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Easy Sudoku for 18/November/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, good people.
18/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good evening all!
18/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good morning Plum
18/Nov/10 12:00 AM
Good nite Anne.
18/Nov/10 12:01 AM
Let's see... It's a new day. What are am I going to do with it?
18/Nov/10 12:01 AM
Hi Shiela,

I would suggest that you start the new day with recommending to your younger son and wife to name their kids 'Copy' and 'Paste'.
18/Nov/10 12:02 AM
Good maeN everyone--time for bed
18/Nov/10 12:04 AM
mAen to All - the ladies on site now, and to all those (of both genders) who will be arriving later.
18/Nov/10 12:04 AM
Kate - . Did the bright blue door disorient you?
18/Nov/10 12:05 AM
From my Local Newspaper...

'The new award-wining cemetery has been designed to provide much needed long-term capacity for the district's residents.'

Do you think they are trying to tell us something?...
18/Nov/10 12:07 AM
Where? I'm confused.
18/Nov/10 12:07 AM
full day at the pool this afternoon, enjoy your day, Y'all
18/Nov/10 12:07 AM
18/Nov/10 12:08 AM
You don't know where you took the picture, Anne???
18/Nov/10 12:10 AM
I have a hunch that I will not have any input, Neil!
18/Nov/10 12:10 AM
watching the news, sometimes I wonder about the news - when they ask - why did William and Kate keep it mum so long, wow, I wonder why ??? I do wish them well,
18/Nov/10 12:10 AM
re my newspaper note above,

I bet that the Phantom will say that 'they are trying to tell ME something'
18/Nov/10 12:11 AM
What do cemeteries get awards for, Neil????
18/Nov/10 12:12 AM
Copy and Paste reminds me of an old cartoon that had two kids who's family own a dry cleaner shop. They were called Press and Fold. They solved math mysteries. I learn a lot from them, while teaching my kids.
18/Nov/10 12:12 AM
What!!! No coffee, yet???
18/Nov/10 12:14 AM
18/Nov/10 12:14 AM
18/Nov/10 12:14 AM
Hal - it's not my photo so I wouldn't know where it was taken.
Anyway, it's way past my bedtime.
18/Nov/10 12:15 AM
Guess that will have to satisfy ...since there's no coffee!
18/Nov/10 12:15 AM

Cemeteries get awards for long-term care of their customers - if any get out, they are in deep trouble.
18/Nov/10 12:17 AM
The background of the picture (same kind of trees and rocks, and the colour of the river) looks very similar to the abandoned oyster farm on Hawkesbury river that Kat posted about two weeks ago.
18/Nov/10 12:25 AM
We had a friend who was a funeral director. He had an amazing perspective on life. He'd check out other funeral homes with the same interest as a woman checking out her competition at a singles bar!!!
18/Nov/10 12:25 AM
San Fransisco moved all it's cemeterys just after I graduated from High school. Lowell was moved and they said that the girls gym was over the lost bones. Glad I was in collage already.
18/Nov/10 12:27 AM
Wendy took me traveling today on Hard. She inspired me to take a virtual hike around Dove Lake. On my tour I found a photojournal website and this extraordinary picture of an echidna.


Thanks, Wendy!
18/Nov/10 12:28 AM
Chatty group this morning. Only a half hour into the day, and I've already missed it.
18/Nov/10 12:31 AM
You can trust a funeral director. He's the last guy in the world to let you down.
18/Nov/10 12:32 AM
In my note above 'Kat' should have been our lovely 'Kate/Sydney'.

I must chase my optician for my new spectacles.
18/Nov/10 12:33 AM
Plum, Excellent!!!
18/Nov/10 12:39 AM
My health group have decided to save money by making us get are glasses at Sears. I tried that. I hated that. So glasses are not free or even cheap.
18/Nov/10 12:41 AM
Here's the virtual tour web site of Dove Lake that Plum talked about.

18/Nov/10 12:41 AM
18/Nov/10 12:42 AM
There IS a difference between places to get glasses, Dorthea!
Hubby found that out when he couldn't even use the very first glasses he ever got. They ended up on the dresser far more often than his head. Then he lost them ($$$). Since they cost so much, he didn't want to go back to that More...
18/Nov/10 12:52 AM
UK Pubs

As good as this bar is," said the Scotsman, "I still prefer the pubs back home. In Glasgow , there's a wee place called McTavish's. The landlord goes out of his way for the locals. When you buy four drinks, he'll buy the fifth drink."

"Well, More...
18/Nov/10 12:53 AM
No one else going to try...
18/Nov/10 1:01 AM
Well, OK...
18/Nov/10 1:01 AM
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