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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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there has to be a first time for everything!
02/Jan/16 12:25 AM
to those of us up-top. I was up until midnight for the first time in may, many years! Slept in until 7:30am for the first time ever. Had a great time watching fireworks around the world.
02/Jan/16 12:37 AM

work keeps getting in the way.

Hope 2016 brings all fellow puzzlers good health and all they wish for themselves.
02/Jan/16 1:04 AM
Nobody up except Lizzy and maybe even she went to sleep.
02/Jan/16 1:05 AM
Thanks for staying up to get my best wishes, too.
Also, thanks for the great fireworks display from Sydney, Lizzy.
02/Jan/16 1:06 AM
Your welcome Wolf, got to see most of the fireworks from the office window, and not being biased I thought they were rather spectacular!!
02/Jan/16 1:12 AM

Hope to meet you, even if just on a ferry trip to Manly when you are here in February (not too long to go now hey!)
02/Jan/16 1:13 AM
Good morning to all! I was hoping the photo would be of the fireworks over the Aussie opera house!
02/Jan/16 2:09 AM
Welcome to 2016! Let's see: city taxes going up, condo fees going up, hydro costs going up, grocery costs really going up, etc., etc.
Income, remains the same. Oh well, it will still be a good year!
02/Jan/16 2:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
Did we all make it into the new year?
02/Jan/16 2:13 AM
While Canuk Greg's life is going up, my plan is to do hobby things, my hobby things, today. I believe in the last nine years, I have not done anything I did BC. I have a book ready to be read and hopefully finish and make Christmas wreaths for next year, but mainly I am going to sit here and enjoy my coffee.
02/Jan/16 2:18 AM

Wishing everyone a successful and prosperous new year.
02/Jan/16 2:21 AM
02/Jan/16 2:36 AM

Im so pleased I remember what Karen's BC stands for I didnt think she was that old.....
02/Jan/16 2:45 AM
to all now that we have all reached it.
02/Jan/16 2:46 AM
Oops - Good morning.
02/Jan/16 2:47 AM
You forgot one thing with all those thingsd going up, Greg.
02/Jan/16 2:49 AM
Service is going down!
02/Jan/16 2:49 AM
I was hoping to wake up when Hubby came to bed, generally near midnight and I slept through. I wanted to watch the New Year day concert from Vienna. It finished at 2AM.
Good morning. We are now all in 2016. Hope you all enjoyed seeing the old year out and the new year in.
02/Jan/16 2:49 AM
Getting excited about going on my cruise this week - 5 days to go. 12 days sailing round the South Pacific - Vanuatu and New Caledonia. Betteer go work on my packing list!
02/Jan/16 2:52 AM

Hope you have a great time on your cruise CP and the weather is kind to you. Will make mental note that you may be absent or have a lesser presence during a lot of January......
02/Jan/16 3:24 AM
Are we waiting for something? Or someone?
02/Jan/16 3:38 AM
Didn't think so.
02/Jan/16 3:38 AM
& why not?
02/Jan/16 3:42 AM
Had my tall, dark, male enter my home this morning baring gifts. It was the egg, ham, cheese pie, which for some reason when I spell it, I get red lined. Even when I add the little mark above the e.
M ate some and said it was really good. He is now taking his morning nap, so I am waiting to see More...
02/Jan/16 3:43 AM
You know I am 'that' kind of person. Did you really think I would wait around? Please, not much has changed since last year. And being nice is not one of my resolutions.
02/Jan/16 3:45 AM
Which so far I am keeping my NY's resolutions 4 hours of doing cyber nothings, playing games and drinking my coffee. Think I finally made resolutions that will last longer than a week or two.
My coffee pot is empty but Man's pot still has some in it. May help him along.
02/Jan/16 3:47 AM
I did not get an angel or a nutcracker this year, may do some cyber shopping to see what is left over. I do not collect them, but I am gathering a nice collection of them.
Do need an angel with a different face. The girls said they all have the same face just different hair color. I never noticed that before.
02/Jan/16 3:51 AM
Made Black Eyed Pea Soup in the slow cooker yesterday. We're going to have good luck coming out of our ears to start the new year.
02/Jan/16 3:59 AM
Tigers even gave Aussie a good show:

'One fan bravely wore a Texas Longhorns jersey to the Orange Bowl to watch their rival Sooners play. The oddity in that: He had no idea of the blasphemy he was committing.

Ben Duncanson is an Australian touring the United States. He started in More...
02/Jan/16 4:11 AM
Morning all, I'll take their word for the fact that they say that is Mexico.
To those that have caught up , Karen I could handle a resolution like yours.
02/Jan/16 6:09 AM

Enjoying a nice day off.
02/Jan/16 6:14 AM
Good morning everyone. Watched my first game of Big Bash Cricket last night. Hobart Hurricanes played like champs and beat the unbeaten other team. If all games are that good, I might just start taking an interest!
02/Jan/16 8:17 AM
I wonder if Peter was at the game.
02/Jan/16 8:19 AM
That's it folks. Enjoy your day. I'm off to deliver a 40th wedding anniversary present to my brother.
02/Jan/16 8:19 AM
My younger daughter is having a happy new year today. She is a Clemson graduate.
02/Jan/16 9:01 AM
Why are we still on page 1?
02/Jan/16 9:03 AM
Karen is here. We should be on page 10.
02/Jan/16 9:04 AM
02/Jan/16 9:04 AM
CP and BOP.
02/Jan/16 9:05 AM
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