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Easy Sudoku for 13/September/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Sudoku Solving Techniques

Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Yay! 1.58! I love this game!!
Love it love it love it!
2m 23sec Dave i Peyia.. Are you there ?????
Great game! love it! Good idea with the picture.
Lots of Fun,Great Game; Keeps my mind active.
Also like the picture.
Thanks for all your hard work
Great mental workout!! Where were you all my life?!!
WOO HOO! 3 mins.
clear concise challenging great fun..
just a beautiful mind to work with it!!!!
Like the picture. It's pretty addictive

love the picture...2:01...i should be doing homework...but who can when there's Sudoku to be done?
great mindware challenge.Enjoying fully
An addiction you do not despise yourself for! Love it!
hurray for sudoku - I love it, my son loves it and now my mum is turning into an addict!
1;57 Wow this is the first time I've ever done one of these. This is real easy and I'm only 7.
Yessss!!!!!!! 1 minute and 31 seconds!!!!
o yeh keith well i got 35 seconds
i praise you almighty chris for u r my hero
just love it...i'm addicted!!!
I've become hooked to Sudoku in less than a week and I think my logic is beginning to improve. Finding strategies to solve them quickly is the best part!

By the way, can anyone shed light on the different spellings? Sodoku, Sudoku, Suduko????
trif , keeps you going
5:13 can't wake up. need a day off nice picture
Love this game!!! Well done all you quick thinkers! I can only do it in about 4 minutes. One day, with practice.....
this game is stupid.
who rates these games? sodoku? i thought it was just sudoku michelle from sydney. where's croydon?
Thank God I do not work next to my boss ! ;-)
Very nice web site. Keep it up !
What is this 'picture' everyone is talking about? I know I'm a blonde, but?
whoo!!!! 2.19 and i only just started! im 13 yrs old and i listned to mum and nonno talk strategies!
i beat it!!!!2.o5
Also what does it mean when the printouts say, 'Easy Sudoko for undefined'? Please I'm a sweet girl, someone explain it to me. Thans.
Is there a formula for creating your own Sudoku?
You guys are too fast!!
Picture? Wow.
It is very thoughtful to have added the option about wrong moves (Would I want to see it?). The whole site is well made. I have no idea how it can be improved !! :o)
Great game. I like the check moves options, the change the board size option, etc. I forget to start the timer, but I can do the easy one pretty quickly.
This has improved my office productivity no end !
I get all my work done in the lunch break, leaving the morning and afternoon free for SuDoku.
awesome game...really intellectual and bran racking
Sorry i accidently repoeted a comment as abusive and it wasn't!
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