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Easy Sudoku for 16/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Evening Everyone.

Thank you for all the congratulations for my boy Robert.
16/Oct/09 12:07 AM
16/Oct/09 12:07 AM
Hi Rolanda
16/Oct/09 12:07 AM
and genevieve
16/Oct/09 12:08 AM
16/Oct/09 12:08 AM

God may have created man before woman, but there is always a rough draft
before the masterpiece.
16/Oct/09 12:09 AM
everyone! Chilly here today. The "S" word is being thrown around by the weatherman, but I hope they're wrong this time!
16/Oct/09 12:16 AM
OOOOoooo - Daplap, That cut DEEP. (Good one though, never heard it b4.)
16/Oct/09 12:22 AM
Hi Mo, genevieve, Kate, Daplap, Shiela, Jerry...
16/Oct/09 12:25 AM

Did you see Saturday where Obama attended his first EVER college football game?

Now, he is going to be awarded the Heisman trophy.
16/Oct/09 12:28 AM
Obviously need coffee!
(MAN does not agree with THEY'RE!)
Mrs. Smith (my high school English teacher) would be rolling over in her grave ...if she was dead!
16/Oct/09 12:30 AM
Hello Rolanda! You must still be smiling!
16/Oct/09 12:35 AM
16/Oct/09 12:42 AM
Certainly am Shiela..

Hope everyone has a great day/evening/night.

This pumpkin is heading for bed.

Night all
16/Oct/09 12:46 AM
Oh Shiela.. noice and warm here.. heading for 29C (84F) tomorrow. Summer is on it's way here in the West.
16/Oct/09 12:50 AM
Good Mean Sudokuland
16/Oct/09 1:01 AM
HI all! Well done to yesterday's group of correct answers - Colo Jim, André, Greg and Kathy found they were all the "centre of attention". Here's today's one, answers to the golden inbox please, BUT, as it's an easy one, your answers have to be strung together to make ONE intelligent More...
16/Oct/09 1:04 AM
Snow expected here tonight. In October!
16/Oct/09 1:05 AM
put the toaster on Anne!
16/Oct/09 1:06 AM
Good morning, world!
16/Oct/09 1:15 AM
Looks like I'm just in time..
16/Oct/09 1:15 AM
16/Oct/09 1:15 AM
Daplap, Re: "O" - No Doubt! He's a "shoe in".
16/Oct/09 1:24 AM
Fiona, please change my full stop for a comma, I just re read the question.
Got carried away as my soft centred chocolate cake was a little too soft and has run out all over the new work top
16/Oct/09 1:28 AM
I am doing a valiant job in cleaning it up with my fingers and licking them clean.
16/Oct/09 1:29 AM
Just drop your face down on the work top, Mo. Forget the fingers.
16/Oct/09 1:32 AM
Yep, Jane, Ya done did it...
16/Oct/09 1:38 AM
Well, I am back at work today after almost three weeks of bereavement leave to clear out my Dad's apartment. I'm not sure I remember how to do my job! Kidding. It is really great to be back in a normal routine again...
16/Oct/09 1:40 AM
It's such an emotionally draining job, Glenn. Welcome back.
16/Oct/09 1:44 AM
I filled the dishwasher with items that were dusty rather than dirty having resided in cartons for a year. Set it to short wash with dry - what does it do - it floods the kitchen and shorts the electricity to the house. I have stamped my foot, mopped up the worst and am going to walk in the vineyards in the glorious autumn sunshine with Jasper and then think about sorting it out.
16/Oct/09 1:56 AM
Word of the day
Husband: The best household gadget wives can think of..
16/Oct/09 2:03 AM
2:17 Christmas shopping done early -- I just bought some necklaces for Women at Risk (WAR)
16/Oct/09 2:22 AM
Happy Thursday day off!
Oh, Mo: you DEFINITELY need that hocolate!
Fiona: stil puzzling over #6 and #8...
Daplap: I have a T-shirt with that very saying, although it reads "...final masterpiece"
16/Oct/09 2:29 AM
What beautiful children in the photo!
Anne, should I pack the skis in the car and come for a visit? I'm ready for the slopes.
A very blustery day here, and I'm taking the day off to cuddle up with teapot, book and cats.
16/Oct/09 2:37 AM
Yes, beautiful children.
My sympathies, GMo. Hope nothing bad happens on your walk.
16/Oct/09 2:49 AM
2:33 Hello to all. Nice to see you back Glenn, take care x

Thought for the Day:

Be the kind of person you would like to be with.
16/Oct/09 2:51 AM
I was watching a preview of images shown on this site, on TV last night. It has some beautiful/stunning images which are free to download.

16/Oct/09 2:55 AM
Back from walk. Floor washed. Items dried. Dishwasher in garage. New one will be researched tomorrow.
16/Oct/09 3:04 AM
Have been told that 90% of all dishwashers have the same innards made by same people. It is just the padding and outsides that are different. I will go look at those available and take pictures then return on saturday with the bigger car to buy and collect.
16/Oct/09 3:07 AM
16/Oct/09 3:41 AM
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