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Easy Sudoku for 22/April/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
22/Apr/19 12:00 AM
22/Apr/19 12:05 AM
2:38. Good Morning Wolf and HalT and to everyone yet to come.
22/Apr/19 1:06 AM
Everybody!! Hopefully more later!
22/Apr/19 1:38 AM

to those celebrating today!
22/Apr/19 2:37 AM
22/Apr/19 3:54 AM
Niagara Falls, a favourite tourist spot. They are beautiful.
22/Apr/19 4:47 AM
Lovely photo at Niagara Falls
22/Apr/19 5:13 AM
1:23. Good morning everyone.
22/Apr/19 6:28 AM
Happy Easter, good people. Be blessed.
22/Apr/19 8:37 AM
Oh, my goodness!! Those are my older two daughters way back when!!!
22/Apr/19 8:41 AM
I this think the 17 April Easy photo last week was from the same trip. We drove back to Michigan through Ontario.
22/Apr/19 8:50 AM
Morning all,lovely photo of your girls,Plum.
Bill's remedy for the flu, go and play golf. Needless to say he was feeling a lot better today.
22/Apr/19 9:08 AM
Lori,enjoy your day.
22/Apr/19 9:09 AM
Joyce, I was indeed with relatives for the Passover seder. Last weekend, I went to their house to instruct and supervise my mother's methods for making chicken soup and matza balls. When I broke my arm, one of the first concerns raised by a member of the next generation was who would make 'Carolyn's' soup this year.
22/Apr/19 10:43 AM
Oh, Sarah I'm so glad to hear from you … knew this was Seder weekend. So, you provided Carolyn's renowned Chicken soup - it's always wonderful to realize your importance & necessary presence within a family's holiday. I'm thinking we all would profit from some of your chicken soup-making More...
22/Apr/19 11:56 AM
Nice photo, Plum - those girls have had a few years of living since that Niagara Falls trip!
22/Apr/19 11:58 AM
Over 6 hours since the last post. I need to wake it from its moribund state.
22/Apr/19 6:15 PM
It was a good weekend for you Peter, with both the Brumbies and the Cats having good wins. Alas, the story was very different for the Bulldogs, beaten by Carlton and it wasn't a small margin either.
22/Apr/19 6:18 PM
Now if Keith was here he would be winding up to grab 22. I'm sorry but it is too late in the day to hang about and wait.
22/Apr/19 6:20 PM
So I will just do a giant galumph, and get ready to claim 22.
22/Apr/19 6:21 PM
I dedicate this post to Keith. Interestingly enough one of the wombats at the local zoo died just the other day. She was 32 years old and that is considered to be the longest time that a wombat has achieved.
22/Apr/19 6:24 PM
It is time to claim a CP, and also to claim last post of the day. It is Tuesday tomorrow, so get your POOZLES in.
22/Apr/19 6:26 PM
You can have your CP Wombat, but not the last post for the day
22/Apr/19 7:41 PM
Perhaps I might have the LPOD with this one, or are you planning to go down to beer o'clock Rage? There is a bit of distance to make if you want to reach that!
22/Apr/19 7:53 PM
Winners are grinners.
22/Apr/19 9:37 PM
no and yes Wombat. Not LPOD for you and I'm up for anything. I can be ornery and wait,then stomp my way there or cut and paste some jokes or think of something interesting to say, na that would give me a headache.
22/Apr/19 10:38 PM
I will add a. Moment or two here. Sunny Monday morning here. I'm waiting for my guests to appear before I make too much kitchen noise.
22/Apr/19 10:49 PM
Ah. Post 29. I will take it. Today has every quality I like in a day. Family, sunshine, warmth and lots of leftovers. lol
22/Apr/19 10:51 PM

There once was a girl Selina,
who wanted to be a ballerina.
She went on her toes,
and broke her nose.
Then she became cleaner....by Selina Wallis

22/Apr/19 11:03 PM

Hickory, dickory, dock
Three mice ran up the clock
The clock struck one
And down did two run
Hickory, dickory, dock ...Rage
22/Apr/19 11:05 PM
Well here we are...
22/Apr/19 11:06 PM
You can get it digging a hole
You can get it being ornery
Matter of fact I got it now
A hard days thirst deserves
A long tall ice cold beer
Victoria Bitter Ahhh...the original

Money on the bar everyone Cheers
22/Apr/19 11:10 PM
Oh well, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Bottoms up.
22/Apr/19 11:13 PM
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