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Easy Sudoku for 11/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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11/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Hal, and all who follow!
11/Jun/15 12:02 AM
HalT and everyone who comes after us!
Was sunny a minute ago, but now it isn't!
Enjoy your day whatever it is outside!
11/Jun/15 12:03 AM
And... Hello, Kathy!
11/Jun/15 12:04 AM
Good morning people of the world.
11/Jun/15 12:05 AM
Sorry Kathy, I am going batty, so I took your symbol. Yesterday, I was a witch. Next I need the rubber room, I am sure.
11/Jun/15 12:06 AM
The girls and I have plans, but we are waiting on their uncle to leave, but I don't think he is leaving. He says he is waiting for a phone call to be told where to go. If that is all he needs, I will be more than happy to tell him where to go in person.
11/Jun/15 12:08 AM
Change of avatar for Karen.....
11/Jun/15 12:08 AM
Today is haircut day. I teased that I was going to wake everyone at 4 AM, because I wanted to get out of the house early. I really should have done it, because no one is in any rush to leave.
11/Jun/15 12:10 AM
Thank you. Hopefully soon, I can go back to my normal self.

Hehehe, did you laugh too?
11/Jun/15 12:11 AM
The annswer to yesterday's poozle: Z (the first letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, Zeta, eta)
For the first time EVER, I have received only one answer to a poozle. Evidently, I stumped all but Master Poozler, lonewoof!
Sooooo, drum roll, please....I hereby More...
11/Jun/15 12:21 AM
11/Jun/15 12:22 AM
Let's try this poozle thing again.

Can you complete this grid of letters?
Each line is a valid 5 letter word with its first and last letters missing.
The missing letters form a word when read downwards and the same word appears both at the start and at the end reading down.
What is More...
11/Jun/15 12:30 AM
I wonder how the lettering ''Kalahara Meerkat Pup'' was achieved.
11/Jun/15 12:52 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
Should that be 'Kalahari'?
11/Jun/15 1:01 AM
Watching the meerkats in the exhibit at the San Diego Zoo is a blast! They are so active and cute! BUT ... don't lean over the top of the glass enclosure! The odor will knock your socks off! The only critters that produce a worse scent are the flamingos!
11/Jun/15 1:23 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, and if its not may it be on the improve!!!
11/Jun/15 1:28 AM

Been back at work 3 hours after 9 days off and feels like Ive never been away...
11/Jun/15 1:35 AM
Im pleased to see others love bats too, they are so cute and cuddly when they are little.....but become teenage bats way too soon, need I say more???
11/Jun/15 1:36 AM
Hubby knew that was a meerkat without reading the label. Can you tell which one of us knows more about animals?
11/Jun/15 2:05 AM
Look where we are.
11/Jun/15 2:06 AM
11/Jun/15 2:06 AM
11/Jun/15 2:15 AM
Morning everyone. Have a good day
11/Jun/15 2:16 AM
it must be morning somewhere.
11/Jun/15 3:20 AM
a beautiful day in OK
11/Jun/15 3:22 AM
Another HOT day in OK, supposed to get cooler later in the week, maybe even rain.
11/Jun/15 3:24 AM
Harry had an appointment earlier, now I am going to Owasso with Kevin.
11/Jun/15 3:26 AM
Time to go
11/Jun/15 3:29 AM
Awww. A cute little meerkat pup. I'm thinking a better name would be Meerkat kitten.
11/Jun/15 3:56 AM
Good Morning.
11/Jun/15 5:21 AM
Early rising for me gain today.
11/Jun/15 5:22 AM
Better time to be up than many days lately.
11/Jun/15 5:24 AM
No great plans for today.
11/Jun/15 5:25 AM
Except maybe washing.
11/Jun/15 5:26 AM
It feels frosty now.
11/Jun/15 5:27 AM
But will be sunny later.
11/Jun/15 5:27 AM
So the solar dryer still works.
11/Jun/15 5:28 AM
Where are Hal and Karen? I can feel them lurking.
11/Jun/15 5:30 AM
11/Jun/15 5:31 AM
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