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Easy Sudoku for 19/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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19/Jan/12 12:13 AM
What;s this>> 13 minutes past midnight and no comments yet>
19/Jan/12 12:14 AM
How can that be? ...almost 15 minutes after the hour! Good Maen everyone. I know Kayo is not around, but Chris and others must be absent, too.
19/Jan/12 12:14 AM
Good morning. Nice dog but I do not think it is one of Heidi's dogs.
19/Jan/12 12:15 AM
Ah fi! Thank goodness you arrived...I thought I was in the Twilight Zone for awhile.
19/Jan/12 12:15 AM
Ah Vici.... at least there was one sudoholic, hanging for the changeover and a new puzzle

19/Jan/12 12:15 AM
And I got to grab my #5, too.
Thanks June, and good morning to you!
19/Jan/12 12:15 AM
morning Vici and June and everyone
19/Jan/12 12:16 AM
WILL need this morning!
Snow flakes are in the air, Vici!
19/Jan/12 12:17 AM
What a cute pup! You look very sweet, Brenda.
19/Jan/12 12:18 AM
Shiela - we had a chance of snow over night, but so far nothing. Mostly rain predicted this week...but at least that is something. We have been so dry here in the mountains.
19/Jan/12 12:19 AM
Glad for the rain, then!
19/Jan/12 12:23 AM
Just came in to the computer so will have to try for it....
19/Jan/12 12:23 AM
That was a stroke of luck as it was on 11 when I wrote that. Thanks Shiela.
19/Jan/12 12:24 AM
Well... All our snow melted with 40-50°F temps the last two days.
This morning we have a dusting.
19/Jan/12 12:26 AM
You are welcome, Anne!
19/Jan/12 12:26 AM
I don't think I'd better mention my favorite number - ever!
19/Jan/12 12:28 AM
Look what happened to Keith's!
19/Jan/12 12:28 AM
Not one of my Collies, but she looks like a fun lady. Hi Brenna!
19/Jan/12 12:33 AM
But I bet you'd adopt her if she needed it, Heidi!
19/Jan/12 12:35 AM
19/Jan/12 12:35 AM
19/Jan/12 12:35 AM
(Hello, Keith!)
19/Jan/12 12:36 AM
I just found out this evening that my sister-in-law is coming to stay for a few days and she's one of these spotless people. Methinks I've got some spring cleaning to do, although I did it all before family came for Christmas. Just have to touch it up a bit again.
19/Jan/12 12:49 AM
from So. Oregon -

VV - yesterday it took till 10 to get to 36° (started at 22°) - it is there already! Big storm on its way so they say - with rain and snow for the higher elevations. So far just a couple of sprinkles and wind.
19/Jan/12 12:54 AM
2:24 Very slow this evening.

Lovely Collie dog.
19/Jan/12 12:55 AM
Good morning ladies. Eye doctor this morning. I hate the eye drops. It takes a long time sitting in the car before I can drive home.
19/Jan/12 1:09 AM
Of course I'd adopt her! There's always room for one more. Brenna looks young, she still has her puppy coat. She looks about the same age as Timmy, who's slightly over a year old.
19/Jan/12 1:23 AM
okay, all you wine drinkers - on the Today show, they are showing the new "toys" you can get a sensor that will alert your phone when you wine is at the best temp to drink !
19/Jan/12 1:43 AM
Oh Heidi, we could use a dog who picks up sticks - our tree is shedding
19/Jan/12 1:44 AM
the storm is out West - we in the Mid-West are getting the cold -- sun is out right now
19/Jan/12 1:47 AM
I going though my closets - hope I don't find any skeletons in there - I pack clothes for the next season in my suitcases - so think I should really get out the "deep" winter outfits
19/Jan/12 1:48 AM
Good morning people of the world.
19/Jan/12 1:50 AM
Winnie The Pooh Day
19/Jan/12 1:50 AM
MIL's surgery was scheduled for 8 this morning, the nurse called last night and asked if she could come in earlier. So she should be out of surgery now. Waiting for a phone call from aunt-in-law with an update.
19/Jan/12 1:52 AM
Was going to do a grocery pick-up shop this morning, but the man who is hard of hearing and had the nerve to get on my daughter for doing a quality control test was there, so opted out and thought we would go to the library instead. No hours listed on the door, and they were not open. I do believe, More...
19/Jan/12 1:56 AM
Still without my television.
My life is going to the pits, no books, no TV...next my computer will go out and I really will be in trouble. Might actually have to do all those domestic things, that should be done.
Really, do not see that happening.
19/Jan/12 1:57 AM
Mymare that is a great idea with packing seasonal clothes in the suitcases.
19/Jan/12 2:00 AM
19/Jan/12 2:03 AM
Man just informed me that he has 8 cases of pizza rolls to bring home. Now where to put them and what in the world are we going to do with pizza rolls? They were overstock and the vendor said take what you want.
19/Jan/12 2:03 AM
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