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Easy Sudoku for 2/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Here we are again!
02/Dec/15 12:00 AM
02/Dec/15 12:00 AM
Wolf ad HalT... you must stop meeting like this.. people will talk...
Have a wonderful day.
It is time for bed for me
02/Dec/15 12:44 AM

Poozle time!

Each of the following groups have a common characteristic. What is it? (I will give you #1 as an example because I am a nice person).

1. A Ball - A Fish - A Cold (They are caught)
2. A Ball - A More...
02/Dec/15 1:19 AM
g'morning Sudoku land.
02/Dec/15 1:38 AM
I've been trying to submit a photo of my granddaughter but no matter what I try, I can't get it below 50kb and still keep it 300x300 pixels. Anyone offer any help? Been trying for an hour and I've all but given up... :(
02/Dec/15 1:39 AM
Good morning.
02/Dec/15 2:24 AM
Chayote, if memory serves - and it is far from reliable - there is a post in the Sudoku forum about how to post pictures and how to shrink them.
02/Dec/15 2:26 AM
couldn't find that in the Forum, but if you click Submit your own pic on the left above the puzzle, that has some instructions on how to do it.
02/Dec/15 2:37 AM
It was hot here in Canberra yesterday, and is quite warm tonight.
02/Dec/15 2:39 AM
I have a frantic day today, 5 activities to fit in including a remedial massage, and a Christmas lunch. I have some wrapping to do before then so think I will head off and start it.
02/Dec/15 2:42 AM
Chayote, go to Forum-->Questions about this site-->View all Questions about this site-->MEMBERS SPECIAL FEATURES-HELP AND INFORMATION. Lots of questions and discussion there about a wide variety of site problems, but, as you'll see, many people have had trouble with resizing pictures. Hope you can find something there that helps.
02/Dec/15 2:56 AM
Good morning to all! A trio of beautiful ladies to start the day!
02/Dec/15 3:04 AM
Chayote..... try this site and you should be able to work out your problems: http://www.shrinkpictures.com/
02/Dec/15 3:05 AM
Yea, but ... who's me, and which one are you?
02/Dec/15 3:06 AM
02/Dec/15 3:36 AM
Oh Keith, you set yourself for this giggle!
'If you don't know who you are, who does?'
02/Dec/15 3:37 AM
Can't stay for long, have to take hubby to the oncologist this morning. Judging from the results of the blood tests, it appears that he's cleared!!!
02/Dec/15 3:39 AM
Okay Keith I'll bow out for now. See you later!!!
02/Dec/15 3:39 AM
that all is well, Shosho.

02/Dec/15 3:45 AM
One more?
02/Dec/15 4:06 AM
02/Dec/15 4:07 AM
KEITH!! I received an email presumably from you. It was a link to a website, but it came from a strange address ... with your name on it. Have you changed your email address? Has one of us been hacked? Should I open it? Did you send it? HELP!!
02/Dec/15 4:39 AM
Not from me.
02/Dec/15 4:43 AM
Thank you! Delete!
02/Dec/15 4:46 AM
Saved by the 'delete key'.
02/Dec/15 5:13 AM
Good morning - oooops, I've spent so long on Kathy's puzzle I didn't realize it was now afternoon! Now I need to get some work done ......byebye
02/Dec/15 5:15 AM
Happy Tuesday!
I'm with Keith: who is the 'Me' in the photo with her sisters, and which one is she?!
02/Dec/15 5:37 AM
Morning all, hopefully someone will know who they are.
The weather man promised that we would wake up to a cool morning, I'm still waiting .🤔
02/Dec/15 5:56 AM
Three lovely ladies whoever they are.
02/Dec/15 6:43 AM
Good morning all. Amelia the weather man promised us the same and he delivered. 8*C this morning, with possible snow on the highlands today.
02/Dec/15 6:47 AM
Hay man arrived at 6:15 this morning to cut part of our hay. Weather looks good with no more rain in sight for the next 5 or 6 days, so all is well.
02/Dec/15 6:48 AM
i've just submitted a heap of pics for jigsaws, but I have a nasty feeling some got mixed up and will come up with the wrong caption. I just hope there weren't too many.
02/Dec/15 8:26 AM
Judy and Keith. It looks like one of you has had your email account hacked. Are either of you on Facebook, as this is a reported problem.
02/Dec/15 9:07 AM
I'm on Facebook a lot. I don't think Judy is.
02/Dec/15 4:14 PM

Today in Summary.........

Easy – Me, myself and I.

Wolf – Bang on time.

Halt – Back from cruising down the river.

Bean – A bit worried about Hal and Wolf. You’re not alone, everybody worries about Hal and Wolf.
02/Dec/15 8:23 PM
Spot on Phantom.
02/Dec/15 9:32 PM
I'm not sure if I've the energy to make it to the botp.
02/Dec/15 9:34 PM
Nip too tired. Good night all.
02/Dec/15 9:35 PM
I can't leave it on page one.
02/Dec/15 11:22 PM
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