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Easy Sudoku for 15/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Diarrhea - Journal of daily events.

..And here's today's factoid:
The average person sheds a complete layer of skin every 28 days.
15/Nov/12 12:00 AM
Hello, friends!
Will need today!
Chilly, though. Only 17 F degrees right now.
15/Nov/12 12:01 AM

Good morning Kayo, thanks for all your daffynitions, love them all

Have a good one, and all of the other Sudoku friends too
15/Nov/12 12:02 AM
How long if I scrub realllly hard????
15/Nov/12 12:03 AM
Slow puzzle for me today. The sunrise was a nice reward though.
15/Nov/12 12:05 AM
At least we don't leave our layers of skins around in one piece like reptiles.
15/Nov/12 12:06 AM
Good Maen all!
Morning Kayo, Shiela, Lizzy and Serena!
Kayo...today's factoid?...EEEEWWWWWW!
15/Nov/12 12:07 AM
Whoever got up early for this photo was not only rewarded...but blessed us, too!
15/Nov/12 12:10 AM

(a) theater - 'the rate'
(b) bather - 'her tab' or 'the bar'
(c) doggish - 'dog sighs' or 'hogs dig'
(d) eventful - 'fuel vent'

Congratulations to Canuk Greg and Peter for coming up with the solution. Their prize is Bean Boil Rub. Yes, it is another anagram.
15/Nov/12 12:12 AM
2:10 Good night one and all!

Lovely sunrise.
15/Nov/12 12:32 AM
It seems very slow getting started lately.
15/Nov/12 12:32 AM
Can I do it before Shosho arrives?
15/Nov/12 12:32 AM
13! Yes! Good night.
15/Nov/12 12:33 AM
This is a phrase search. The phrase occurs in order.


Answers to the ''that’s a lot of letters'' inbox
15/Nov/12 12:34 AM
Noice sunrise, this morning.
15/Nov/12 1:54 AM
Looks like everyone must be working on Serena's puzzle.
15/Nov/12 1:55 AM
Hello, Jerry. Got the coffee pot on?
15/Nov/12 1:56 AM
Breathtaking sunrise! I can hear gentle music when I look at it.
15/Nov/12 2:26 AM
Mornin' Shiela, I have some, 'day old', available that I can nuke.
15/Nov/12 2:37 AM
And for you Shiela -
15/Nov/12 2:39 AM
Not to worry, Jerry, here's a fresh pot!
15/Nov/12 2:40 AM
No Keith??? Dedicated to Keith, 22!
15/Nov/12 2:40 AM
Have to go in for a blood pressure check. Nothing like having your doctor nag you via email! You know I'm more anxious over this one than the ultrasound! At least that one has more chances of being nothing.
15/Nov/12 2:45 AM
Going in for a blood pressure check is like going on a scale! You know if you've been behaving yourself! I just have to lose the weight and quit eating my favorite foods - savory and salty. Sweets don't interest me like fried food. Naturally that's what I have to avoid, argh!
15/Nov/12 2:48 AM
15/Nov/12 2:48 AM
everybody. Just went back to read the last of yesterday's comments. Sometimes I forget to do that!

Re: Ultrasounds/sonograms
CP & Kate are probably our resident experts here in Sudokuland. Please tell me - is there a difference between those two procedures or are they just different words for the same procedure?
15/Nov/12 3:03 AM
CP -- I think maybe the majority of expectant mothers (and/or fathers) here do want to find out the sex of their babies before they are born. It seems to me that the younger generation wants everything to be NOW, not later! It's kind of like how they buy things - they don't save up to buy More...
15/Nov/12 3:09 AM

When you get that first cup in the morning, you're not alone!

Crude oil is the most commonly traded commodity in the world, followed by coffee.
15/Nov/12 3:11 AM
However, there are still some couples who do choose to wait for the surprise on the day of the baby's birth. My oldest daughter had four & waited on all four. My middle daughter had a sonogram, but asked the technician to write the sex on a paper & put it in a sealed envelope. Then they put it More...
15/Nov/12 3:15 AM
I'm curious - how much coverage is the General Petraeus affair & resignation receiving in other parts of the U.S. & the world? Here in Tampa it is huge news since Jill Kelley, the one who received threats from Petraeous' biographer & paramour, is a prominent socialite. She & her dr. husband live More...
15/Nov/12 3:31 AM
I did look that up, Kathy. And what little I could understand (excuse my wee little head) is that a sonogram is a type of ultrasound.
15/Nov/12 4:12 AM
Good morning people of the world.
15/Nov/12 4:12 AM
National Girl's Day
Young Reader's Day
15/Nov/12 4:14 AM
Had a pleasant morning of browsing this morning. In the mood to shop and could not find a darn thing worth purchasing. But first I had to go see a vampire and get poked. Not one of my favorite ways of getting poked. The people from the other site will understand that comment.
15/Nov/12 4:16 AM
Kathy, with no TV (I don't own one), my info comes from the internet, so I see the headlines at the top of the page on most news websites. I only read some. Most seem to be re-hashing 'yesterday's story'.
15/Nov/12 4:17 AM
shosho, thx.
15/Nov/12 4:18 AM
One the topic of wanting to know the gender of the baby before hesheit is born, I did not want to know with either child. First time, technician asked if I wanted to know, as I was saying no, MIL, pipes up and says it is a girl and the technician said yes.
The second time, the technician did not More...
15/Nov/12 4:20 AM
I am with Jerry, just read the headlines that pop up on my main screen. Really, have no idea who these people are.
15/Nov/12 4:21 AM
OH, I would like to ask that you keep Jamie and his family in mind. He said he would try to drop in, but he is slightly busy now.
This has been a sad year for many of us with loosing a parent. One would think it would get easier to give sincere condolences.
15/Nov/12 4:26 AM
You know I am going to do it.
15/Nov/12 4:26 AM
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