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Easy Sudoku for 20/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. Something a cat or dog wants to be on the other side of.
20/Aug/11 12:00 AM

maen All y'all...

Pull up a stump and grab a cup.

20/Aug/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Aug/11 12:00 AM
Another beautiful, sunny day in SE Michigan.
Mosquitos have not left! Want 'em???
20/Aug/11 12:00 AM
You are fast Kayo!
20/Aug/11 12:00 AM
Today is starting out with a little excitement! A water main on our property broke and they are repairing it now!! Thank goodness it is the city's responsibility...
20/Aug/11 12:01 AM
Thanks, Jerry! Think I will! Just what I needed!
20/Aug/11 12:01 AM
National Aviation Day in the US.
Let's fly!
20/Aug/11 12:01 AM
Men's Grooming Day
National Potato Day
National Aviation Day
20/Aug/11 12:01 AM
A little wet there, Glenn???
20/Aug/11 12:01 AM
A snappy-looking flying Mr. Potato head, Karen???
20/Aug/11 12:03 AM
I wonder if anyone is going to judge yesterday's bad poems and declare the winner - or would it be the loser?
20/Aug/11 12:04 AM
20/Aug/11 12:05 AM
Yippee. I'm out of the naughty corner. After almost 24 hours of 'time-out.' Don't know why I was banished. But it's nice to be back.
20/Aug/11 12:08 AM
Please tell me "Bad Poetry Day" is over.
20/Aug/11 12:08 AM
That possum looks quite different than our possum.
This one is almost cute!
20/Aug/11 12:09 AM
Glenn, you are lucky. In our county, if a water main breaks on private property, it's fixed at the homeowner's expense.
20/Aug/11 12:10 AM
Yeah, Shiela. We only have one marsupial, and it's ugly! Australia has all the cute ones.
20/Aug/11 12:11 AM
Hmmm...looks like we're getting close.
20/Aug/11 12:11 AM
20/Aug/11 12:11 AM
20/Aug/11 12:11 AM
20/Aug/11 12:11 AM
Whew! Nice run, Jane!
20/Aug/11 12:17 AM
See ya all later... Off early to exercise!
20/Aug/11 12:19 AM

Our banishments are usually a mystery, Hal. I think it depends on the Hall Monitor's mood.
20/Aug/11 12:53 AM
Hal - must've been a really, really, really bad poem.
20/Aug/11 12:54 AM
Which means you win first prize!!!
20/Aug/11 12:55 AM
He was talking about his hose the other day.
20/Aug/11 12:58 AM
The answer to yesterday' puzzle: There was no money in his wallet, he had removed it.

Speaking of wallets....Winners, Karen(!), Shiela, Jerry, Dorthea, Greg, HalT, Sue, Grass-hopper, Grumblebum, CP, Sarah, Shannon, and Mr. Cee receive this nifty money holder More...
20/Aug/11 1:01 AM
Wongerful prize, Kathy, Thanks.

20/Aug/11 1:09 AM
Today, we are again off to see the Wizard!

1. What actress plays Dorothy?
2. What does the Wizard give the Tin Man at the end of the movie?
3.Who wrote the book?
4. Which Kingdom does the Scarecrow end up ruling?
5. Glinda is the Good Witch from which region?
6. Which song More...
20/Aug/11 1:10 AM
Academu Award??? LOL

You know what I meant......
20/Aug/11 1:12 AM
Kathy, you typed my name like you were in shock. I do read and do your puzzles, just don't alway submit my answers in.
Thanks for the wallet, hope it is loaded, there is last items for school shopping to do.
20/Aug/11 1:14 AM
20/Aug/11 1:24 AM
20/Aug/11 1:33 AM
Something tells me that I did well on today's puzzle.
20/Aug/11 1:34 AM
Thought for the day: I must learn to get up before TM makes his second trip to the bathroom!
20/Aug/11 1:35 AM
Heck, we're almost there.
20/Aug/11 1:35 AM
Where is Karen?
20/Aug/11 1:36 AM
Feeding those hungry critters of hers?
20/Aug/11 1:36 AM
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