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Easy Sudoku for 16/August/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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16/Aug/14 12:00 AM
morning all
16/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen
16/Aug/14 12:00 AM
Sunny & mild...
Another glorious summer day to enjoy!
16/Aug/14 12:00 AM
I agree with that.
16/Aug/14 12:13 AM

1) V
2) Lv
3) Lev
4) Evil
5) Alive
6) Venial
7) Ravelin
8) Interval

In the today we have Judy, Silvergal, Joyce, HalT, and June (7/8). I was eating one while More...
16/Aug/14 12:15 AM
Based on the clue in parentheses, find a four-letter word that can be inserted backwards into the blank to complete a longer word.

Example: di____ve (a defeat)
Answer: dissolve ('A defeat' gives you LOSS, which is placed backwards in the blank: di_SSOL_ve.)

1. ant____e (long More...
16/Aug/14 12:15 AM
Cute for sure, but it looks sad.
16/Aug/14 12:18 AM
I added another Avatar. My daughter, Jen, took this a couple of weeks ago at our annual family gathering at the beach house.
16/Aug/14 12:23 AM
Full sized version in my gallery.
16/Aug/14 12:29 AM
I love the avatar and photo, Keith! That is a beautiful beach where you go!
16/Aug/14 12:47 AM
Good morning people of the world.
16/Aug/14 1:34 AM
I would like for that to say, you rock. Love your view.
16/Aug/14 1:37 AM
Well, surprisingly, after last nights raccoon saga, I went to bed on time. Well, 20 minutes late, I was determined to win a hand at solitaire, and actually fell asleep before Man's alarm went off. Unfortunately, when he attempted to kiss me goodbye, he tripped over Shelby, which had him falling on More...
16/Aug/14 1:43 AM
You would think, with his new truck, that does everything, would have a GPS, that works. Nope.
This truck, if Man or another vehicle get too close to each other, Man's truck automatically puts on the breaks. I do not like that feature. Man said, driving through any place with traffic, is an experience. I personally do not want Man to have any adventure or experiences while he is driving.
16/Aug/14 1:48 AM
16/Aug/14 1:48 AM
Hmmm, Karen, I think if I had to wake you up I'd either have a looonnng pole with an alarm clock tied to it or use the pole to tap you awake!
16/Aug/14 1:49 AM
Guess my night of excitement and rude awakening this morning, messed with my brain cell. Part of my morning ritual is to feed my roses coffee. They love their morning feeding. Somehow, giving a bush her treat, led to cleaning out two flower beds and cleaning off the open patio area. Well, half of More...
16/Aug/14 1:55 AM
I am now, back in my domain, with machines doing my biding and a mile long to-do list. Shelby is taking her midmorning nap, so as to not disturb her, I will wait on using another machine.
16/Aug/14 1:57 AM
Shosho, it is not normal for me to attack, but I had been spooked earlier, then to have a huge man fall on top of me, when I am in a deep sleep...that does not really sound so bad, now. Anyway, my reaction was not normal. I have little people crawling over me all night long. It is nothing new.
16/Aug/14 2:00 AM
Alarm clocks are just bad. Mine is set, because, I need to be getting ready for school mode. Next week, that darn thing will be going off at 6, which I will have to be waking my little darlings. Then the week after, 5:30 AM. Yuck.
My biggest fear, is to wake M. She is not Miss Rosey Sunshine, when she is waken before she is ready.
16/Aug/14 2:03 AM
Hello 22.
16/Aug/14 2:03 AM
Please, don't tell me, you thought I would wait for him.
He would think I was ill and be worried, if I had waited.
16/Aug/14 2:04 AM
Cute doggie ,with sad eyes.
16/Aug/14 2:16 AM
everyone from beautiful So. Oregon
16/Aug/14 2:17 AM
Karen - Re: the truck brakes - (Oh, but it's 'making everyone safer'). Just another example of what you get when you vote for a government that promises to take care of you 'from the cradle to the grave'. Kind of like Sacky's emerging experience with 'socialized medicine', (15/Aug/14 7:13 AM).
16/Aug/14 2:19 AM
Oh, that 'safety' device is a pain in the tush. With this company, you get written up for sneezing and putting on the brakes. So, throughout day, Man gets phone calls, which is illegal for him to be on the phone, asking why he put on the brakes. One phone call came, when he was parked in the home More...
16/Aug/14 3:10 AM
Wonder if CynB's hubby has the same issues?
16/Aug/14 3:11 AM
On the topic of this top notch technology, the GPS. Man is a Texas driver, rarely does he go past our boarders. So, when he put in for directions this morning, he was sent directions to California. I asked if he put Texas in, he said yes, and the next time, he was given directions to Florida. This More...
16/Aug/14 3:17 AM
His truck reminds me of a movie. I cannot remember the name of the movie, but Patrick Swayze played in it. All the vehicles came alive and tried to kill the people. Wasn't much of a plot, but I think I watched the whole thing. I liked Swayze.
16/Aug/14 3:19 AM
Man's truck is nothing like Herbie. Now, that is a vehicle, I would like to have.
16/Aug/14 3:21 AM
Good afternoon to all! I wonder how big that 'puppy' is now?
16/Aug/14 3:34 AM
Serena, I forgot to do your puzzle yesterday, My bad!
16/Aug/14 3:35 AM
I do have a weekend puzzle ready, such as it is. Stay tuned tomorrow,
16/Aug/14 3:36 AM
Canuk Greg, how was your appointment yesterday? Hope all turned out like you would have liked.
16/Aug/14 3:58 AM
Think I am finished for the day, with the exception of a few loads of laundry. There is a few hours before my girls are supposed to return home, so think, I will treat myself to lunch and a movie, at home, of course. Then my last uninterrupted nap, unless Man comes home. Though hopefully he has learned his lesson in trying to kiss me, while I am sleeping.
16/Aug/14 4:01 AM
While I am down here.
16/Aug/14 4:02 AM
Shelby Lou is not happy with me. When she woke up from her mid morning nap, I moved her chew bone and used the vacuum. Oh, was I in trouble.
16/Aug/14 4:03 AM
The doctor wants to see a report from my chiropractor. Either way, I continue therapy sessions twice weekly for now. Great as far as I'm concerned. The chiro bills were adding up.
16/Aug/14 4:03 AM
Will I get a new page?
16/Aug/14 4:04 AM
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