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Easy Sudoku for 3/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Cold but clear today.
03/Dec/15 12:03 AM
Good morning to all!
03/Dec/15 12:10 AM
Thank you to everyone who offered help to resize my granddaughter's photo. It's now done and I'll be waiting to hopefully see it appear on a puzzle one day... :)
03/Dec/15 12:28 AM
all. Home again.
03/Dec/15 1:15 AM
Good morning folks! Welcome back, Hal; what was the weather for your Steamboat cruise? Eager to hear about it all.
03/Dec/15 1:42 AM
I, too, am looking forward to your report, Hal. I would love to do that!
03/Dec/15 2:10 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: They have/are: 1. caught 2. tossed 3. popped 4. caps 5. tongues 6. anchors 7. magazines 8. lanes 9. lift 10. checks

Judy and Joyce both aced it! I award them the Very Last of the Thanksgiving Leftovers Crown
03/Dec/15 2:17 AM
And, for today.......

Inside each set of the following words, there are a pair of smaller words. By putting an '&' between the smaller words you will make a familiar phrase.

1. Gulliver/Clearness
2. Tragicomedy/Pentagon
3. Thundershower/Intellectual
4. More...
03/Dec/15 2:30 AM
Dear Phantom ... about your suggestion that I might regret opening the suspicious email from someone using Keith's name ... I'm not sure what you were referring to, but a couple of the options have my eyeballs burning ...
03/Dec/15 2:57 AM
03/Dec/15 3:09 AM
Oooh, Judy, now you've got my ears perked up!!!
03/Dec/15 3:09 AM
Glad things worked out for you Chayote. It may be a while perform your photo shows up. I thought you would be posting it on your page for all to see right now.
03/Dec/15 3:14 AM
perform should have been before.
03/Dec/15 3:25 AM
I got stumped on 5 and 10 yesterday, and wound up not sending in anything. 10 I should have gotten. 5, I've never heard of the clapper being called a tongue. Oh well ... has nothing to do with the bogus email.
03/Dec/15 3:32 AM
I see the light st the end of the tunnel.
03/Dec/15 3:45 AM

The answer to Monday's problem is 54+63-18=6-3*33.

Judy is all alone in the again. Maybe I should ask her what type of prizes she prefers. Until then, this will have to do.
03/Dec/15 3:47 AM
Oooooo ... ... that'll do, Serena!
03/Dec/15 4:05 AM

I'd love to have some of Judy's dessert treat from Serena!
03/Dec/15 4:23 AM
I had Time Warner Cable here again yesterday. I'm now on my 3rd modem since they installed their equipment in late Oct. Good thing I'm saving money on the bill each month! But the technician knocked the power out in my house at one point yesterday. It even blew the Ground Fault Interrupter, More...
03/Dec/15 4:27 AM
Good morning.
03/Dec/15 4:36 AM
I slept in - yay! Leaving a vacanay for Keith here while I go and do some other little things like read my emails.
03/Dec/15 4:38 AM
Morning all,yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
03/Dec/15 4:39 AM
Emails read. Back to bed.
03/Dec/15 4:57 AM
Good morning all.
03/Dec/15 6:43 AM
Good luck with the modem, Dottie. I've gone through 4 this year. I now have a better quality one that seems to be doing a good job. Touch wood>
03/Dec/15 6:45 AM
We have opened the gate to heifers 12 & 19 so they can much away on the grass in the back lane. I noticed the yard/garden gate was open the other day and thought that hubby was a bit forgetful, so I shut the paddock gate.
03/Dec/15 6:48 AM
When he returned he said it would have been fine, because he knew they were in the paddock. Soooo...
03/Dec/15 6:49 AM
Yesterday I knew they weren't in the lane, the garden gate was open, but following hubby's example I went inside for 5 minutes. That was all it took - they were busily stripping the Boston Ivy off the wood shed.
03/Dec/15 6:51 AM
I was so lucky they hadn't wandered a little further into the vegie patch.
03/Dec/15 6:53 AM
Enjoy your day folks. Forecast 25* here - that's hot for us, but the garden calls.
03/Dec/15 6:55 AM
Add lonewoof to the list of poozle winners from yesterday! I don't know how I missed him, but, there he was when I looked at my messages just now.
Here you go, lone.... and, I'm throwing in a to make up for my incompetence.
03/Dec/15 8:31 AM
Hey, throw some my way!!!
03/Dec/15 8:47 AM
Oh well, think I'll have a buttered bread (home made!) with a little Vegemite smeared on for lunch!
03/Dec/15 8:48 AM
This morning is my first official Christmas function.. Where has the year gone?
I know... I know... I'm not alone pondering that..
I'd best shake a leg.
Catch you later.. have a good day...
Singing 'War Is Over' by John Lennon last night at choir.. It is now stuck in my head
03/Dec/15 9:30 AM
Chayote, I immediately went to your page eager to see your granddaughter's photo, but you (like me) don't have a gallery. Hope her photo shows up in a puzzle sometime soon, but be patient!
03/Dec/15 9:54 AM
03/Dec/15 12:16 PM
I'm in awe of Judy. There is scarcely a puzzle she doesn't solve. lonewolf is pretty awesome too.
03/Dec/15 1:22 PM
I think I enjoy the puzzles more than the Sudokus.
03/Dec/15 1:24 PM
We're getting close to BOP and a CP.
03/Dec/15 1:24 PM
BOP and CP?
03/Dec/15 1:25 PM
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