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Easy Sudoku for 16/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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very pretty photo
16/Feb/17 12:04 AM
2:25 Lovely photo. I did the medium quicker than this.
16/Feb/17 1:13 AM
What a vibrant scene & good morning, all!

This solves more quickly backwards; it's not a straight 9->1 but it surely is zippy!
16/Feb/17 1:53 AM
Where is everyone?? I've just had a nice relaxing after playing badminton this evening, and there's still no-one around.
16/Feb/17 1:55 AM
I am here Anne. Went to bed very early. Last day of treatment today and then I will have 4 weeks break before I find out what is next.
16/Feb/17 2:26 AM
'Nite, Anne!

Are those Texas bluebells? Very pretty, wherever they are.
16/Feb/17 2:27 AM
I'm glad you have a respite from the treatments for awhile, June.
16/Feb/17 2:29 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle:
1) round hole & hound role 2) beer mug & mere bug
3) basket case & casket base 4) sly fox & fly socks 5) cave brat & brave cat 6) witch daughter & ditch water 7) dairy foods & fairy dudes (dairy fare-fairy dare) 8) touch down & Dutch town

Speaking More...
16/Feb/17 2:41 AM
And, for today.....

Feed, good, and kiss are 3 examples of words with double letters. Use the clues and fill in the blanks to find words with CONSECUTIVE double letters.

1. A woodwind instrument that dates back to the mid 16th century.
B _ _ _ _ _ N
2. A sweet treat that is More...
16/Feb/17 2:46 AM
16/Feb/17 2:59 AM
Happy Wednesday day off!
16/Feb/17 3:15 AM
Where'd our beautiful sun go?
Guess I'll just have to dream of lovely lavender-colored fields!
16/Feb/17 3:23 AM
Joyce is right. Backwards (9-1) worked nicely.
16/Feb/17 3:29 AM
I think that I thanked everyone personally for my lovely birthday wishes, but I will do so again! I guess that I am a ''different'' sort of woman ... hubby hand made his gift to me ... a customized, personalized fly-fishing rod of my own! Watch out, Rainbows, Brookies, Brownies, and Goldens ... here she comes!
16/Feb/17 3:38 AM
16/Feb/17 4:10 AM
What a beautiful field of Lavender! I can almost smell the delightful scent!
16/Feb/17 5:41 AM
16/Feb/17 6:11 AM
Good morning.
16/Feb/17 6:15 AM
Don;t think that is a field of lavender, jacalmi.
16/Feb/17 6:17 AM
I think it is an infestation of the weed 'Paterson's curse'.
16/Feb/17 6:19 AM
It will take over a paddock and horses will eat it, particularly when feed stocks are low as in a drought, It makes them very sick and some die.
16/Feb/17 6:22 AM
16/Feb/17 6:23 AM
Think the weed is also called Salvation Jane. (Hope this info is accurate, it came straoight out of my head).
16/Feb/17 6:25 AM
So pretty- would like to ride my bike along this road and enjoy the sight
16/Feb/17 6:31 AM

English - UK vs US...

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-4226540/63-differences-British-Englis h-revealed.html

I knew some of them.

16/Feb/17 6:35 AM
Whatever it is, I'm sneezing already!
16/Feb/17 6:50 AM
I also thought the photo was of Paterson's Curse/ Salvation Jane. A toxic weed introduced into Australia from the Mediterranean area. Toxic to many animals, especially horses. Pigs and sheep can tolerate it sometimes.
16/Feb/17 7:48 AM
Morning all, I also thought Pattersons Curse, it's a shame it's so toxic it looks so pretty.
16/Feb/17 8:51 AM
I agree it is Paterson's Curse, which is also known as Salvation Jane. It is popularly believed that Salvation Jane comes from the fact that bees feed on it, and this is particularly important when there is a shortage of other sources of nectar.
16/Feb/17 9:34 AM
2:09, slow for an easy! Good morning everyone.
16/Feb/17 10:54 AM
The name Salvation Jane originated from, and is mostly used in South Australia, due to its use as a source of food for grazing animals when the less drought tolerant grazing pastures die off.
(It also does make good honey)
16/Feb/17 11:29 AM
I thought it was Patersons Curse too, just keep the horses away from it.
16/Feb/17 11:41 AM
Ba Muoi Ba.
16/Feb/17 11:41 AM
We called it Patterson's Curse or Lady Campbell here in rural W.A., where I lived as a youngster.
16/Feb/17 12:05 PM
I've just been reading yesterday's comments about common birthdays... At work we used to call those with same-day same-year birthdays cosmic twins. How likely are they? Well, in an office of 42 people we had two pairs!
16/Feb/17 1:46 PM
My bedtime again. Night all.
16/Feb/17 2:36 PM
Saltie, if I had a birthday on the same day as Judy, I just wouldn't admit it.
Imagine, Judy being your Cosmic Twin.
16/Feb/17 3:22 PM
great pic! 11:35 p.m. wednesday night the 15th here in upstate New York.
16/Feb/17 3:31 PM
Welcome Happy, I haven't noticed you posting before. As an east coast Aussie, the time here is always posted at the bottom of my posts.
16/Feb/17 3:51 PM
I'll snag the bottom of page one, and turn over to page 2.
16/Feb/17 3:52 PM
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