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Easy Sudoku for 3/January/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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This year's going OK so far!
03/Jan/16 12:00 AM
My comments kept going t yesterday .hello Wolf.
03/Jan/16 12:02 AM
03/Jan/16 12:02 AM
Good morning. Wolf, hope we are able to meet when you are in Sydney in a months time.
03/Jan/16 12:02 AM
Going to bed,now the cricket Big Bash game is finished.😴
03/Jan/16 12:04 AM
We'll see, June. After a 17 hour flight, I expect that we will be rather tired! Non-stop from Dallas to Sydney!! Don't know details of our itinerary yet.
03/Jan/16 12:10 AM
Wolf, I have done a few flights Sydney to Heathrow. That is over 20 hours but with a refuel stop in Asia. Years ago when Melatonin was not available in Australia my Doc. said to take one sleeping pill on the plane and one the first night when you arrive. it works well for me (although I do tend to sleep on the plane anyway). When time for sight seeing is limited you need to hit the deck running.
03/Jan/16 1:17 AM
Good morning to all! Interesting picture.
03/Jan/16 1:45 AM
Good morning.
03/Jan/16 2:25 AM
I am sulking.
03/Jan/16 2:26 AM
There is not enough mik left in the container for me to have a milk drink.
03/Jan/16 2:27 AM
There is enough for a cup of tea now and tea for breakfast, thank goodness.
03/Jan/16 2:28 AM
So I'm off to make a cuppa. Cya l8r.
03/Jan/16 2:29 AM
Sleep in morning ... Good Morning all.
03/Jan/16 2:51 AM
I have just made my hot milk drink CP. Sorry that I cannot share.
03/Jan/16 3:38 AM
Love this picture. It took a lot work to produce that effect.
03/Jan/16 4:43 AM
03/Jan/16 5:18 AM
I'm still trying to clean up and put away all the special dishes and tiered boxes! Ugh, still have to wash the cake pan that had the French toast casserole! At least it was a hit, it was the few dishes that was cleaned off quickly by the guests! The fruit compote which was suppose to go over the casserole was not a complete hit. So now I have three 2 cup containers of the compote. Ugh!
03/Jan/16 5:21 AM
Guess I better go, dry my hair and then tackle the cake pan. Then my kitchen will be back to normal!
03/Jan/16 5:22 AM
& shosho got me close enough
03/Jan/16 5:22 AM
to make a run for it.
03/Jan/16 5:23 AM
03/Jan/16 5:23 AM
Hi folks, for any interested football fans, soccer to our US family, Manchester City are 1-0 down to Watford
03/Jan/16 5:53 AM
2.10 today. I'm playing on a tablet for the first time and my not so dainty fingers keep hitting the wrong numbers. Hopefully i'll get used to it.
03/Jan/16 6:04 AM
Morning again,some Photoshopping job done on this pic.
03/Jan/16 6:20 AM
Final score 2-1 to Man City.
03/Jan/16 6:21 AM

We had our New Year's dinner tonight instead of yesterday. It was superb, if I say so myself (I fixed everything). Roast Pork with sauerkraut (sweetened up with pickle relish, ketchup, brown sugar) and carrots, mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce using cinnamon More...
03/Jan/16 9:26 AM
So anytime you Sudokuists are in the Cleveland area, let me know and I'll prepare a good meal for us to enjoy while finding out about each other face to face!
03/Jan/16 9:28 AM
Picture reminds me of the scene in the film Pleasantville when the black and white film had its first splash of color and that color was a flower.
03/Jan/16 10:08 AM
03/Jan/16 11:04 AM
Morning everybody
03/Jan/16 11:09 AM
Went to watch the new Star Wars movie today. Some old faces, 30 + years since the originals and a new generation of faces to take over.
03/Jan/16 11:14 AM

Beautiful flower!
One of the Most inspiring and uplifting part of our natural world! 😇
03/Jan/16 8:01 PM
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