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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all - looking forward to sudoku after a great tandoori chicken tonight (even if I do say so myself)

Can't believe I'm on so early
Darn it chris, I am also chris from canberra, bet that is confusing

How do you post so quickly? I was sitting here, waiting!!
We're watching Cyclone Larry as he rolls in towards Innisfail and the North Queensland coast and thinking of you all in his path. May you all be safe and protected.
...and 2:43 to go with it. Once again, not able to get a REALLY quick time but I'm happy enough.
Hi Chrissy,

Who said Canberra went to bed at 10pm!!!

Not the first...but Im up a bit on the top...morning all
this game is really great! Maybe some day I'll be first...
5:17 - one mistake, but I did use check moves. What a fun picture. My daughter's cat likes to sit around my neck like this.
2:32 good morning!
2:41 mAen all.
2:45. Some focus pocus going on! Hope that cyclone's calming down. We stayed at Wongaling last September, lovely area, and also visited Paronella Park on the way up to Cairns. An amazing place, a tribute to hard work and bloody-minded perseverence, but it was virtually wiped out by a cyclone 50+ years ago. The flooding shown in photos was unbelievable.
3:14 Can't seem to get under 3 minutes without my mouse! Good Maen all!
I made the first page!
Forgot to set the timer! :-(
THought i might try and make it on to first page - i dont think i am any where near close and its 11.30pm on the day before
4:38 today.
i did make it that is crazy - you guys must sit and watch the time to get on here.

Its quite strange but at the same time i respect it ... hehe
2.57 - i love making it under 3 mins.
Great picture, makes me giggle.
Everyone have a great Maen.
Hi all.
Welcome Jola. I don't recall someone from Poland before.
Hi Sheri x2, esp fellow Adelaidean.
I'm hoping Cyclone Larry doesn't do much damage. The weather can sure wipe out a lot of work. I don't get cyclones (cross my fingers) but we get fires. I'm burning brush around my house now to decrease the fire hazard. But you never are 100% safe. The longer I live the scarier life gets!
Thank you for all your wishes as Larry decides to come and visit our shores. Gina im sure I speak from everone in the warning areas in saying we are all hoping for minimal damage
Cyclone Larry due in 8 hours - good luck to all others in it's path as well, I will report in tomorrow.
I got 3:11. Not the best, but that's really good for me.
Gppd maen all
2:55 The real Jaz

Thoughts are with all those in Cyclone Larry's path ....
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.
oops! Good maen all
3:02, not too bad, nice quiet Sunday - Good Maen to all, Batton down the hatches for 'Larry', our prayers and best wishes are for all of you in its path. Take care.
good luck everyone in Qld, Hope you all get through it safely. Will be thinking of you.
Good mAen to all!!

not to bad 3:54.
3:54 .... I thought that was good but obviously not. Evening all
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