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Easy Sudoku for 15/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
15/Aug/14 12:00 AM

15/Aug/14 12:01 AM
Beautiful, mild & sunny outside...
What more can I say, but enjoy your day!
15/Aug/14 12:02 AM
Maybe I need to look for some new Avatars. None of them made me think that's the one for now.
15/Aug/14 12:07 AM
I don't have a choice of Avatars, Keith... I can't remember how I got this one!
15/Aug/14 12:10 AM
Backwards from 9 worked best...
And a Canadian cutie to greet you at the end!
15/Aug/14 12:16 AM
I currently have 44 to pick from, and none of them cried out, ''Pick me, pick me!''
15/Aug/14 12:23 AM
Liam sounds familiar but I can't remember who he is attached too.

Hi shosho.
15/Aug/14 12:50 AM

1. EZ (Easy)
2. MT (Empty)
3. XL (Excel)
4. B10 (Beaten)
5. AT (Eighty)
6. 10S (Tennis)
7. IC (Icy)
8. 4A (Foray)
9. BD (Beady)
10. IV (Ivy)

In the today we have Judy & Joyce.
15/Aug/14 12:54 AM
See if you can figure out the words in this 'pyramid' using the hints given below. Each new word contains the same letters as the previous word, plus a new letter. Order need not be preserved.

1) Twenty-second letter of the English alphabet
2) Livermorium
3) Coin and monetary unit More...
15/Aug/14 12:55 AM
, y'all! Later start this morning. Took Silverteen and her friend to a concert yesterday (Panic! At The Disco), and since I like the band enough, I also had a ticket. We got back at like 1:15am, and I slept in a bit. Really enjoyed the show and being in the pit area. ...'Not too old to rock n' roll'... that'd make a great t-shirt.
15/Aug/14 1:32 AM
15/Aug/14 1:40 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne.
15/Aug/14 1:41 AM
Happy Thursday day off! Now to try a new cupcake recipe (s'mores!) to take to a family visit...
15/Aug/14 1:45 AM
Hal, ya could put the recipe on the 'recipe page'. Unless it's an ''old family secret''. There are more than a few, inspirational, items there. Just a thought.
15/Aug/14 1:52 AM
Serious little Canadian, today.
15/Aug/14 2:38 AM
Or, you could check out Danstell's recipe for apple sauce in Jane's cookbook, which you can access on her Sudoku page. It's on page 119.
15/Aug/14 2:53 AM
Well ...
15/Aug/14 2:54 AM
... since I'm here ...
15/Aug/14 2:54 AM
... might as well ...
15/Aug/14 2:55 AM
go for it.
15/Aug/14 2:55 AM
15/Aug/14 2:55 AM
Good afternoon to all! Hi Liam! I'm sure you're much older now.
15/Aug/14 3:45 AM
A man goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church. Inside he finds a fully equipped bar with Guinness on tap.

On one wall, there's a row of decanters with fine Irish whiskey and Waterford crystal glasses.

On the other wall is a dazzling array of the More...
15/Aug/14 3:46 AM
Off to see the doctor. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off I have to go....
15/Aug/14 3:47 AM
Good afternoon people of the world.
15/Aug/14 3:52 AM
Lack of avatars is something I do not suffer from. I keep saying, I am going to go on an avatar diet, but it has not happened. I can say, I have not added any for over a year now.
15/Aug/14 3:55 AM
Last concert we went to was Kidz Bop. I loved it. Even at the ripe young age, that I do not mention, I be bopped right along with preteens and younger. Before that, it was a Sesame Street concert. I fear we are not going to another one of those, darn. Wish my niece and nephew were closer, so I could go to another SS concert. That was fun.
15/Aug/14 4:00 AM
Woke up this morning with nearly closed, swollen eyes, that time and a shower, have not helped. I have said before, I am allergic to a clean house and it is getting worse. I really should never clean.
Thankfully, today, I can take an allergy pill without worrying, that my wild children, won't destroy the house.
15/Aug/14 4:04 AM
Greg, hope you keep getting good reports.
15/Aug/14 4:05 AM
As you know, school is on the brain. And it hurts.
Thought, it would be a good idea to go through the supplies and label them. Oh, my stars. We do not have all the supplies, yet and just for two elementary students, my dining room table is packed with supplies. Being the great mom, I am, More...
15/Aug/14 4:15 AM
Aileen, let me know how that cupcake recipe turns out. I might have to try it.
15/Aug/14 4:16 AM
One of the reasons I went into teaching, was for the school supplies. I am enjoying going down the school supply aisle and when the girls won a back pack full of supplies, but labeling, just about every single item, is not so much fun.
15/Aug/14 4:18 AM
I need to get to my school supply stash, preferably without killing myself, and see what I have. It seems to get thoroughly buried when I'm not accessing it regularly.
15/Aug/14 4:18 AM
My break is over. Off to do the Mickey/Minnie Mouse child's supplies.
15/Aug/14 4:19 AM
Fortunately, I don't have to label anything. I am going to have to start putting names on papers now that I have 2 in school though . Although I think it should be fairly easy to tell the kindergarten work fro m the 7th grade work. Maybe not the handwriting though.
15/Aug/14 4:20 AM
I know, I have a box full of supplies. Unfortunately, it is one of the boxes I have not seen since the move.
Not only am I labeling supplies, there are clothes, too. Not too worried about the Kinder kid keeping up with her stuff, it is my 3rd grader that seems to have been abducted by aliens recently. So glad that girl's head is attached. One less thing to have to hunt for.
15/Aug/14 4:43 AM
Decided I wanted food, instead of going back to the supplies. I forget about this task when the girls are not around, yelling they are hungry every 2 minutes.
15/Aug/14 4:45 AM
Since I am here.
15/Aug/14 4:48 AM
Bye-bye page one.
15/Aug/14 4:48 AM
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