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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Overcast today. Appropriate for Good Friday (here), though.
Have a blessed day.
20/Apr/19 12:00 AM
Very pretty day here also after a big threat of hail that never happened yesterday. Schools closed but the storm changed suddenly to almost nothing.
20/Apr/19 12:09 AM
20/Apr/19 12:10 AM
2:06 That looks very much like a photo I took while there, but as it doesn't have my name on it, I don't think it can be.
Good night all.
20/Apr/19 12:53 AM
Everybody!! In & out quick today, haircut day!
20/Apr/19 1:01 AM

The photo brings the word ''bucolic'' to mind.
I spent several weeks in New Zealand while hubby was working on a project there. Absolutely loved it.
20/Apr/19 1:06 AM
Beautiful, peaceful photo!
20/Apr/19 1:25 AM
20/Apr/19 1:43 AM
That photo has every geographic form but desert all in a serene, over-whelming, all-encompassing landscape!

I can imagine your delight with an opportunity to live there for several weeks, Kathy - it is so lovely.
20/Apr/19 3:21 AM
Hello on this Good Friday day....
20/Apr/19 3:22 AM
I just had an opportunity to go back and read the comments ending yesterday's chatter - hmmm - many comments re. 'tasty treats'! If you haven't read them you'd enjoy some Aussie giggles ...
20/Apr/19 3:35 AM
The medium today will not send the comments. First time this has happened to me!
20/Apr/19 3:43 AM
New Zealand is a beautiful country, as seen in this photo.
20/Apr/19 4:19 AM
1:49. A late Good Morning, all!
20/Apr/19 4:22 AM
20/Apr/19 4:26 AM
Joyce, when my mother passed away at 101 years, I inherited a few of her old cookbooks. They have recipes for several kinds of varmints often found along the road. I doubt that 'roadkill' was the method of procurement, but if anyone needs a specialized animal recipe, just ask!
20/Apr/19 5:36 AM
1:22. Good morning everyone.

NZ is a special place, I lived at the North end of the South Island for close to five years in my childhood and loved it!
20/Apr/19 5:38 AM
GOOD mAen, good people. Solve down but start at 5 and when you get to 1 jump up to 9 and continue solving down.
5->1, 9->6
20/Apr/19 5:54 AM
I believe it might be quite interesting, Shiela, to have you copy one of those shorter varmint recipes for us - please, please!
20/Apr/19 6:53 AM
Morning all,beautiful photo to start the day.
20/Apr/19 7:07 AM
Sorry no special Easter POOZLE, but an ordinary one is better than nothing. Here it is:

This week's Saturday poozle is 1&3 poozle,
I will work through the alphabet giving you the first and third letters of a word and a clue as to what the word is. I will also give you the More...
20/Apr/19 8:09 AM
I've left 22 for Keith for over 2 hours so it looks as though he might not make it, so I'll say Galumph' and welcome to 22.
20/Apr/19 10:40 AM
Boy was I asleep! Busy doing Wombat's poozle and didn't notice twenty two was there for the taking. A case of you snooze you lose.
20/Apr/19 10:53 AM
Hello, Sarah - Happy Passover or as I found: “Chag Pesach sameach!”

I haven't see you posting lately - how is the healing arm? Things good with you?
20/Apr/19 1:31 PM
I was away from home on a little mini-trip to the coast, to celebrate Lynne's and my 38th anniversary. We had a good time.
20/Apr/19 3:59 PM
I'm happy. For the first time since we moved in to the new house I can put my car in. It's been so full of boxes we brought plus new items bought for the renovations and lack of opportunity as I completed higher priority tasks that I almost thought it was never going to happen. Now if I can find somewhere for the cement mixer I bought Linda can but her car in too
20/Apr/19 5:52 PM
Idiot!! Above post ....car in should be followed by the garage. I'll engage the brain next time
20/Apr/19 5:54 PM
It's alright, Arachnid, we understand.
20/Apr/19 6:12 PM
Yeah, we understand mate. Port floggin' the Weagles would have upset the system.
Dockers did OK though.
20/Apr/19 7:43 PM
Hah! Rubbing it in although Anne would be ecstatic. One of the worst games I've seen the Eagles play for a long time.
20/Apr/19 7:59 PM
We are the Freo Dockers!!!
20/Apr/19 8:39 PM
Give Anne some space, she doesn't get to do this very often!
20/Apr/19 9:42 PM
Time for a beer methinks.
20/Apr/19 9:43 PM
It's been over an hour, Peter. Methinks you've had enough beer.
20/Apr/19 11:06 PM
Goodnight everyone!
20/Apr/19 11:50 PM
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