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Easy Sudoku for 13/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Greetings everybody.
Thought I'd try for a TOPP seeing as I'm still up.
13/May/08 12:00 AM
Wow! You did it! Congrats, Bean!
13/May/08 12:01 AM
And good Maen, everyone!
13/May/08 12:02 AM
Forgot to refresh the page...wondering where everybody was....have a good day Sheila and everyone else to follow.
Time to hit the sack..
13/May/08 12:07 AM
Great costumes. Hi Shiela and Bean.
13/May/08 12:11 AM
2:08. all.
13/May/08 12:11 AM
13/May/08 12:12 AM
everyone. Sweatshirt weather here today.
13/May/08 12:12 AM
Good Maen, all! Beautiful day in Texas.
13/May/08 12:19 AM
Wow, shosho!
Hope your day is FILLED with happy surprises!
Have a GREAT special day!
13/May/08 12:19 AM
Good Maen all.
Cool weather here today. I had just gotten used to the Spring, too. Rats.
It was great meeting so many of you yesterday. I feel that I have a whole world of new friends. Thanks.
13/May/08 12:20 AM
2:32 Maen, everyone! Nice colorful outfits they're wearing... looks like a lot of layers for a warm day, though...
13/May/08 12:22 AM
Unfortunately CG, your answer of a candle or tongue of flame is not correct.

You may have to check on some Australian slang to get this one folks.
13/May/08 12:29 AM
You may get some help from Mr Google on the last riddle. You just have to know which questions to ask.
13/May/08 12:35 AM
Should you ever fry bacon in the nude?

Right now, it is dark outside and is expected to remain that way until sunrise. Then expect widespead light conditions.

Jazz is finished..hammocking and beachcombing now? Enjoy x

Nite all x
13/May/08 12:41 AM
Maen Sudoluland. an hour into the new day and I can still be a first pager? where is everyone??
13/May/08 1:00 AM
Billy, No, do not ever fry bacon in the nude, a apron is required, trust me.
13/May/08 1:01 AM

What a nice surprise! My son knew where to find me yesterday. He left a Happy Mother's Day message here for me! Isn't he clever? Shawn!
13/May/08 1:09 AM
Gen everyone.

13/May/08 1:16 AM
Birthday greetings to Shosho!
13/May/08 1:24 AM
to our newest member! I was just visiting him last month, and here he is again! Say to my son, Shawn (aka SLW), everyone!
13/May/08 1:41 AM

Have a great day, Shosho!
13/May/08 1:57 AM
Really??? He's your son? So THAT's how he left you a Mother's Day greeting! He IS verrrry clever!
13/May/08 1:57 AM
Happy birthday, Shosho! and may you have smooth sailing all year!

Welcome Heidi! What a lovely name for a hometown!
13/May/08 2:07 AM
Good mAen to everyone around the world.

Nice picture!
13/May/08 2:08 AM
Welcome, S L W, dutiful son of Kathy!!
13/May/08 2:11 AM

all, a Beautiful Day here in Southern Oregon.

New U-tube: Moody Blues "ENGLISH SUNSET"

New "funny photo" - a float in a German Parade

13/May/08 2:22 AM
workd. First pager today. Off to run errands and walk the dogs, but had to Sudoku first.
13/May/08 2:23 AM
shosho! Hope you have a wongerful day.
13/May/08 2:24 AM
André has been away on holiday for 'bout a week now. Her flat is unattended.....
I remember a time when a few hearty souls would step up to make sure everything would be nearly as the resident had left things. With the exception of a feather boa hanging from a light fixture and a rather More...
13/May/08 2:28 AM
13/May/08 2:34 AM
maEn all! Happy birthday SHOSHO!
13/May/08 2:37 AM
Good idea, jeb!
Ya know, maybe the faucet is drippin'in the tub. Could be she left the drain closed. Make a terrible mess if it overflowed. Could be there a while cleaning up. Could get thirsty. Should we bring our own drinks? Just in case... you know.
13/May/08 2:40 AM
I'm going to Costco. Maybe I should pick up some of those Lindt balls.
13/May/08 2:42 AM
Is anybody feeding André's fish and continuing it's training régime or has she taken it with her?
13/May/08 2:45 AM
Bonjour Claude
13/May/08 2:45 AM
Finally got up. Cold this morning. Shosho. May your day be glorious.
13/May/08 2:47 AM
Birthday greetings Sosho and belated ones to all our birthdays I have missed during my trip.
13/May/08 2:50 AM
Yes, GannieMo, good thought! I'd hate to think her fish would get out of shape. Sarah Beth, Lindt would be very nice.
13/May/08 2:51 AM
Don't forget fish food. Maybe she ran out before she left. Some caviar, maybe? They might like the little crackers.
13/May/08 2:54 AM
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