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Easy Sudoku for 19/February/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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19/Feb/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Folks who show up at the gym for the three to five weeks after New Year's, then are never seen again, as in: New Year's "Resolutionaries".
19/Feb/12 12:00 AM
1:38. Good night all.
19/Feb/12 12:02 AM
G'night Chris.
19/Feb/12 12:09 AM
19/Feb/12 12:10 AM
Good Maen all! (Good night, Chris)
Hiya, Kayo!
19/Feb/12 12:11 AM
I love the desert - I would love exploring this part of Australia (with a guide and plenty of water!)
19/Feb/12 12:13 AM
Hi. everyone!
NO needed today.
19/Feb/12 12:15 AM
Think I'll stick to the wetter areas, Vici!
19/Feb/12 12:22 AM
Kayo - I work at a fittness center - the true members don't attend until March just for that reason ! but it seems the newbies have dropped off earlier this year -
19/Feb/12 12:33 AM
Vici - I was thinking of exploring also - maybe on a donkey ride
19/Feb/12 12:34 AM
nice out today - again ! outdoor walking today !
challenge day 6 today and feeling pretty good - it is early still - but my golly ! I on today !
19/Feb/12 12:36 AM
Can I get 13??
19/Feb/12 12:39 AM
mymare - It's the same at the spa I work out at. It seems today's daffynition is a timely one then, eh?
19/Feb/12 12:41 AM
yay! Well done mymare..5 days of success and another one ready to be claimed! Keep up the good work
19/Feb/12 12:41 AM
Hi Kayo & mymare, Sheila & Vici
Popped in briefly to see what's happening before I head off to bed
19/Feb/12 12:43 AM
It was the same at the pool at the befinning of the year too, but a few have since disappeared
19/Feb/12 12:43 AM
oops beginning
19/Feb/12 12:43 AM
They were a right pain too.... they would be swimming all over the place
19/Feb/12 12:44 AM
CP'ing and bottom
19/Feb/12 12:45 AM
Can I get TOPP too?
19/Feb/12 12:45 AM
Oops forgot myself again... I always think that 20 is the page change....one day I will get it
19/Feb/12 12:46 AM
Okay enough talking to myself. Night everyone..... thinking I might get up early and go for a walk seeing as I missed out this morning
19/Feb/12 12:48 AM
What a desolate, yet beautiful, area!
19/Feb/12 1:14 AM
another reason to exercise today - Paczki on tuesday -- Fat Tuesday --- always need to plan ahead ! anyone else get Paczki - Polish doughnut - filling -- I would of called them a bizmark when I was growing up
19/Feb/12 1:20 AM
Just the thought of a Paczki, mymare! Lemon are my favorite!
Good thing I'm a regular at my workout place!
19/Feb/12 1:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Feb/12 1:45 AM
Pluto Day
19/Feb/12 1:46 AM
I know it is Goofey, but Pluto was not available.
19/Feb/12 1:47 AM
I thought Pluto was the Roman god of the underworld?
19/Feb/12 2:13 AM
Pluto is also Freddie Mercury's middle name. Farroukh Pluto Bulsara.
19/Feb/12 2:15 AM
That's as close as I can get to Pluto, too.
19/Feb/12 2:15 AM
Pluto is also a former planet, now downgraded and humiliated.
19/Feb/12 2:16 AM
I guess I never understood that. "Sorry, Pluto. You were a planet, but now you're not. Bye."
19/Feb/12 2:28 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: A drinking straw

Speaking of straws...winners lonewoof, Greg, Heidi, HalT, Grass-hopper, Meg, Ray, Aileen and Sarah will attend a demonstration by that famed health guru, Cal Seeum on his alternative More...
19/Feb/12 2:34 AM
It's 1030 steps each way to my favorite lunch site. Tuesdays it's 2060 steps I don't have to do watching commercials.
19/Feb/12 2:46 AM
And for today.....

What phrase is represented here?

tall perennial grass


necessity for clarinetist

Answers to the "That one stumped me, and I saw the answer!" inbox, please.
19/Feb/12 2:50 AM
Happy Saturday!
(scratching my head over Kathy's puzzle...)
19/Feb/12 3:11 AM
I think a lot of people will be scratching their heads over this one, Aileen.
19/Feb/12 3:53 AM
Good Maen, all
19/Feb/12 4:03 AM
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