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Easy Sudoku for 16/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Tibia - Country in North Africa.

..And here's today's factoid:
Real estate news: 81% of Alaskan territory is owned by the government.
16/Nov/12 12:00 AM
Will need today!
I see the sun coming up!
16/Nov/12 12:03 AM
So that's the new name...
16/Nov/12 12:04 AM
Mornin' Kayo and Shiela...Good Maen to all who follow.
16/Nov/12 12:05 AM
16/Nov/12 12:06 AM
Had to log in this morning...that was odd.
16/Nov/12 12:06 AM
A shocking photo for the crack of dawn!
16/Nov/12 12:09 AM
I love it when you hit '5', Vici!
16/Nov/12 12:14 AM
That would be a hard picture to get. You can't really time it.
16/Nov/12 12:20 AM
The answer to yesterday’s puzzle is ‘To everything there is a season’.

Congratulations to Heidi, HalT, Margo, Peter on their correct answers. Neil came close with ‘everything there is season’. Do we really need articles?

A copy of ''Turn!Turn!Turn'' by the byrds is on it’s way.
16/Nov/12 12:21 AM

Thanks Shiela, Would never of worked out what Vici's pics were without your help!!! If only i was so clever
16/Nov/12 12:27 AM
Am I in time?
16/Nov/12 12:36 AM
Now! 13!
16/Nov/12 12:37 AM
Good evening one and all!
16/Nov/12 12:37 AM
16/Nov/12 12:53 AM
I just remembered that I need to post a puzzle.

Here’s a rebus.

men men men
men man men
men men men
men men men

Answers to the ''better late than never'' inbox.
16/Nov/12 1:14 AM
At Bunco last night I couldn't roll '5's to save my life! But I was big with the '2's.
Lizzy - Kitties and Fives...that's me!
16/Nov/12 1:34 AM
What a great picture!
16/Nov/12 1:42 AM
I once again drove everybody off!
16/Nov/12 1:53 AM
But they were probably gone when I got here.
16/Nov/12 1:54 AM
Karen must be doing mom things.
16/Nov/12 1:54 AM
Okay - 22 and off. I must get ready for class. Sent a poozle answer, might be right.
16/Nov/12 1:54 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Nov/12 2:19 AM
America Recycles Day
16/Nov/12 2:20 AM
Serena, could not do your puzzle, because the theme song from Two and Half Men, keeps going through my head.
16/Nov/12 2:21 AM
Thanks to cub scouts this is what is going through my head.

To the tune of 'O Christmas Tree'

Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad
Why are you lying in the road?

Oh Tom the Toad, Oh Tom the Toad
Why are you lying in the road?

You did not see that car ahead
16/Nov/12 2:26 AM
Jamie, you are correct, I was defending my darlings honor this morning. Turns out she was more dramatic than the situation called for.

I am happy, that my darling, does not conform, to a worksheet, but it would be so much better, if when she is thinking outside of the box she would do it More...
16/Nov/12 2:29 AM
And it'll be in MY mind the rest of the day, now, Serena!
16/Nov/12 2:31 AM
Shiela, you didn't have to read it. Just be thankful it wasn't an audio clip.
16/Nov/12 2:35 AM
I recently had my PC distroyed by catting with a Microsoft person and when I got it fixed I found myself already logged on in this Sudoku. That lasted for a few days and suddenly disappeared and now I have to log on all the time. Vici, you've been here a long time and this is the first time you've More...
16/Nov/12 2:35 AM
I am just standing here looking out over my classroom of testing students. They don't appear to be having much fun!
16/Nov/12 2:44 AM
Jamie, I cannot imagine anyone ever not enjoying taking a math test.
Maybe, I should not make comments like that so close to Christmas.
16/Nov/12 2:46 AM
Speaking of math and having fun, how are your teams coming, shosho?
16/Nov/12 2:47 AM
I had a few math tests in college that I wouldn't classify as fun!
16/Nov/12 2:47 AM
BTW, I was not the only parent at school this morning about having an upset child yesterday. There was a parent before me, and two were scheduled for the teachers conference period.

Again, I am not concerned about a worksheet, I am concerned by a highly upset child, over a worksheet.
16/Nov/12 2:49 AM
C'mon, Karen - wanna race?
16/Nov/12 2:49 AM
What a fun way to start you day, Karen!
16/Nov/12 2:50 AM
I think she is waiting on me.
16/Nov/12 2:50 AM
Really, would hate to put you to shame, Jamie.
16/Nov/12 2:50 AM
To get right there
16/Nov/12 2:50 AM
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