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Easy Sudoku for 12/December/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Morning.
Good morning all. grey and gloomy.
Good morning all

Just a reminder that the Sudoku Melbouren get together is THIS Friday night.

Want to come ? - GREAT ! - go to 'MORE' at the top of the page ......then to 'CAN YOU COME' and leave us a message
that would be 'Melbourne' of course ...EM !!
Thank you Col - would hate to think you don't know how to spell your own capital city!!
Cute, and one of the first in this morning - YAY
D'you ever go to bed, Col?
Good Maen! I sometimes have that same expression as Elias when looking at Sudoku. Darling photo!
2:33 Good evening everyone. I think Elias beat my time tonight.
Me, I'm up because I'm working, so will pop in and out all night.
very early sudoku starter.
soo many numbers
3.06. Bit slow.
sometimes CP (gotta wait for the snoring to start first)

And yourself ??
Good M.a.e.n. all!
Maen all -- fantastic picture!
2:23 MAEN Start 'em early! :)
1:50 Maen
Is that your snoring, Col, or someone else's? Me, i go to sleep and THEN the snoring starts. And yes, I do go to bed, but often late, especially when the man is away. And this week, I'll be sleeping during the day!
yeah,have seen this prodigy before i think..
but here in easy well i think this is the first time...may be..
3:18 Think Elias is getting the hang of this now!

Thought for the Day:

I think I'm lost
but I'm making record time !!
Maen! Elias is so cute. Addicted to sudoku already? Funny joke yesterday Canuk Greg. Our prayers are with you Topaz as your husband fights those fires. Have a great day!
Elias, yo're so irresitably cute and smart, too; doing Sudoku at your age; but, ummm, where's your pencil?
(where can I get a copy of that book? I like the large print and 'regular' paper.)
Everyone. Have a great day/night.
Is this baby on a Sudoku pillow?
a little close Mom
Maen all
Who helps who ?
2:40 Elias is a sweetheart, and an intellectual to boot! Plus I love his name. Dismal, wet day here, so forget driving to Vermont to ski later this week; we're off to New York City instead.
Is that a sudoku cat..alogue?
3:34..good maen all. elias is a cutie! good day to all. :) happy holidays too!
good Maen everyone
elias maybe can teach me how to get under 2 min?
real cute
to any one that had a b-day hope it was happy
to those who had the suggestion yesterday to me that i online shop it is a good one however i have about 43 people to buy for and i catch the sales all the time. what i do on the internet is limited to the price i can get for something. like i got earings for mom and mom in law at kmart for ten More...
Uh oh, the addiction starts earlier and earlier it seems.
recipe this is for the harried people
big pot is essential

put oil of your choice to coat bottom of pot
4 garlic cloves smashed
2 onions big chopped
3 big peppers sliced into many peices
brown all not burn
1 can of black olives drained
diced tomatos from two More...
3.04 Hi Elias.I just love the old biblical names.
2:18. Some people play classical music in the womb; others hang sudoku puzzles in the crib... :)
Someone please get the tick off his head!!!
Three business colleagues were sitting in a bar,drinking and discussing how stupid their wives were.
The first says,'I tell you,my wife is so stupid.Last week she went to the supermarket and bought £300 worth of meat because it was on sale,and we don't have a freezer big enough to keep it More...
Sudoku baby!
Hope all you folks in Oz are safe and coping with the fires and smoke.My thoughts are with you.
He's just reaching for the pencil to write his first number. Great shot.
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