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Easy Sudoku for 21/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
21/Apr/19 12:00 AM
1:49. Good Morning Wolf, and to everyone to follow.
21/Apr/19 12:44 AM
Overcast and threatening rain.
Happy Easter to those celebrating!
21/Apr/19 1:07 AM
Yeaaa! The Brumbies scraped in in Capetown. happy dance!

Now for the Hawks on Monday!
21/Apr/19 1:25 AM
G'night all!
21/Apr/19 1:26 AM
to those celebrating today!
I have a busy weekend coming up. The usual suspects are coming for dinner tomorrow, so I'm trying to get some cooking done today. A little cleaning More...
21/Apr/19 1:30 AM
21/Apr/19 1:45 AM
21/Apr/19 1:57 AM
21/Apr/19 2:29 AM
21/Apr/19 2:38 AM
I DID make time to do Wombat's poozle.
21/Apr/19 3:19 AM
G'day all.
21/Apr/19 3:56 AM

Another one of our, once prolific, contributors who has gone 'missing'...
21/Apr/19 4:08 AM
1.46. Happy birthday Rayray.
21/Apr/19 4:15 AM
I've tried to get in touch with Ray several times, and haven't been able to. Here's a picture of him from Sept. 2011 when Lynne and I visited him at his house.

21/Apr/19 6:34 AM
1:20. Good morning everyone.
21/Apr/19 6:52 AM
Morning all,would anyone like the flu...it's free to whoever will take it. We were due to have our flu shots last week ,now have to wait till we are well again. Yes Bill has it too!
21/Apr/19 7:07 AM
Happy birthday Rayray !
21/Apr/19 7:11 AM
As I recall, Ray was in not the best of health. Perhaps...
21/Apr/19 7:24 AM
That's my worry too, Hal.
21/Apr/19 8:22 AM
21/Apr/19 8:22 AM
21/Apr/19 8:23 AM
1:37 Wow, that was a quick puzzle.
Good morning one and all! Enjoy your Easter.
21/Apr/19 11:06 AM
Thanks, Keith for sharing your photo of RayRay - helps us recall what a character he was as a commentator - always astute observations adding an occasional poem or two - hope he's having a good day today & enjoying his birthday!
21/Apr/19 12:36 PM
It wasn't a particularly nice day today, but the forecast is for increasingly fine days as the week wears on; hope you all have a fine day wherever you may be.
21/Apr/19 12:39 PM
I'm still looking for Sarah - hope she's healing fine & having her Passover Seder with friends and relatives who hopefully are easing the loss of her Mom.
21/Apr/19 12:42 PM
There have been several instances of members going 'missing' and despite many attempts are uncontactable. Does anybody have any suggestions, without TOS, as to how perhaps email addresses or some such could be collected so that we have a contact address? Or do people not want to go down that line and leave the status quo as is? Just a thought
21/Apr/19 12:50 PM
We have a brief 3 day hiatus without granddaughter so Linda took the opportunity to tidy the house. How can one person make so much mess, especially when she is 'helping Nanna' for so much of her time?
21/Apr/19 12:53 PM
Don't think there is any good answer, Arachnid. People stop using the site for many reasons.
ie. Broken computer, loss of internet connection, loss of interest, moved, change of circumstances, sick or as in CG's case, passed on. We would never have known the answer except for Beehives good detective work.
I think it's something others have to just live with.
21/Apr/19 1:41 PM
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