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Easy Sudoku for 12/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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12/Jun/15 12:00 AM
12/Jun/15 12:00 AM
Could you call that ''riding piggy-back?''
12/Jun/15 12:06 AM
, y'all! I heard that I was missed... probably because I left a rebus hanging!
12/Jun/15 12:08 AM
The rafting and caving were great fun, but it's left me TOTALLY exhausted and brain dead. Here it is Thursday and I've yet to finish unpacking. I really needed a day off after returning.

I'd raft that stretch of the Nolichucky again in a heartbeat, despite the sore shoulders... and sore More...
12/Jun/15 12:10 AM
Caving? Glad I did it to say I've done it. This was no Mammoth, Carlsbad or Luray - this was no paved walkways, no electricity, no handrails or even ropes. It was crawling and sliding, squicking through mud and wading knee-deep in cave creeks.

The depth of the darkness was amazing, and the More...
12/Jun/15 12:12 AM
Without further adieu, since the adieu's gone on for 3 extra days, the answers to this weekend's rebus puzzle! If you need a refresher on what the puzzle was, it's here: http://sudoku.com.au/5E6-6-2015-sudoku.aspx

odd couple
dancing in the rain
walk in the park
heat More...
12/Jun/15 12:19 AM
I can certainly see why you are tired, Silvergal! What an adventure!
12/Jun/15 12:19 AM
One more for the CP - back to payroll and bill paying here at the office. Ciao for now!
12/Jun/15 12:19 AM
Either the little one's name is Chile or there was a typo.
12/Jun/15 12:21 AM
Good morning people of the world.
12/Jun/15 12:25 AM
Thanks Kathy for letting me batty for a day. You can return to your good batty ways, I am going to be witchy with a broom today.
12/Jun/15 12:26 AM

Hopefully Keith's eyesight isn't giving out on him...or has he changed his favourite number seeing it can take a long time to get to the double.
12/Jun/15 12:27 AM
Karen, did you brother leave?
12/Jun/15 12:29 AM
Beginning with 'de', add letters from the given pool to create a seven-letter word which means 'to withhold something'. Do not rearrange the letters as you go.

Pool: E R V P I

1) DE
2) _ _ _
3) _ _ _ _
4) _ _ _ _ _
5) _ _ _ _ _ _
6) _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Answers to my ''no holding'' inbox please.
12/Jun/15 12:29 AM
We are going in different directions today. Man, girl and the bro are going for haircuts, though bro had to get his yesterday and I am going in hunt of food.
12/Jun/15 12:29 AM
No Serena, he is still a lump on my couch. Last week, to ensure that I would not have to prepare anything while sister was here, I prepared a meal that no one could eat and took two days to get the smell out of the house. That meal also had sister and her family seeking food in other places. I did good.
12/Jun/15 12:32 AM
So last night, I thought I would try to do it again. Total back fire. I prepared veggies, which my brother seems to be allergic to and a different fish, which was totally nasty. The girls and I fed ours to the kitties, who at first snubbed their nose to, but Man and bro gobbled it up and said it was good. YUCK.
12/Jun/15 12:34 AM
Cleanliness and hygiene are not a high priority on his list, so the plan now is turn into our mother. I am continuously being told I am just like my mother, which I do not care to hear, so now I can take that training and hopefully use it for the a greater good.
12/Jun/15 12:37 AM
Instead of grumbling, I should switch to gallumping. I would rather gallump anyway.
12/Jun/15 12:38 AM
To say something good about my brother, before I become a full blown basher, he did mow the front yard and he does take trash bins to the road without being told. Just wish he would wait till I take the trash out first. He also entertains the girls.
12/Jun/15 12:40 AM
It is not like I was speeding to get to his number, but here's to our dear friend.
12/Jun/15 12:41 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: DENTS

MANY of you did not care to see His Highness Lone of Sudokuland advance to Triple Crown status! Although our reigning champ galloped in, Joyce, Judy, Shiela, Lizzy, Serena, Hal, June, Dottie, Sarah, Mads, MR, CEE!!!, and Peter followed closely with More...
12/Jun/15 12:46 AM
12/Jun/15 1:42 AM
12/Jun/15 2:13 AM

seems like everyone has left the building!!!
12/Jun/15 3:22 AM
Yeah, it just kinda died...!
12/Jun/15 4:42 AM
Was supposed to be 'mostly sunny', but it isn't!
To my wonderful hubby! Big year for him... He's retiring in 13 working days!
12/Jun/15 5:02 AM
Kathy, I just need someone to spread that 'dump' through my garden.
12/Jun/15 5:02 AM
Wow, Silvergal! The rafting sounded fantastic! Not sure about the underground mudfest, though! I bet you ran across a few spiders and maybe even a few bats??? (Bring any home for Kathy?)
12/Jun/15 5:06 AM

Congratulations to Shiela and her husband on his imminent retirement! Hopefully, you two can get into a new routine that you both enjoy before the weather changes and you're both stuck in the house!
12/Jun/15 5:17 AM
Totally planned to end working in the summer for that very reason, Dottie!
12/Jun/15 5:41 AM
Had a workaholic friend retire 1 1/2 years ago at the end of December (winter here) and he was totally lost. He was not the type to travel South and had no hobbies. Because he was a workaholic, his wife had learned to function in household duties without him. He's doing fine now, but it took him/them awhile to find his/their niche.
12/Jun/15 5:52 AM
1:32. Good morning everyone.
12/Jun/15 6:25 AM
Morning all, some monkey business going on here.
12/Jun/15 7:11 AM
Sheila, I also had a workaholic he wouldn't even take holidays unless forced by the company. That is why he plays golf three days a week for my sanity.
12/Jun/15 7:15 AM
Sheila, you'd think there'd be gigantic spiders, bugs, etc. in a cave... absolutely none. It was nice, actually, not getting bitten like we did by the river the evening before! Saw a few tiny salamanders - growth stunted in the cave - we didn't see the albino crawdads, and the bat population has More...
12/Jun/15 7:41 AM
Congrats on the upcoming retirement, too!

Finding something to do in retirement will NOT be a problem for S'guy and me - we're hobby-oriented folks.
12/Jun/15 7:42 AM
Is it that time???
12/Jun/15 8:13 AM
Yep, I guess it is.
12/Jun/15 8:13 AM
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