge as I was trying to reply, and I tried to take a break from my phone yesterday.
The black ice incident was just three or four years ago, during another cold snap.
For the More...
09/Jan/18 4:33 AM
117 degrees F? - good grief!
Please be safe, everyone!
09/Jan/18 4:45 AM
Sun is hiding today.
Heat wave! It's a +36 F today!
(That's in contrast to a -7 F yesterday morning.)
09/Jan/18 5:28 AM
Good afternoon to all! Milder but snowy here today. I won't complain.
09/Jan/18 5:29 AM
Think I like our cold rather than the hot temps in Sydney. Stay safe everyone!
09/Jan/18 5:31 AM
A couple was on vacation up in the woods. One morning, the husband got up before dawn, went fishing and returned, just as his wife was rising. While he slept, she decided to take his boat out to the middle of the lake and read. Unfamiliar with the lake, she picked a likely spot, anchored the boat, More...
09/Jan/18 5:32 AM
Well, yes...
09/Jan/18 5:34 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
09/Jan/18 5:35 AM
Hi Shiela.
09/Jan/18 5:55 AM
I agree about the cold rather than heat thing. You can always add more layers for comfort in the cold, but there's only so much you can take off in the heat before you get arrested.
09/Jan/18 6:04 AM
09/Jan/18 6:24 AM
Thanks, Plum. Your path to success was, for me, fast and fun...
09/Jan/18 6:26 AM
Morning all,must be fascinating to see Yellowstone.
Good one ,Keith. There was such a drain on power with all the air conditioners going that parts of Sydney and Gosford ( where Lizzy lives) that they lost power for 2 hours on Sunday.
09/Jan/18 6:28 AM
Good mAen all from Texas. We can't make up our mind WHAT kind of weather to have around here. It is beautiful today.
09/Jan/18 8:11 AM
Good morning.
09/Jan/18 9:28 AM
Same inside temp now as it was at 0200 in here - 23C.
09/Jan/18 9:29 AM
Think it's cooler outside than it has been the last few days - we had some rain around that time.
09/Jan/18 9:30 AM
How do I know all this - ah, the advantages of waking up at 0145.
09/Jan/18 9:31 AM
more progress needed on the book today, better get on with it.
09/Jan/18 9:32 AM
Good Morning everyone! Hope you're happy and healthy. :)
09/Jan/18 11:32 AM
everybody. Thanks Judy, don't know about healthy, but I'm a lot happier today. Only 27C at noon today and sleep like a log last night
09/Jan/18 12:54 PM
1:29. Good afternoon everyone.
09/Jan/18 1:33 PM
Wanted: FPOTD
Well, I'm getting an 'early' start on a busy day, so someone else will need to greet the new calendar page in 48 minutes. Maybe Wolf? Anne?
09/Jan/18 11:12 PM
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