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Easy Sudoku for 17/August/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi all.
17/Aug/08 12:00 AM
17/Aug/08 12:00 AM
every one
Have a nice weekend .
17/Aug/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen
17/Aug/08 12:00 AM
MaeN all!
17/Aug/08 12:02 AM
1:58, no doubt about the type of flower before the caption came up.
17/Aug/08 12:03 AM
Good morning Chris, Sue, Jano, John, and Kate!
all! Had a glorious run, now have to shower. So see you later.
17/Aug/08 12:14 AM
Another post, just because I like the number 8!
17/Aug/08 12:14 AM
Interesting flower.
17/Aug/08 12:17 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you are in this wonderful world of ours.
17/Aug/08 12:20 AM
Hi ShoSho, Angie, Sue (and the rest - starting to get to be too many to say hi to by name.)
17/Aug/08 12:28 AM
What about that 100m final - wow!
17/Aug/08 12:37 AM
Maen all! This looks like something from Nal's photo gallery - do we know whose this is??
Chris, Sue, Jano, John, Kate, Shosho and Jeana!
17/Aug/08 12:47 AM
Hey Angie! So nice to see you girlfriend!
17/Aug/08 12:48 AM
just got you message, and I see your still around..sooooo
17/Aug/08 1:01 AM
Chris, I agree I'm not a great fan of sport watching but I am so glad I saw that, and he made it look so easy. Why wasn't he out of breath? That makes 2 events today. I couldn't sleep so turned on the TV in the early hours and saw the young British girl Rebecca Addlington win the 800 metres More...
17/Aug/08 1:01 AM
Here's the big list. Huge thank you's to everyone who cared that it was my birthday. I'm so glad I have kids so I still get a cake
Birthday greetings, from the easy page and from my personal page - thanks again!
Shosho, Los Angeles; Sue, OK; Linda, MN; Fiona, France; Cathy, More...
17/Aug/08 1:05 AM
I have no doubt that I missed someone and positive that I spelled some of them wrong. Please accept my thanks anyways.

I'm off to fanagle a deal on a newer and less crappy van. Wish me luck!
17/Aug/08 1:06 AM
Always loved to see a passion fruit flower ever since I was a child. On the way to school was a fence covered with the vine and every time it blossomed I would stop to look and trace my finger over its design. Never picked it, I always like seeing the flower on its plant rather than in a vase.
17/Aug/08 1:06 AM
Hey Angie, always do we wish you luck! But don't get into a deal over which you have misgivings! Wouldn't want you to yourself!
17/Aug/08 1:09 AM
I feel another lucky number sneaking up!
17/Aug/08 1:09 AM
I dood it!
17/Aug/08 1:10 AM
Photo and explanation - of my most recent SUSHI - posted on my page for anyone culina-ray-ily interested
17/Aug/08 1:11 AM
Sorry, Keith and Anu, couldn't resist it! With the way my life is going I'm going to need all the luck I can capture!
17/Aug/08 1:11 AM
My piece of trivia for the day:
Seeing the Passionfruit flower reminds me of European Carp.
The European Carp is a pest fish species that is causing many environmental problems here in Australia. They are omnivorous, feeding on the bottom of the river bed eating insect larvae and other More...
17/Aug/08 1:13 AM
I finally got around to posting my pics of my trip to Florida in June, if anyone is interested!
17/Aug/08 1:18 AM
Jaz, that is the sort of drivel - intelligent drivel, I might add - which made this site fun! More, more!!
17/Aug/08 1:19 AM
Rayray, I only called for a quick visit and ended up viewing your gallery. Some wonderful photography and delicious looking sushi, so much so I'm off to cook dinner. I will go back and read all the rhymes and other scribings when I can read slowly and digest at leisure. Thank you
17/Aug/08 1:20 AM
Jaz, I will never be able to look at a passion fruit plant again without wondering what is beneath it's root system. I had been told one should always plant a banana skin below shrubs when planting. It stops the plant from'sliding' into decay by feeding it potassium.
17/Aug/08 1:24 AM
Rayray, I'm on a diet and here you go tempting me with such wonderful setting! You are truly the renaissance man- you write elegant poetry, create culinary delights - if you clean up as well, will you marry me?
17/Aug/08 1:24 AM
Hi all! Well I asked a question yesterday (not talking about the riddle) and got only one answer - thank you CP - despite there being 200-odd comments. I think this is maybe the sort of thing which has changed on this site; people are no longer interested in commenting on what others have posted, More...
17/Aug/08 1:26 AM
Oh Jaz that's like the stories I was told as a child. That the American natives taught the pilgrims before planting a corn seed, one would place a fish in the hole!
17/Aug/08 1:27 AM
No, no Fiona. Even though I don't place an answer on your page, you do cause me to think about your riddle during the day! I look forward to twiddle around trying to solve it!
17/Aug/08 1:29 AM
Oh Angie (Melbourne) ...hope I'm not too late -
17/Aug/08 1:30 AM
wasn't talking about the riddle Shosho...but I did see I had a new hubby called Steve!!
17/Aug/08 1:30 AM
Gwad Girl...I can now go to bed quiet comfortably with that piece of Trivia.

Trivia question for you.. will the DSAW acknowledge it?

17/Aug/08 1:37 AM
Hi Fiona! I think your question was about who has seen a Pope?? I did not reply because I have not seen a pope. Maybe nobody else has either??? Or maybe they just never noticed your question. I did notice that you have a new husband, though Does your old husband know about this??
17/Aug/08 1:50 AM
Fiona I didn.t answer your question as the answer would have been no, not this or any other. I did see the Queen once when little and she toured UK just after her cooronation and all us school kids had to stand and wave our flags as she went past. I saw Princess Anne once very close up (she's very More...
17/Aug/08 1:52 AM
Fiona, interesting comment on how this site is evolving. I hadn't noticed that change myself, and will now observe to see if I agree. The site is quite different now, due partly to different people (they come and go), but mainly due to all the improvements Gath has made. IMHO, requiring More...
17/Aug/08 1:59 AM
Congratulations, shosho. I slept in again, and again missed my chance.
17/Aug/08 2:01 AM
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