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Easy Sudoku for 17/February/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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17/Feb/17 12:00 AM
Hello Glenn and whoever turns up later. What is the weather like where you are Glenn?
17/Feb/17 12:16 AM
It's cold and sunny in Dallas, Julia, but will be armer later in the day (7:19 am here).
17/Feb/17 12:19 AM
I was in Dallas in January last. It was warm and windy and were nearly blown off the observation deck of Reunion Tower. Beautiful city, love the public transport.
17/Feb/17 12:22 AM
Good Maen ⛄️⛅️going to see the go Sweeney Todd tonight at the Paramount theater in Aurora Illinois. Not a musical for everyone, but it's getting good reviews for the musical talent.
17/Feb/17 12:22 AM
2:18 Another very slow time.
Good night one and all!
17/Feb/17 12:39 AM
Not sunny here.
I saw 'Sweeney Todd' in New York with Angela Lansbury as the lead. She made it less dark.
17/Feb/17 1:45 AM
(Snagged for Shosho!)
17/Feb/17 1:45 AM
Everyone. Rain has returned. Fortunately not real heavy. Just hope the Oroville Dam holds up. Lots of people downstream.
17/Feb/17 2:25 AM
Nice to see you posting, Glenn.
And, welcome to Happy, who posted yesterday!

I saw yesterday that they had lifted the evacuation order in the dam area, Denny. Is that still the case?

I also saw Angela Lansbury in Sweeney Todd. She was great, but, as Mymare said, it's not a show everyone would like.
17/Feb/17 2:43 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. bassoon
2. toffee 3. keelless 4. appellee 5. Walloon
5. bookkeeper

Someone commented that the poozle was devilishly hard. Soooooo....the ''The Devil Made Me Do It'' Crown goes to winners Judy, Wombat, Sarah, and Joyce(4/6 with time constraints).
17/Feb/17 2:50 AM
Hello, Glenn - long time no comment!

Nice to see everyone this chipper day - Julia, Wolf, mymare, Anne, Shiela, and Denny!
17/Feb/17 2:52 AM
See, took me so long to comment Kathy hopped in - hello to you, too!
17/Feb/17 2:54 AM
17/Feb/17 3:33 AM
Sorry, miss dedicating your fav number post for you, Anne!
17/Feb/17 3:37 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!!!
17/Feb/17 3:37 AM
Morning all, I love dogs but not on my bed.
17/Feb/17 5:16 AM
Jano,elenahbf and numbat .🎂🍷
17/Feb/17 5:20 AM
Where's Keith, I wonder? Should I wait?
17/Feb/17 5:33 AM
17/Feb/17 5:33 AM
Last chance!
17/Feb/17 5:34 AM
Have a great day, Keith!
17/Feb/17 5:34 AM
Kathy, I should have done the puzzle! Walloon's, huh?
I grew up in Walloon Lake, but I didn't speak Walloon! (Supposedly early in its history a group of Walloons had a settlement on the lake and that's how it got its name. Doubt it has ever been proved definitively, though.)
17/Feb/17 5:42 AM
17/Feb/17 6:22 AM
Good mAen, good people. Finally had our family Christmas the 1st weekend of February. Since then my head has been filled with 'New Years' thoughts. It's a mighty list, and I don't know how it can all work out, but between my penchant for solving puzzles and saying prayers, we might we might be able to make some progress in 2017.
17/Feb/17 6:48 AM
The silly tree is still up. It's the only spot of color and light in this persistent gloom called SW Michigan. The sun breaks through a little bit doesn't stick around. I'm in no hurry to take the tree down but I cringe when I think of guests and delivery people seeing it is still up.
17/Feb/17 6:52 AM
Plum, as a fellow Michigander, I understand the need for color this winter, but at this point, you may want to just keep the tree up and be early for next season!!!
17/Feb/17 6:58 AM
17/Feb/17 7:25 AM
Sam and Jenny sure look comfortable!
17/Feb/17 7:42 AM
2:02, just couldn't get it together today. Good morning everyone.
17/Feb/17 7:58 AM
Greetings from what WAS sunny NY (but alas, night has fallen.)

Don't worry about the Christmas tree, Plum. My sister sometimes doesn't get around to taking it down until April. Of course she is a little ODD.

I noticed one of my neighbor's still has their tree up, too. Perhaps it is like those 'it's 5:00 somewhere' people?
17/Feb/17 10:34 AM
Happy Thursday evening!
17/Feb/17 1:49 PM
Ba Muoi Ba
17/Feb/17 2:15 PM
Cats play the Hawks tonight......Goooo those mighty Cats.
17/Feb/17 3:19 PM
I got a message from Judy declaring that her and I are ALMOST Cosmic Twins - We share the same Astrological Sign and I may be a few months older.

I can't work out where I've upset her, I thought we were all friends on this site. Ah well, c'est la vie.
17/Feb/17 3:25 PM
There the bottom of the page is in sight......go for it someone!
17/Feb/17 3:27 PM
What's with this fight between Judy and Peter? I regard them both as friends, and it is hard to stay friends with friends who are not themselves friends. That is not this week's poozle, but it looks like one.
17/Feb/17 5:02 PM
Now if no-one is ready to pounce I could conceivably snatch BOTP, TOTP and a CP.
17/Feb/17 5:04 PM
So far so good. No Shosho, or Hal (zzz), or Lizzie.
17/Feb/17 5:06 PM
Here we are at the end of page 2. I won't waste time or someone will beat me.
17/Feb/17 5:07 PM
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