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Easy Sudoku for 18/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen ...... long time no type here
18/Feb/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Someone who smells the flowers and looks for the casket.
18/Feb/12 12:00 AM
Good morning. Lovely photo of the Kimberleys. I have not been there yet.
18/Feb/12 12:05 AM
Not me, Kayo!
WILL need today!!!
18/Feb/12 12:06 AM
I agree, June! The Kimberleys look like a beautiful place to be and take wonderful photos!
18/Feb/12 12:13 AM
Good Maen all!
18/Feb/12 12:29 AM
Such a lovely spot! Thanks again, Wendy.
18/Feb/12 12:32 AM
Another, sunny blue sky day of skiing. Well some has to do it!
18/Feb/12 1:04 AM
Enjoy, Dave!
I'm off to Zumba this morning.
18/Feb/12 1:38 AM
Good morning people of the world.
18/Feb/12 1:46 AM
My Way Day
18/Feb/12 1:47 AM
1:51 Good evening one and all!

The Kimberleys is an absolutely amazing place to visit. The colours and scenery keeps you spellbound.
18/Feb/12 1:48 AM
13 and off to bed. Good night all.
18/Feb/12 1:48 AM
18/Feb/12 2:49 AM

What a gorgeous area that is!
18/Feb/12 2:51 AM
The answer (that I had) to yesterday's puzzle: Going through the motions.
HalT, Greg, and Mr. Cee agreed with that. Colo Jim, CP, Heidi and Captain J were "going down". Jamie was "going in many directions" and lonewoof has "a gong ringing like a bell".
For More...
18/Feb/12 2:59 AM
And for today....

The following is an advertisement for a common item. The ad agency, however, is trying to entice buyers by making the item sound more impressive than it really is. Can you tell what is being sold here?

As you command water - or any liquid - to More...
18/Feb/12 3:12 AM
One of those nights when I cannot get to sleep. Cat is sitting on the floor keeping me company.
18/Feb/12 3:16 AM
No one is at 22 yet?
18/Feb/12 3:27 AM
Hard to believe!
18/Feb/12 3:28 AM
Must be away for the weekend...
18/Feb/12 3:28 AM
18/Feb/12 3:28 AM
Hello World...since I've been posting I think I've chased everyone else away.....wahhhh, sorry
Make this a day to remember or forgetaboutit!
18/Feb/12 6:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! A beautiful photo and setting. Thanks Wendy!
18/Feb/12 6:24 AM
(at least for another 1/2 hr) from So. Oregon.

I still love you Mama - and Peace & Kyre to all.

Photo makes a great & restful jigsaw.
18/Feb/12 6:27 AM
Talk about quiet! Still on the first page, just past Keith's 22 and hardly anyone around. COME OUT OF HIDING FOLKS! WE WON'T BITE.
18/Feb/12 6:27 AM
And as to not biting, feel the love! Check out this link:
18/Feb/12 6:28 AM
Maybe an obsence joke will attract people.

Today's word is ....fluctuations.

I was at my bank today. There was a short line, just one Asian lady in front of me trying to exchange yen for dollars. It was obvious she was a little irritated. She asked More...
18/Feb/12 6:32 AM
18/Feb/12 6:46 AM
3.05 good morning all
18/Feb/12 7:32 AM
What a beautiful scene today!!! And so unspoiled by vandals or litter.
18/Feb/12 7:33 AM

Tsk, tsk, Greg.
18/Feb/12 7:46 AM
Canuk Greg, a while since I heard that one. Achieved its desired result, a laugh.
18/Feb/12 7:50 AM
1.50 Not been there, YET.
18/Feb/12 7:53 AM
2.27 Have to add the Kimberleys to my bucket list
18/Feb/12 8:05 AM
Eight and a half hours into the day and still on page 1???
18/Feb/12 8:33 AM
Let's see if we can remedy that.
18/Feb/12 8:33 AM
Zoom, zoom, zoom...
18/Feb/12 8:33 AM
Zoom, zoom...
18/Feb/12 8:33 AM
18/Feb/12 8:33 AM
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