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Easy Sudoku for 19/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people. Sorry to be absent without leave. I have this course I'm taking, I'm trying to find a good used car for Skye and I had a day and a half down with body aches and headache and didn't want to focus on a screen.

Feeling good today and thought I'd do a puzzle before my next lesson. Just dropped a possible car off for an inspection.
19/Apr/19 12:10 AM
Just 1->9 today. Easy peasy. I have just enough time to go back and read some comments.
19/Apr/19 12:16 AM
I didn't check my calendar first. Gotta get Skye to an appointment. See you all later.
19/Apr/19 12:22 AM
Hubby and I spent 2 hours at the dentist yesterday. Luckily I spent it in the waiting room, while hubby had a root canal!
19/Apr/19 12:44 AM
1:46 Enjoy your Easter weekend and if you are going somewhere, travel safely.
19/Apr/19 12:45 AM
Hello all - Happy Easter weekend!

MY photo shows a large white space, with only green grass visible around the top, bottom & left side - think the animal that was being fed ate the photo as well!
19/Apr/19 12:51 AM
19/Apr/19 12:55 AM
Mine does as well, Joyce. You are right. Must have grazed on the photo.
19/Apr/19 12:58 AM
From bats to bunnies for Easter.
What else can I find for celebration.....
19/Apr/19 1:02 AM
Everybody!! Haven't done puzzle yet, wondering about photo.
19/Apr/19 1:27 AM
1:45. Good Morning, all. Love the mystery photo!
19/Apr/19 1:31 AM
Back from Med, Hard. Now for Easy and weird photo?
19/Apr/19 1:40 AM
I joined the 'mystery photo' club.
19/Apr/19 1:45 AM
Yes, my solved puzzle came up with a big white square and some background greenery.
19/Apr/19 2:18 AM
Same problem for me!
19/Apr/19 3:13 AM
Rainy today.
Hope your day is full of sunshine!
19/Apr/19 3:32 AM
Does that mean we get to fill the green frame in with what strikes our fancy?
19/Apr/19 3:37 AM
So long as the caption fits, Shiela. Whatcha gonna paint in the frame?
19/Apr/19 4:04 AM
19/Apr/19 4:37 AM
I'll go with some pretty cows
19/Apr/19 4:47 AM
1:24. Finding it difficult to focus, need more coffee or sleep...

Good morning everyone.
19/Apr/19 5:02 AM
No ''Mr Nice Guy'', today.
19/Apr/19 5:08 AM
A good way to 'visit the dentist', shosho.
19/Apr/19 5:10 AM
I guess you could say the picture is interesting because of its 'uniqueness'...
19/Apr/19 5:17 AM
19/Apr/19 5:19 AM
19/Apr/19 5:20 AM
19/Apr/19 5:20 AM
Morning all,I have the same white square with a grass frame. every one!
19/Apr/19 5:35 AM
19/Apr/19 5:39 AM
Good maeN
Day after my birthday but treated myself today - nice breakfast- went to Wheaton college and saw the Wardrobe from c s Lewis - the lion the witch and the wardrobe and then a little shopping and then out for burgers @ a nice little run on sentence
19/Apr/19 10:58 AM
Maybe the picture is censored- it is a feeding time photo, maybe it is to graphic for my little eyes
19/Apr/19 10:59 AM
Maybe I need to take another look.
19/Apr/19 11:43 AM
In the meantime, I'll have a Michelob Amber Boch.
19/Apr/19 11:45 AM
Doing the picture as a jigsaw is a real challenge, but do-able. As I'm colourblind I have to rely on shape a great deal to do jigsaws, but when most of it is white, that is the only way.
19/Apr/19 12:23 PM
I was doing my dishes at the kitchen sink just now and saw lightening flash right in the paddock in front of me, then the loudest clap of thunder I've heard in quite some time. I thought it was hilarious as I like thunder storms. Lost my internet for a few minutes, though.
19/Apr/19 2:32 PM
I agree with mymare, but did they really have to block so much of it?
19/Apr/19 3:38 PM
I lost power, for a while, today shortly after lunch. No wind, no rain basically just another semi-gray day. The light went out and a couple of seconds later, I heard a bang. Almost sounded like one of my neighbors shooting. Turned out the cause was a squirrel that climbed a pole, got across the More...
19/Apr/19 3:51 PM
You can get anything in America, electric this, electric that, electric cars, electric squirrels.....even!
19/Apr/19 4:20 PM
I had just finished writing the above comment and thought I'd better turn my computer off. As I did so, the heavens just roared with another very, very close lightening strike. It actually shook the house so much and I thought it might be an earthquake. It's a long time since we've had a thunder storm like this. Quiet again at the moment.
19/Apr/19 4:50 PM
A neighbor remembered the 'hot dog' cookers from the '50s and wondered if the squirrel might have been cooked and be a candidate for a peel n eat meal..

19/Apr/19 5:01 PM
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