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Easy Sudoku for 12/September/2007


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My U-tube is a look back at 9/11 made a year ago by the NYFD as a memorial of WTC. There is also a link to another evocative tribute with Enya’s China Roses as background.

I hope you have your flag out, here in the USA.
12/Sep/07 12:03 AM
2:36 Maen! A precarious perch for a nest...
12/Sep/07 12:06 AM
Good Maen We have a rainy day in Kent today. A motorcyclist wrecked and died on the expessway this morning and shut the expresway down. It's dangerous riding in the rain.
I changed my You Tube in honor of 9-11.
Cute bird picture.
12/Sep/07 12:07 AM
I just put on half a stone reading Rayray's menu for our feast tomorrow night! Maybe I shouldn't go, don't want to make it a whole stone.
12/Sep/07 12:07 AM
Changeover happened while i wasn't watching and I ended up posting here! Silly me.
Better do the puzzle to legitimize my being here.
12/Sep/07 12:09 AM
Those chicks are getting a little old for the nest.
12/Sep/07 12:12 AM
2.37 I tought I taw a tweety boid.
12/Sep/07 12:13 AM

In Memory of those lives lost in the September 11 attacks, I have put up a photo of a memory quilt made by my cyber quilt group. A close up of the quilt is on my flickr, and I have a couple more I am in process of copying and uploading. The names of those lost that day are recorded on this quilt. Take a look if you have time.
12/Sep/07 12:22 AM
Good morning all! Miserable raining day here to reflect the memory of what happened on 9/11. Let peace reign in the world today, and always, in remembrance of 9/11.
12/Sep/07 12:33 AM
Jane, hope you have a great day!

Mr. CP! Hope you enjoyed your day despite being away from your family.
12/Sep/07 12:34 AM
A well-sheltered home!
12/Sep/07 12:48 AM

With a heavy heart ....


12/Sep/07 12:51 AM
2:26 Good Maen all. what kind of bird be these??
12/Sep/07 1:13 AM
Nicki, thanks for the link.
12/Sep/07 1:13 AM
12/Sep/07 1:20 AM
My flag is out, Eve. How very difficult it is to watch the videos again and remember that day. But we must all remember and pray for the families of the victims. My sadness is nothing compared to theirs. God Bless America.
12/Sep/07 1:31 AM
12/Sep/07 1:37 AM
We will never forget...
In memory of all who lost there lives and the loved ones left behind
12/Sep/07 1:55 AM
I know this is going to make me incredably unpopular, but how much longer are we going to put this whole "9-11" thing up on a pedastal? Yes it was a horrible god awful thing...but such is life. People die every day and where are their tributes and memorials? I've yet to see one the More...
12/Sep/07 2:12 AM


To Ypu.With all my best wishes.

12/Sep/07 2:13 AM


There are certain songs that often get linked in our minds after events. When I think of JFK Jr. I think of that Sarah McLaughlin song.
After seeing Alan Jackson do this one on TV later that year, it became the one my mind links with on this date. I'm not really into More...
12/Sep/07 2:13 AM
Good Tuesday Maen, all!

In memory of those lost in the tragedy of 9/11 and thoughts go out to their survivors.
12/Sep/07 2:19 AM
2:18 Location, location, location ...

After an overcast morning, the sun has come out and will hopefully shine on for those who continue to grieve and miss their loved ones on such a tragic anniversary date.
12/Sep/07 2:24 AM
Subdued day today. Thanks to all acknowledging the tragic events of 2001. Now it's time for my country to do all it can to stop the killing in Iraq (which had nothing to do with 9/11/01) and elsewhere on Earth. Which means the US government has to re-learn how to work cooperatively with others in More...
12/Sep/07 2:41 AM
I'm still in the middle of moving within my Upstate community (from outside town to edge of town). So I'm not posting often until after I've settled in. Today I am "from Upstate New York," but I also signed up to make The Age (Melbourne, AU daily newspaper) my home page. My heart is still partially Down Under!
12/Sep/07 2:45 AM
Angela, these birds look like barn swallows to me.
Happy birthday, Judy!
12/Sep/07 2:45 AM
Looks like little swallows. Not knowing their origin, I would guess Barn Swallows.

On this day 6 years ago, I was fearful of what kind of world my unborn child was going to meet. I am very grateful to all those who risk their lives daily, so that my children can have a safe, happy and free home. Thank you!!!!!!
12/Sep/07 2:46 AM
Once I get settled into my new place, I hope to have time to actually chat, and not just "post and run." But right now, gotta run. Thanks again for kind words for 9/11.
12/Sep/07 2:46 AM
OK, 1 more post. Those are barn swallows. I thought they were beautiful till they decided my house was a barn. They are beautiful in flights, but their nests make an awful mess on the walls and floor below.
12/Sep/07 2:49 AM
JANE, Hope you have a good day.
12/Sep/07 2:52 AM
Angela/DallasTX, I am glad you voiced your opinion even though you knew it would make you unpopular. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because my opinion may be different than yours, doesn't make me right and you wrong. You bring up a valid question and I believe that More...
12/Sep/07 2:52 AM
Sept. 11, 2001 was the 2nd day of 12th grade for my daughter in Manhattan. I happened to be at her school that morning, and we walked home, facing the smoke of the collapsed towers the whole way. This normally noisy, busy, busy city seemed very quiet and subdued. The lines for blood donation went 3 More...
12/Sep/07 3:18 AM
everyone, over a week through training for the new job, things are going well! Boy do I have a lot to learn though . Don't even have time to read all the posts, maybe tonight.

6 years since 9/11 and the healing continues. Peace to everyone
12/Sep/07 3:19 AM
Well said, Angie.
May I add: Angela, it seems you weren't directly affected by the terrorist attacks. By that I mean you obviously didn't lose a loved one. Many, many in my area did. They aren't wondering "how long we are going to put this 9-11 thing up on a pedestal", they are More...
12/Sep/07 3:22 AM
I think the days of putting the victims of the attacks up on a pedestal are pretty much behind us. Yes, there are a few words about the firemen and police, but they are pretty much like the honor we pay to WWII vets--part of a much larger picture. And Angie is absolutely right about 9/11 being the More...
12/Sep/07 3:23 AM
2:26 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Let not the mistakes of yesterday - nor the fears of tomorrow - spoil our today.
12/Sep/07 3:32 AM
Angela...Katrina and the Tsunami were acts of God. What happened on 9/11 was a result of terrorists. We should NEVER forget!
12/Sep/07 3:33 AM
Somehow this seems fitting. On my YouTube, The Kingston Trio singing "The Merry Minuet" from 1958 (49 years ago!). Try to ignore the laughter in the background and focus on the idea that the more things change, the more they remain the same.
12/Sep/07 3:33 AM
nice photo must be great seeing how the baby bird grow.In memory of those lost in the tragedy of 9/11 and thoughts go out to their survivors.
12/Sep/07 3:56 AM
Good afternoon to all! Nice location for that nest. Would it survive if it was a hoenets nest?
12/Sep/07 4:07 AM
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