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Easy Sudoku for 18/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
time to flip the calendar, oz
My daily fix! Thanks
2:52 - just couldn't get going this morning but I'll take anything under three minutes.
2:52 happy st. patricks day in the states...enjoy the green beer.
where is everyone?! ussually there are 20 comments by 7 after the hour!
Happy St. Patty's Day 3:25
10. Fraz
9. Fiona
8. Cath
7. Sarah
6. em
5. Rosemary
4. Maggie
3. Deb
2. Jaz
Good Maen all. Finally got time to get back on. My time this morning was 3:19. Not bad for me. The brain has a hard time engaging. We are looking for quite a snow storm this weekend so I may get to do Sudoku all weekend. Yeah.
Good Maen to all. I looks like it is going to be a really nice day here. I am ready for Spring!!!
What kind of tree is that?
2:44 - Happy Saint Pat's Day!
Good Maen! and Happy St. Patricks day! I'm not as fast as the other times posted, but at 4:13 I'm getting better. We are finally supposed to have a rainy weekend, which will hopefully put an end (at least for a few days) to the thousands of acres of land that has burned over the last few weeks here.
4:53 It's the weekend. Hope you've all enjoyed / are enjoying St Patricks Day. Wendy I did laugh at your joke.
oops forgot - maeN
G'Maen Sudokuland

4:52. Couldn't get going this morning. Bright, sunny, cold St Patrick's Day here in the US. Hope everyone has a good one.
3:29 oh well
looks like a nice place to visit.
have a good Maen all
To all our guests/noobies:

M-morning, A-afternoon, E-evening, N-night.
Capitalize what time it is in your part of the globe.

Welcome and enjoy the site!!
I think it's a Joshua Tree. Anyone else's guess?
3:27 mAen all.
Good Maen and Happy St. Pat's day! 4:14 Looks like I'm slower than you are Shawn. Maybe after all this rain we're supposed to get this weekend, we'll get faster. It would be nice to get to charcoal outside again. Interesting pic. Looks like a desert scene at sunrise or sunset.
Neat picture - the comments are slow today
Looks like a Joshua Tree to me. Good Maen and Happy St. Patrick's day to those getting ready to have it and those who just had it. Have a great green day.

Hey, I just thought of something. As long as it is St Patrick's day green, maybe we could also use this day to raise environmental awareness. What do you think?
Happy St Patty's Day!
Jeanette: what did you have in mind?
hi and maeN.
G'Maen all! I'm a noobie to the Sudoku train, so please forgive the blunders...and my appalling time! 5:33
5:51. I usually don't post on this page because there's usually over 60 already, but today people aren't posting as fast.

Have a great St. Patrick's day.
3:32 I agree with Nancy and Jeanette--it looks like a Joshua Tree to me. I haven't seen them around hills though, just in the deserts of southern California. Do they grow in Australia too?
(Put on your best brogue...)
Big Danny O'Dowd passed away... and his wake, a grand affair at his wee cottage, was attended by many from the village. All his best pals were with him in the kitchen where the corpse was laid out on the table -- when suddenly the poor table began to creak and groan, More...
'H..H..Hold what you've got there lads -- I..I'll just run out to the parlor and get a few chairs'!
What's a Joshua tree?
Well now.. Paddy quickly discovers there isn't a chair to be had in the parlor, what with half the village being there. Nevertheless, quite insistently, he exclaims to the crowd 'Attention.. Attention.. I..I'll have three chairs for the corpse -- if you please'!! A bit startled and confused, all More...
Are people not posting because they're out drinking green beer? Had mine earlier this week, but tonight I'll probably try some more! Happy St. Pat's.
7:21 - made mistakes. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Now I have to find something green to wear to work. Lovely picture.
can't make this picture out - perhaps it's all the guinness and shisky i've been drunking
Good St Paddy's mAen
Good Maen from sunny Texas. Headed toward a beautiful weekend.
Terry, It would be great to get to grill outside again... It's just not the same having ribs that were cooked in the oven.
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