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Easy Sudoku for 18/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
18/Apr/19 12:00 AM
2:36. Good Morning, Wolf and everyone. Cold and slow, today.
18/Apr/19 12:07 AM
18/Apr/19 12:08 AM

I wonder what ''very good'' refers to? Maybe the quality of the photo? The subject? Rather an odd caption.
18/Apr/19 12:57 AM
I see no shadows - yet!
Maybe later today.
(Sounds like I'm a groundhog o February 2nd!)
18/Apr/19 1:06 AM
Maybe he's happy with his beard-trimming job, Kathy.
18/Apr/19 1:13 AM
Whatever happened to my 'n' in my first post???
18/Apr/19 1:15 AM
Saved for Shosho's perusal.
18/Apr/19 1:17 AM
Police file mug shot
18/Apr/19 1:20 AM
After spending hours on the coif, it was determined to be ...
18/Apr/19 1:41 AM
Everybody!! Major over sleeping!!
18/Apr/19 1:43 AM
18/Apr/19 1:47 AM
Thank you, Shiela! Here's flying your way!
18/Apr/19 1:48 AM

I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne
18/Apr/19 1:49 AM
18/Apr/19 3:57 AM
18/Apr/19 4:21 AM
I'll go with the beard trimming ability.
18/Apr/19 4:49 AM
1:26. Good morning everyone.
18/Apr/19 5:14 AM
Morning all, I wish they would put their name on these photos.
18/Apr/19 6:58 AM
The weather guessers say we will have bad storms tonight and into tomorrow.
18/Apr/19 7:07 AM
We're Waiting, Keith...
18/Apr/19 7:41 AM
18/Apr/19 7:49 AM
I'm not,sorry Keith
18/Apr/19 7:50 AM
I don't,forgive you.
18/Apr/19 8:59 AM
Except that he looks so glum, I thought it might be a photo for an application, maybe for school or a job.
18/Apr/19 9:22 AM
2:12 Good morning one and all.

Thank you Shosho.
18/Apr/19 9:38 AM
Good maEn
In for a treat - wonderful warm day today ! My son vacuumed my car - really needed it !
18/Apr/19 10:02 AM
Gone all day, but after reading all the comments I had to do the puzzle just to see what I'd be missing if I skipped solving it today!

Hope everyone had a good day & that later arrivals are gearing up for a grand day ahead!
18/Apr/19 2:18 PM
yesterday's mug shot again, no?
18/Apr/19 11:48 PM
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